2013 Makers

Don’t forget to check out the speaker series, scheduled programming throughout the 2 day event!


Titanoboa is an electromechanical reincarnation of the ancient 50ft serpent rendered extinct by past climate change. The project is a vehicle to provoke discussion about climate change in a historical context, and to enable learning through the creation of a technical marvel. Titanoboa is an experiment with mind-boggling modes of propulsion, and restores life to a terrifying beast the likes of which the world has not seen for 60 million years. Titanoboa is made up of 20 aluminum vertebrae, oil for blood, a lithium polymer battery life force, and a distributed array of micro-controller brains. We created it as a testament to the potential of collaborative projects. We learned a lot through the build process, and we hope to inspire others by refreshing their ideas of what is possible.


The gBikes are a collection of electricity-generating pedal-powered machines designed to educate riders and tighten the loop between electricity production and consumption. The Black Ghost Bike Car is a four-person bicycle vehicle that generates electricity to power both the internal electric motor and an onboard battery pack that can power speakers, lights, and other external elements. This will initially be a mobile display, transporting participants around the Maker Faire before settling near a performance space to power a visual exhibit.The gLiving pedal-powered living room transforms the familiar living room scene into a dynamic and organic experience; the rider relaxes on a leather recliner while their pedaling fuels the collective power supply. Finally, the gSnails are a cluster of two electricity generating stools – internal hub motors turn the riders pedal power into valuable electricity that continue to fuel the performance.Together, the gBikes become an electricity generating force to be reckoned with, involving Faire participants in a powerful and influential cycle of electricity generation and consumption to be enjoyed by all.

Got Craft – Curated Craft Fair


Vancouver’s largest indie craft fair has gone bite sized! Aimed at bringing together a community that fosters handmade and DIY culture, Got Craft? will be featuring 30 handmade vendors at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire event including a DIY terrarium workshop hosted by Green with Envy. Shop for one of a kind creations, meet the makers in person, and craft your own take home project! Vendors include: Roxypop, Firefly Notes, Make Cheese, Forest and Waves, Cowl & Company, Delish, typeB, District Dogs Design, Craftworks Society, Kohana Jewellery, Little Wren, Hand and Sew and much, much more!

Shaun Mavronicolas, Backyard Aquaponics

Aquaponics is an alternative way to grow your vegetables organically using fish (there is no need for soil). Unlike typical hydroponics though, Aquaponics is all about working with nature: you help establish an Eco system over time.
Healthy plants grown in soil rely on soil microbes for their nutrients, hence why we’ve heard the phrase “feed the microbes in the soil” vs “feeding the plant”. Feeding the plant directly means we’re using chemical fertilizers. Feeding the microbes is the way nature intended it, plants are always much healthier and more resilient against pests and disease. In aquaponics, microbes and bacteria that live in the water make it possible for the plants to get all they need.Water is recirculated from the fish tank to the plant roots and back again. This means no water is wasted. Plants take up nutrients from the water that would otherwise become toxic to the fish over time, so it is a win win for the plants and fish. Aquaponics is a DIYers dream. If you love to tinker and build things, if you already grow your own food in soil, it’ll be easy to get going. Use aquarium goldfish, koi or any other fish to grow your own organic vegetables.
Visit our space to see a small system running and learn how you can get your own setup going.

Jonathan Tippett, Prosthesis

Gen-3-Exo-Frame Prosthesis is an independent art project by Jonathan Tippett, co-creator of The Mondo Spider. It is a 5m tall, 3000kg, four-legged wearable walking machine, powered by a cutting edge, modular, expandable hybrid-electric power plant. Prosthesis uses this power to amplify the pilots movements through a full body, on-board exo-skeletal interface.The machine has no computerized control system or giros and is entirely dependent on the skill of the pilot to operate properly. The pilot’s skill and the configuration of the power system all contribute to the machines overall efficiency.This relationship reminds us, in very immediate way, how our use of technology can convert small acts in to movements of great consequence.

Wendy Tremayne, The Good Life Lab: Radical Experiments in Hands on Living

A presentation of Wendy Jehanara Tremayne’s forthcoming book, The Good Life Lab: Radical Experiments in Hands on Living – described as “an invitation to experiment” by MAKE magazine’s Dale Dougherty. A brave, modern manual for a post-consumer life – tells the inspirational story of how one couple ditched their high-powered careers and high-pressure life in New York City to move to rural New Mexico, where they made, built, invented, foraged, and grew most of what they needed to live self-sufficiently, discovering a new sense of abundance in the process.Wendy’s story begins in a more-than-decade-long search for, in her words, a decommodified life – a life less entangled with commerce, materialism, and the influences of marketing, and more connected to nature and to her own creativity and resourcefulness, where she could be less a consumer and more a creator. A life inspired by the celebratory nature of a gift economy and shaped by Wendy’s personal credo, that “When the whole world is for sale, the maker is the revolutionary of the age.”

Mozilla Webmaker

Mozilla has a variety of tools for Makers. We will demo and have a hands-on area for the webmaker tools Popcorn Maker (create video mashups in the browser), Thimble (easy webpage editor) and the Hackasurus X-Ray Goggles (explore and remix any web page). We will have a variety of Hacktivity Kits with tutorials and challenges. Participants will get a chance to explore the tools, create a multimedia project, and share their work online with the rest of the existing webmaker community.Popcorn Maker makes it easy to create a mash-up of web components. A cloud-based, browser-based multimedia editor that enhances, remixes and shares web multimedia elements including YouTube videos, Soundcloud clips, Flickr images, Google Maps, Wikipedia entries and Twitter feeds.

