As seen on Make Magazine: Why Educators Want to Attend Maker Faire

Post by Emily Smith

Featured on the MAKE blog yesterday is an article about why Maker Faire is such a great fit for educators. Check out some of the testimonials here.



Some testimonials from various educators (via MAKE):


“Maker Faire is a great opportunity to get my students out from behind the computer and put their ideas into the world in a tactile way.”
—Brian A., college professor of art and computer science, Emeryville, Calif.


“I am always inspired and motivated (a hard thing to do at the end of a school year!) from all the new approaches to materials and sharing. Makes