Mozilla is dedicated to the open web. Whether you want to create a mashup page, an application for the new FirefoxOS phone, an app for our App Store, or an add-on to the browser, you can do all of these things with just HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
Join a global community of webmakers and create your own unique mash-up of web media using Popcorn Maker and find out how easy webmaking can be!

The Hackery

Fix more, buy less.”
The Hackery repairs and recycles laptops, computers and flat screen monitors (a.k.a. LCDs). If your laptop or LCD hasnt been performing well-or not at all-they can help! The Hackery services Linux, Apple, and Microsoft systems.


Explore. Share. Make. Instructables is the the place to get inspired for your next project, or share your latest build. From useful and entertaining how-to’s and hacks, to delicious recipes and outrageous inventions, Instructables is the place to explore, document, and share your creations. With over 100k tutorials in technology, workshop, living, and more, we have the largest collection of do-it-yourself projects created by others just like you!

Homesteader’s Emporium, Urban Self Sufficiency

The Homesteader’s Emporium offers supplies and supporting education for folks who are looking to become more self sufficient and take a DIY approach to their home, garden, and the food they eat. They will be showcasing several examples of projects you can do at home that are easier than you might have thought! Homesteader’s Emporium will have two composting worm bins on display (complete with worms! — one home-made!), as well as projects which display how to:* Turn a mason jar into a convenient pickler and sauerkraut fermenter,
* Grow mushrooms on straw and wood chips
*Create natural dyes using the sun’s energy,
* Mix your own fertilizers and potting mix from scratch,
* “Lasagna” mulching to start an easy, productive raised vegetable garden.Selected kits and materials for these projects and more will be available for purchase.

Enterprising Women Making Art

Enterprising Women Making Art (EWMA) was launched in 2003 as a development initiative of Atira Women’s Resource Society. Atira is a not-for-profit organization that provides both residential and non-residential programs to women and children who have been impacted by violence. Services provided include emergency and long term housing, one-to-one and group support, advocacy, employment and training support. EWMA focuses on supporting women artisans in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver to develop a self-employment initiative for those who face significant barriers to traditional employment. Blending art, community, and social entrepreneurship, EWMA works with local emerging women artists and artisans to participate in a democratic and equitable social enterprise that coordinates the pooling of resources to produce and market women’s visual art and handmade products, as well focuses on building women’s capacities and knowledge and increasing their access to lucrative markets and sales.

Capilano Textile Arts Program

Textile Arts is a contemporary field that includes everything from functional to more artistic pieces, e.g. clothing, accessories, sculptural and wall pieces and interior design. We will show finished student projects, samples/experiments and demonstrate some of the processes we use. These processes range from ancient and traditional weaving, printing + dyeing to integration of new technology via digital printing on fabrics and computer assisted Jacquard weaving. They also include timeless processes such as knitting, spinning, embroidery, silkscreen printing and various resist processes. Typically our students interest ranges widely in how they adapt these process to their chosen projects.

Richard Sim, The Messy Workbench

The Messy Workbench will demonstrate the design/production cycle of amateur electronics/robotics.
There will be interactive gadgets, demonstrations (circuit board etching), and a good variety of tech from quadcopters and autonomous robots to games and flashing, booping things! I have all kinds of projects on the go at various stages of completion, and will be showing them off as such – in progress work, along with much of my setup for working on them.

Vancouver Hack Space, Learn to Solder Workshop

The Vancouver Hackspace provides a physical space where hackers, computer geeks, engineers, circuit benders, crafters, and other creative types can gather to share ideas, equipment, and opinions. More than just a studio space, we focus on sharing all sorts of knowledge within a friendly and collaborative atmosphere. At maker faire, VHS will help you learn to solder. We will be presenting our classic blinky LED workshop

Tesla Coil

High Voltage fun for everyone! Let the lightning bolts fly! (Don’t worry we have a full cage for safety)

Science World

Science World will be showcasing projects from the Future Science Leaders, a group of high school students who have been building awesome tech project throughout the year.We will also be doing some fun construction workshops for kids.

VIVO Media Arts Centre

VIVO Media Arts Centre is Vancouver’s oldest media arts access centre. At Maker Faire, members will be demonstrating interactive media projects made at VIVO and featuring information on workshops, events and video art.

Vancouver Community Laboratory

The Vancouver Community Lab is a collaborative workshop space where makers, hackers, artists and tinkerers can create, destroy and re-build. We believe that everyone has the desire and ability to create things and can be trusted to develop the skills needed to do so. VCL members work on personal, group or community projects.

The Vancouver Tool Library

The Vancouver Tool Library (VTL) is a cooperative tool lending library located at 3448 Commercial Street, Vancouver BC. We loan a wide variety of tools for home repair, gardening, and bicycle maintenance. We also offer affordable workshops on tool related skills and projects.We are motivated by a vision of our community empowered by the tools and skills needed to transform their homes and communities into vibrant spaces that reflect a commitment to sustainability. To get there, we are creating a community resource that will reduce the costs of improving and greening the places in which we live, work, and play.

3D Printer Village

Members of 3D604.org, a club of 3d printer builders and enthusiasts, will be bringing their 3D printers (at least 15 different machines!) to showcase the latest 3d printer designs, demonstrate how the technology works, and answer questions. We’ll also be printing all kinds of stuff during the Faire.

Tinkerine Studio, Ditto 3D Printer

Tinkerine (ting-ker-reen) Studio is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in 3D printing technologies and creative solutions. We are designers and tinkerers who love to see ideas come to life. Not only do we offer rapid prototyping services including Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) and laser cutting, we also design and distribute our very own 3D printing machines.Ditto, our flagfship Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D Printer, builds upon existing 3D printing technologies. It was designed from the ground up to be an innovative and user-friendly printer for both new and experienced users alike.
So what can you print with Ditto? Just about anything! From creating custom board game pieces to functional gears for a machine, 3D printing allows you to quickly create solid plastic objects from a digital file. Learning to create has never been easier!

SFU, Greenest City student products

Students in SFU’s innovation and entrepreneurship classes making
products and businesses to help Vancouver reach its Greenest City goals.

Derek Gaw, Laser Cutter Cafe

Laser cutters are one of the most awesome and versatile tools ever, but they’re typically not accessible or affordable. The goal of the Laser Cutter Cafe is to change all that. Opening June 26 in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown, the Laser Cutter Cafe is a storefront that will feature Do-It-Yourself laser cutting, laser cutting services, and tea.At Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, the Laser Cutter Cafe will be demonstrating live laser cutting on our mobile laser cutter. We’ll be making everything from wood cards to cardboard dinosaurs to fine acrylic jewelry, and much much more. Youll get to see the entire process from start to finish, as well as how safe and easy it all is. If there’s time, you’ll even get a chance to create your own design on the spot for immediate laser cutting!

Professor Whovianart Creations

Professor Whovianart brings his unique collection of creations inc. steampunk relatable, fluctuated timeless nobuls,surreal and abstract paintings, anime-manga artwork, return tops, key chains and so very much more.The main goal of I, “professor whovianart” is to take over all of nothing, and in the process and funding of this goal, I make and create fictional (maybe) alterworld/science fiction props and creations for everyday use and enjoyment, as well as visual creations to gaze upon.

Symmetry Group

The Symmetry Group uses methods from modular origami, computer aided design and manufacturing, and mass produced industrial materials to create architectural origami. By lasercutting sheets of coroplast and folding them along the scores left by the laser, reusable modules can be produced quickly and inexpensively.While flattened, a module takes up very little space. When assembled, the modules lock into a rigid space-filling dodecahedron. Constructions as tall as 8 feet high have been successfully tested and we’re not even close to the limits of what the system is capable of. While the current incarnation is limited by the size of the bed of the lasercutter, with a bigger laser the constructions are almost infinitely scalable.

DIY or Die!!!

doordie We’re all very good at encouraging children to try new things, learn new skills, and make new friends, but the importance of those things doesn’t end when we grow up! Too often, we get bogged down by everyday life and forget about the joy of making something just because we want to. DIY or DIE aims to rekindle your enthusiasm for all things “makey” by pairing some of Vancouver’s most interesting and talented makers, artists, and DIYers with venues throughout the city to offer a diverse range of classes and workshops. We like to think of ourselves as a sort of craft camp, but for grown-ups!We started in 2010 with a range of felting and sewing classes, and have since added soap making, candle making, scrapbooking, embroidery, and lots of other fun and awesome things to our list of available classes. Our classes are most often held at local art supply shops, yarn stores, retail boutiques, and at local community centres. We also love booking private parties! All of our classes are available to be booked for private sessions, either at one of our fantastic venues or in your own home. Talk to us to book a private class for your next birthday party, kick off a bridal shower with a Hair Fascinator Workshop, or arrange a needle-felting baby shower where all of Mom-to-be’s loved ones make a fuzzy little critter to hang on a mobile. We’ve got a tonne of ideas, and we’d love to hear yours!

Shadow Stories Puppet Theatres

Shadow Stories Theatres are table-top puppet theatre sets that include lovingly drawn characters and scenes, inspired by 19th century illustrators like Arthur Rackham and Walter Crane along with scripts for four classic tales.Easy to use and assemble, they encourage children, families, and whole classrooms to share in creative play, building imaginative story-telling skills. Designed and made by Peter Kratoska of Vancouver, British Columbia, Shadow Stories Puppet Theatres are a part of Peter’s passion to bring back the art of story-telling.Their unique design on clear mylar lets the beauty of his black and white illustrations shine through, evoking century-old storybooks. Shadow Stories theatres can be used the traditional way with a small lamp behind, but can also be used in daylight or projected onto a wall or screen. Watch our website for more characters and tales.In an age of ubiquitous electronic devices and short attention spans, this theatre set provides for alternative play that is unplugged yet imaginative, involving the whole family.

Karl Brown, Build a rubber-powered flying model airplane

Participants will build a flying model airplane powered by a rubber band. Expert, experienced instruction and assistance will be provided to ensure that each airplane is a flying success. Airplanes measure just over 12″ (30cm) from wingtip to wingtip and are suitable for flying outdoors on non- windy days (but don’t let it get wet!).

Oliver Harwood, Do-it-Yourself Stone Sculpture

We believe everyone is an artist! With 17 years of stone sculpture experience we have figured out and assembled a complete do-it-yourself stone sculpture kit, that you can take home and complete on your own schedule. At the Maker Faire we will have ongoing demos, hands on trial kits, and an information table showing various stone samples and images of completed sculptures.

Swashbuckler Design

Swashbuckler Design started after the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2012 as a way to help collaboration and promotion of a number of local makers, artists and tinkerers. We are happy to be presenting:The Crystal Lantern project:
Starting as a small project to help learn basic circuit design and electronics crafting as a hobby the project has grown to include some very lovely finished product lanterns.Hand crafted masks:
Using mask blanks these masked are painted, sculpted, decorated and otherwise beautified in a variety of ways. Often incorporating lovely fabrics, small glass gems and feathers these masks are perfect for any masquerade, fancy party or just lovely pieces of art for a wall Knitted Scale Mail:
Most scale mail products use chain mail as a base to hold all the piece together, These however are using wool knitting to create a very soft and flexible easy to wear objects of art. They are certainly not functional as armour but what they lack in defensive ability they more then make up for in comfort and design.
The Photography and tinkering of Lesha:
A welder and tinkering, Lesha will be bringing some of her objects of interest and a number of prints she is fond and proud of. A great opportunity to pear into the mind of a great maker


Wire-wrapping is the act of using base or precious metal wires to wrap precious stone (or anything else) into jewelry. The notion is not a new one and many artists already use wire-work to some extent, though few use only this method as I generally do. However I believe that not enough jewelers realize the diversity of wire-wrapping and many people are unaware of its existence at all.I have developed my skill in a hobby capacity for several years, and have just recently decided to make a commercial venture of it. I hope not only to sell my pieces but also to inform people about this unusual craft, and I will also be arranging some workshops in the future.

Colin Johnson, The Emperors Cabinet

I make wooden toys, with a modern twist. The centerpiece of my exhibit is my Wooden AT-AT (The Emperors Cabinet). It is five feet tall, made of brass and mahogany, and houses a wet-bar. To see more of Colin’a work check out his website.

Vlad Lavrosky, Synthesia

Synthesia makes advanced wearable electronics. We want to help Makers of all kinds seamlessly integrate LED technology with fashion in new and interesting ways. Our Rainbow Explosion Kit allows you to sew a whole rainbow of lights into your jacket or belt in just minutes. We are also developing new parts that will advance e-textiles into mainstream use.For VMMF we will bring the latest wearables, including glowing jackets, motion controlled fuzzies and programmable belts. We will have individually addressable LED kits for sale as well as our line of glowing jewelry. Synthesia will also bring a beautiful furry LED wall which is programmed with tons of amazing algorithms. By going to a specific website, people can control the wall (called the MiniLightsmabob) by dragging their finger across the screen and by pressing buttons.

Chris Hixon, Bentstrument Hoedown

An interactive display of circuit bent kids toys amplified through a small PA speaker.
Our goal is to:

  • Encourage people to dismantle and alter electronic devices
  • Enjoy the alien sonic world of the circuit bent instruments through a quality sound system.
  • Inspire curiosity


Kendra Jespersen, Xenja Wear Bamboo Bedding and Apparel

Handmade bedding, clothing, and accessories for adults and babies out of bamboo fabric. Bamboo is hypoallergenic, a renewable resource, more absorbent than other natural fibres, and amazingly soft. I would love to help inform people of the amazing qualities of bamboo, demonstrate the use of a baby wrap, and discuss all the uses bamboo cloths have (face cloth, dish rag, buffing rag, glass cleaner…).

Jennifer Beare, CharcoalCouture

Pyrography artist, button designer and maker of up-cycled children’s clothing and accessories. I aim to follow an eco-conscious business model that uses as much organic, repurposed and biodegradable material as possible. The wooden buttons feature hand-burned designs with everything from underwear to raccoons and bicycles. Also available are children’s clothing ranging from up-cycled T-shirt leggings, re-fashioned tees, whimsical tutu’s, Hazelwood teething necklaces and drool bibs for dribbly babies. This is now a baby inclusive event too! Come make your own bubble wand from recycled materials, blow some oddly shaped bubbles and join us for the afternoon big bubble show!

Heike Kapp Glass

Heiki Kapp is a glass artist working in Vancouver, BC, creating glass marbles. This type of glasswork, known as lampworking or flameworking, incorporates the technical aspects of manipulating molten borosilicate glass rods in the flame of a torch and the artistry of creating striking and eclectic one-of-a-kind pieces. Her main influences are Canada’s beautiful West Coast, and the ocean and its teaming life. She will be launching “Orts”, her new marble design, at this year’s Maker Faire. For more information on Heike Kapp’s marbles, please visit www.heikekapp.com or www.etsy.com/shop/heikekapp.

Terminal City Glass Co-op

Terminal City Glass Co-op was founded in February 2012 as Canada’s first non-profit, co-operative glass arts facility. Our studio was built almost entirely with donated equipment and materials and the volunteer labour of our membership.Our mandate is to provide access to high-quality glassmaking equipment, and resources for the artistic development of emerging and established artists; to offer an educational apprenticeship glass program for the public in efforts to encourage awareness of glass as an art medium; to engage the community through events and that promote glass as an art form.We will bring flameworking and beadmaking demonstrations to the Maker Faire, as well as distribute information about our upcoming summer and fall programs. These demonstrations will show the skills anyone can acquire by taking our courses.We offer classes in glassblowing, flameworking, beadmaking, and sandblasting for ages 16+.


Parrotphernalia’s line of accessories and decor was inspired by my dear friend Larry, a Blue Fronted Amazon. When Larry was molting, I came up with the idea to recycle his feathers so they could have another life with someone else. Unlike other feather pieces you buy in most stores, ours guarantee that no animals were harmed or killed to produce it. We also receive donations from other fine feathered friends from around Canada which allows us to make many more designs with an array of colours. Each piece is unique, and no two are exactly a like. Through our business we want to help educate and bring knowledge about the avian world and especially about avian companionship.

Steven Smethurst, The Big Claw Game!

The Big Claw Game is a game where players control a mechanical giant claw suspended by cables with a joystick, and attempt to pick up balloons for prizes.This game is a great example of how a XY table works and should be fun for kids and adults alike. it made of aluminum screws bolts, motors, plywood and acrylic.

Tom Dowad, Sprung Chickens

 Tom-Dowad-sprungchickens Sprung Chickens is a mechatronic game. It’s a computer game that is not a video game, kind of like a midway game, replete with sound and lighting effects. A joystick-controlled chicken launcher is used to hurl chickens into various targets. Originally built for Vancouver Maker Faire 2012, the system will continue to grow with each Maker Faire, a perpetual work-in-progress. The game is being built using a modular electronics system, called microappliance…another work-in-progress.

Dan Royer, Makelangelo

Makelangelo is an art robot you can put together yourself. If a 3D printer is too complicated for you then this is a great first step to learning all the related technologies like arduino, firmware, gcode, trigonometry, stepper motors, and more. Perfect for classes middle school and up.
For more information please visit makelangelo.com.

Deer Crossing the Art Farm

Art + Nature = Change. Through residencies, workshops, productions, festivals, outreach and education, the art farm creates change in peoples lives and communities by facilitating this equation. For this year’s Vancouer Mini Maker Faire, Deer Crossing the Art Farm is bringing an interactive public sculpture that focuses on the theme of the Synchronicity festival located on the Sunshine Coast, August 24th & 25th in Shirley Macey Park, Gibsons BC. This year’s theme is “chance” so the installation will reflect the meaning of chance using found objects, markers, paper where the patrons can add or take away.

Little Dominoes

Little Dominoes is a Vancouver based creative duo, one part Andrea Hooge and one part Jackie Klobucar. Both work separately out of their little homemade studios to create one of kind works art, magnets, buttons, ceramics, prints, jewellery, comics and lots more! Their work revolves around the cute and strange, cats in sweaters and dogs in v-necks meet sci fi babes and monster mayhem, it’s diabolically adorable!


Based in the heart of Vancouver art scene, Soigne is the place where just about anyone’s artistic fantasies and crafting desires can be fulfilled. We teach classes in a wide array of media: you can take classes in metalsmithing, polymer, metal clay, enameling, fuse glass, lost wax and many more. We are available for private parties, events and birthdays. At Vancouver Mini Maker Faire we will showcase jewelery created during our workshops.

Gropp’s Summer Special

The Gropp’s Gallery Collective is a result of a Micro-Utopic impulse, which brought together a group of young creative individuals with the common goal of the creation of a shared work and live space that encourages and sustains : art, eco-efficiency, experimental market, preservation and conservation of the house as a historical property and as a place of teaching, collaborating, sharing and experimentation within our immediate Mount Pleasant community in Vancouver, BC.We will be re-locating snippets of our studios to Makerfaire 2013 – and will be featuring several artists from the collective who work in a range of mediums, including oil painting, upcycled-sculptures, photographic media and illustration.


William-Henning-Mikronauts Mikronauts designs and manufactures microcontroller based robot control and educational boards. We will be showing some robots based on our controllers, and also educational development boards and modules for them. RoboProp is a Parallax Propeller based advanced robot controller; RoboAxe is an entry level PicAxe based robot controller.We will demonstrate robots based on RoboProp and RoboAxe, including our popular “Lidar” software for RoboProp that uses an IR distance sensor to plot a radar display on a TV connected right to the robot.


Jessica and Joshua Langager ages 14 and 12 years old have been involved in Gearbots Engineering Club for one year and entered their first competition- The 2012 BC Skills Canada Competition – JR. Gearbots Engineering Challenge. They placed second out of fourteen teams. They use a NXT Lego Mindstorms Robot, which is a buildable and programmable robot used to practice their robotic skills.Both children attend Abbotsford Middle School in Abbotsford. They will be showing their skills of building and programming their robot to do simple tasks such as pick up lego bricks, robots such as a robotic birthday candle or a robotic check-out scanner.

Sharon Burrows, Old Style Books

Sharon will bring Old Style hand made books and book furnishings, and will be demonstrating bookbinding and metal furnishings such as corners, latches and hinges.

Wool stuff by Pheiso

Pheiso is a new home-based business utilizing hand-picked plants of the Yukon wilderness. Goals are to provide hand-made quality and affordable products.Booth will include naturally hand-dyed wool roving and yarns (wool and silk), Woolie Soaps (soaps in a delicately felted pouch, promoting bubbles and tidiness of counter), Eco-friendly, felted wool dryer balls, stitch markers, a spinning starter kit (with naturally dyed roving and a spindle). Sophie will be teaching spinning throughout the 2-day event.

Designs by Gwyn

Designs by Gwyn is committed to producing hand crafted, high quality, local projducts. Gwyn will be bringing colourful and beautiful crocheted toques, scarves, and scarflettes, hand spun and hand felted products and accessories.

Cymata, Art Not Ads Collective

Metaballer Cymata turns your music into a 3D printable sculpture. Music has lost much of the physical aspects of experiencing it. CD’s, records and tapes all had a physical medium and album art that could be held and shared. Experiencing music in digital form can become fleeting, since our attention is spread thin in that space. This project’s goal is to restore our lost physical and social interaction with music.

Place Droid, SMT Technology

Place Droid is about bringing an easy-to-use, affordable electronics manufacturing service aimed at Makers, hobbyists and kitchen table industrialists. Surface mount technology (SMT) and the various methods, tips and tricks will be demonstrated to encourage people to build their projects using SMT technology and components.

Blim, Print Your Own Shirt Station

Blim will be facilitating a Print Your Own Shirt Station back by popular demand! Our first time last year was a hit so we decided to do it again. This time with new screens, bigger blank item selection, and our fabulous Blim Team to assist you with all your needs. Come visit us and have fun printing! Cost is 30.00/person, includes a American Apparel Blank T-shirt, 2 image layer choice, 2 color ink choice, and time after to add your own embellishments if you so desire. Blank selections is first come first serve, so best come early than later.

Arts Umbrella, Everchanging Still Life

Arts Umbrella is founded on the idea that arts education plays a critical role in healthy childhood development, and that all children should be granted the same opportunity for growth. With more and more Arts Umbrella programs happening throughout Metro Vancouver, more children are benefitting from access to high quality arts education. A not-for-profit organization, Arts Umbrella relies on the generosity of the community to deliver inspiring arts programs year after year, to as many children as possible.Everchanging Still Life will consist of ten life size easels that are back to back and will be positioned in a circle to create a community feel so everyone can see everyone creating. This set up will allow twenty people to work on them simulanously and ever changing. There will be a still life set up and participants will be supported to do their own sketch that can be taken home or left on location to be included in the ever changing still life. Practicing artists from artsumbrella will be supporting the “makers” in this all inclusive activity/project.

LMI Technologies, KScan3D

 Pauline-Tang-kscan3d KScan3D is a 3D scanning software that works with Microsoft Kinect or Asus Xtion sensors for capturing real objects into digital 3D models in minutes. With KScan3D, you can quickly and easily scan, edit, process, and export the 3D scan data in .fbx, .obj, .stl, .ply, and .asc formats for use with your favorite 3D modeling software. The exported meshes can be used for visual effects, games, CAD / CAM, 3D printing, online / web visualization, and other applications. For more information and to try KScan3D Software for free, please visit www.kscan3d.com.KScan3D is developed by LMI Technologies, a developer of 3D scanning, visualization, and measurement technologies based in Delta. We offer 3D scanning solutions for various applications including factory automation, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, 3D visualization, and 3D printing.

Learn To Knit With Fraser Valley Knitters Guild

The Fraser Valley Knitter’s Guild would love to introduce people to the wonderful joys of knitting. The Fraser Valley Knitters’ Guild was formed in 2008 to share a passion for knitting and a desire to improve and preserve knitting techniques. It is a knitting guild for Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Abbotsford, and surrounding areas.
We are a fun loving group of people who love knitting and everything it involves and want to share that with the community. We feel that one of the best ways to do this is to teach people how to get started with knitting. At our booth we will show people the basics of knitting, including casting on, the knit stitch and casting off. We will also include learn-to-knit kits which would be an option to take home.

Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild

The Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild is a group of people who meet, share and create fresh, modern quilts. The group was formed in 2010 and it is the Vancouver branch of the Modern Quilt Guild, which has over 100 member groups around the world. We will display representative samples of modern quilts made by our members. As well, we will have ongoing quilting demonstrations and will give visitors to Maker Faire an opportunity to participate in aspects of modern quilting. We will also display the collaborative quilt which was started at our booth at Maker Faire last year and which incorporates the hand embroidery done by visitors to our booth at Maker Faire last year.

David Whitehead, Popsitecture

We are bringing 10,000 popsicle sticks, some white glue and
together we are going to build something big. Come help us with this
sticky situation.


Kibooco is the digital DIY platform for kids to create their own designs, projects and artwork which they can make real as personalized keepsakes such as t-shirts, books, journals, trading cards, calendars, stickers. Based on engaging, easy to use interactive features designed just for them, Kibooco gives kids the tools to make it up, mix it up, mash it up and ultimately create, customize and share their own masterpieces.Kibooco was developed by Kibooco Interactive Inc., a leading edge, Vancouver-based startup company founded by Molly Schneeberg and Earl Hong Tai. Our proprietary technology empowers children to express their creativity in a collaborative and safe environment. Guided by our philosophy of “where tradition meets technology” our digital application links online and offline worlds – embracing how digitally savvy and compelled kids are while instilling values important to parents. Our team is united around the mission to use technology to inspire a new generation of innovators and creators, not just consumers.

Instant Bliss Kreations

I make and sell Bliss Bags, which are therapeutic heating bags filled with grain, as well as DIY pocket warmer kits and neckwarmer kits. Participants get to pick their own fabric. I also offer feather hair extensions and dye many of the feathers myself. Participants will get to choose and arrange feathers and have them put in their hair right on the spot, or take them home as a DIY kit.

3design Products

We are the Western Canadian distributors for 3D Systems. We are exhibiting our Personal 3D Printers, the Cube and CubeX. 3D printing is not just for advanced technological companies, it can be beneficial for anyone who creates products and designs, or just wants to better communicate their ideas. 3D Printing provides makers and inventors the ability to create prototypes or products at an individual level. The Cube and CubeX are plug and play 3D printers that anyone can use.

Matthew Peters, Tesseract TS300/TS1000

Tesseract Industrial is in the final stages of developing a new high speed 3d printer. The TS300 and TS1000 will be able to print faster than 300mm/s and are much larger than currently available machines with the largest being 950x520x400mm build area. The machines can also be adapted to be other types of equipment such as laser cutters, lightweight mills or different technologies of additive manufacturing.

On the Prowl Jewellery Designs

I make jewellery predominantly out of used bicycle inner tubes, sprockets and other little bike parts, all locally sourced. I create as much as possible using recycled goods, as a response to a predominantly consumer driven society where far too much waste is created in the name of economic gain. Using recycled goods creates awareness to alternatives, and promotes creativity as well as critical thinking. I’m pretty new to the world of jewellery making as I only embarked on this adventure a year ago.


IMG_3624Sm The Maker Mobile is a cube van cleverly transformed into a workspace for up to ten people. In this cool mobile laboratory, participants will experience the satisfaction of discovery and learn to be a producer, rather than a consumer of products and technology. The Maker Mobile was created by four teachers who want to share their love for building creative projects and get young people involved in Vancouver’s maker community. At Maker Faire, we are looking for the support of the community in order to outfit the Maker Mobile with the tools and technologies need to start teaching the joy of making!

Allen Lee, The Sound Revolver

The Augmented Music Maker is an installation that detects differently coloured nodes on a special table top. Links are formed between the nodes in software and music tones are played based on the location of the nodes.

Samm Cooper, Sigil

Sigil is a collaborative visual toy, where participants work together using tablets and smartphones to create psychedelic art which is projected on one or more screens.

Pippa Lattey, It’s Complicated

“It’s Complicated” is made from hand carved maple, welded steel, and Arduino Uno and various electronics. It’s about interactions and relationships, and its fun to play with. Other sculptures, also interactive and/or with moving parts, will be on display as well.

Ben Z Cooper, Imaginographing

These frames allow people to look at the world in a different way. This is one of the many creations that imaginographer, Ben Z Cooper, will be displaying at VMMF this year.

Ron Simmer, Infinite Mirrors

I have been playing with infinite mirrors for a while and have several versions now involving chasing LEDs, small lasers and other lighting effects. The latest one built was the Cyborg Eyeball, a 3 ft in diameter white sphere.

SelfDesign High Makers Courses and Lab

 Kathleen-Forsythe-SelfDesign-Makers SelfDesign Learning Community is an Independent Distributed Learning School in BC. We are designing a Makers curriculum for Grades 10, 11 and 12 and possibly Grades 8 and 9. We are planning for a Makers lab starting in Fall, 2013. Our booth will showcase what we are doing as Makers for young people.

International Guild of Knot Tyers-Pacific Americas Branch

knottyers The International Guild of Knot Tyers is an educational non-profit organization dedicated to furthering interest in practical, recreational and theoretical aspects of knotting. Our aim is to preserve traditional knotting techniques and promote the development of new techniques for new material and applications.
We will be bringing lots of string (and some wire!) tied in a variety of different knots, as well as practical, hands-on learning displays, inspirational decorative works, and make-and-take project supplies and instructions.

Sigil Galaxy

The Sigil Galaxy is a workstation for Sigil using Raspberry Pi.

Daniel McLaren, Interactive Time Distortion

A mind-bending way to interact with time. This art installation uses slow motion video and a special camera so you can control time by moving your body. Travel back in time or create temporal distortions just bywaving your hand. This photo was created using footage from National Geographic Cheetahs on the Edge, released under a Creative Commons license.

Living Lotus

Living Lotus is passionate about making health sweet.
Having learned the art of a plant based diet, we couldn’t keep it to ourselves so we thought we should share, just like our mamas taught us.We provide organic, vegan, gluten free, sugar free desserts and educate the community through workshops, grocery shop tours and coaching. At Maker Faire we will be providing some organic, yummy, deliciously good for you, grab and go sweets. By using high quality sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients, nobody got hurt in the making of this food!
These handmade and lovingly hand packed treats are a healthy addition to your diet, but you wouldn’t even know if we didn’t tell you.Don’t make us say we told you so!

Hope the Whale

Hope is a 7.6 meter long representation of a whale made from recycled sail fabric and wooden ribs, surrounded by a dozen large water drops. It is an interactive art installation where participants are welcomed to write messages of hope on water drops and digitally through videos, images & tweets, which were projected onto the whale at night.”Hope” symbolizes the desire and need to keep the conversation going around how we can support a healthy environment, sharing our collective messages of hope and vision for a healthy future.
The collaborative team of artists, led by Kim Cooper includes Oliver Harwood, Jodi Stark, Zack Embree, Ben Cooper and Sarah Hay.

STACK soap

We’ll be showing the full process of how our soap design came to be available through Amazon.com. This includes design, rapid prototyping, molding, die creation and manufacturing, Kickstarter, and selling a product through Amazon fulfillment.

Jean Beauchamp, Ergostance

For people who are at risk from the dreaded sitting disease (prolonged sitting at a desk). Placing an adjustable height work unit on their desk surface allows people to stand as they work, alternating between standing and sitting as they work.Similar current desktop units cost $500 and up. Ergostance is an affordable and adjustable desktop add-on that comes in a choice of aluminum or wood. Top can be laminated or wood-finished and workspace measures 18″ x 24″ ft. A monitor arm is also included in the price.

Healing Gardens On a String

My terrariums are beautiful mini gardens which take you to an imaginary place filled with love and peace. Each terrarium has a healing stone that resonates with one of body’s chakras.Healing Gardens On a String

Dan Williams, Hobby Robotics

Dan Williams is a robotics and automation technician gone hobbyist.
Building robots isn’t enough, Dan runs a weekend robotics program for local youth from his home shop. He brings a collection of hand made hobby robotics assembled from a mix of new and reclaimed parts. The robots play various parts in the entertainment and domination of the planet earth.

Serenity Hoops hand-made adult hula hoops

We make adult sized (and kid sized) quality hula hoops for dance, performance, exercise and play. They are made of superpex tubing or polypro tubing, and are pretty and sparkly and fun. We will bring fun, laughter, sparkles and play to get people’s hips moving and their faces smiling.Serenity Hoops hand-made adult hula hoops

Reality Controls Inc.

 Sean-Sibbet-reality_controls At Reality Controls, we envision a future where coming home means being greeted by a soundtrack that suits your current mood; where catching up with a far away friend means enjoying a virtual walk around Stanley Park; and where your computer manages your personal wellness by observing changes in your movement patterns.We work on the cutting edge of human-computer interaction, creating software which maps and analyzes voice and motion and responds accordingly. We are excited to demonstrate the Reality Controls vision at this year’s Vancouver Maker Faire. Visit our booth and play with friends in an exciting virtual environment, using motion control, and learn how it will soon benefit your everyday life. Get a first hand look at some of the new and revolutionary tools we use to make human-computer interaction more natural, and less technical.

Reality Controls creates custom software for natural computer interaction and data analysis to benefit entertainment, health care, home automation and retail applications. Our flagship software,
control:mapper, enables control of virtually any Windows application through gesture and voice commands, without the need to change the tools you already know and love.
Join us at the Vancouver Maker Faire and experience the future of the human-computer interaction!


The OpenHula project is for providing access for “Smart” LED strips to an operating system designed specifically for hula hoops. Each LED can be assigned behaviour individually, allowing for marquee effects, colour phasing, and many other custom effects.
They are controlled by nano-compatible boards, and provide power-protection circuits and IR control functionality. The usb port provides both charging and program configuration access.

Vancouver Lego Club

The Vancouver Lego Club is a group of LEGO enthusiast builders who will come down and bring MOCs (My Own Creations) to share with others and hopefully inspire other Makers to pick up their old bricks and see what cool stuff is being built with it.
Crawler Town roams the barren wastes of a post steam-punk world after cataclysmic climate change do to excessive coal use. Several such cities exist but Crawler town is the most popular due to the Aero 500 hydrogen fuel cell Air races that are held.

Make at Granville Island, Spin Art Bike

Anderson Prototypes

Anderson Prototypes, producer of fine-machined parts, components and assemblies, mixes cutting edge design methodology, machining and rapid prototyping technologies and a flair with out-of-the-box thinking to accomplish the impossible. With the use of manual machines such as a vertical mill or engine lathe equipped with a digital readout and CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machines, and Rapid Prototyping Machines and many others, we consistently craft
quality components using a wide variety of materials.

eatART, Day4 Solar Array

The Day4 Solar Array panels produce a steady 2.3 kW of clean, quiet 120VAC power. Our custom trailer makes for ease of transportation and deployment of the 5 array frames along with the battery storage box, breaker panel, max power point tracker, and inverter. The system looks sleek, is versatile and is aesthetically pleasing when deployed. The Day4 solar P.V. panels produce a steady 2.3 kW of clean, quiet 120VAC power and has been deployed successfully at many events over the past few years.

The Bright Red Crayon, Return of Angry Birds

What better way to celebrate hands on projects than to shoot some stuffed birds toys out of a giant homemade sling shot? Made out of pvc, wood, cardboard and children’s stuffed stuffed toys, you can test your skills in building a tower and knocking as many pigs as you can! Join the young Makers in a game of strategy and fun! For all ages! Available for birthday rentals. Brought to you by Artist Zee Kesler and her company the Bright Red Crayon.

Lifespan Society of British Columbia

The Lifespan Society community bridges the gap between current healthy living strategies and rising interest in future biotechnologies, allowing us to engage a wide diversity of interests. Our mission is to empower British Columbians to maintain their well-being over the long term.

3D Filament Extruder

 Dan-DeGagne-Filament-Extruder Demonstration of a plastic filament extruder. Primary purpose of this machine is to make the filament for 3d printers from cheap pellets and recycled plastic. With an Ultimaker 3d Printer beside it. Showing off one of the highest detailed printer in the affordable realm for users and hackers. The booth will also be co-sharing with “Tales of Mytherwrel”. An animated 3d show currently under development with Marie Kerns and I.

Spinning and Circular Sock Knitter

 Zoe-Brown-Spinning I plan to demonstrate spinning fibre into yarn both on a traditional treadle spinning wheel and a contemporary electric spinning wheel. Attendees will have the opportunity to use the traditional wheel. I will also demonstrate the use of the circular sock knitter and explain its historical impact during the industrialization of clothing manufacturing. Attendees will have the opportunity to help hand crank socks and scarves.

Element 7

Ever since the launch of Element 7 in September 2012, the response to the brand has been phenomenal. Specializing in designing and distributing exquisite and unique body chain jewelry, our work has been coveted and loved by celebrities, customers, & performers all over the world. We have participated in over 7 fashion shows & were invited to showcase in Miami Fashion Week only after nine weeks of launching the company. With distribution in both Canada and the USA only after 6 months, Element 7 is undeniably one of the fastest growing accessories company. Seen on Rosette Luve, Lady Gaga & more, our vision is to be a global presence and player in the fashion & accessories scene.Our jewelry is luxurious and affordable, we will bring our newest pieces that are both easy to wear over any clothing, bikini or even just on bare skin to VMMF 2013!

Alie and Droid

Our stuff is fun, unique and all our products are lovingly handcrafted in Vancouver, BC. We do limited editions on our products, and do custom orders for our glass lamps, ties and wallets. We are big on personalizing products, making the items we sell very much “yours” with your photos and designs on the products whenever possible.

Draw By Night

DRAW BY NIGHT is a social drawing party. You can collaborate or you can do your own thing. What you do is up to you.Our whole event is about engaging and networking a drawing community. We rely on social networks as the glue to our community. It is also a way for our participants to have their voice be heard. Often, they will contribute ideas that are implemented into the next event. Without these existing networks, you wouldn’t get this type of immediacy. Draw By Night is a drawing party that started to engage like-minded creative people from various disciplines, get them in a room together and ask them to draw under one theme. The energy is always high and the result is always unexpected.

H+ 4Dbox

4Dbox is a new medium through which users can engage with 3D content in a fun, intuitive and seamless fashion. Essentially 4Dbox is a interactive hologram through which users can perform natural body and hand gestures to manipulate and explore 3D content in real time. 4D box also offers 360 degree viewing experience for multiple users.

Through 4D box experience, a sense of serendipity and exploration emerges out of the space.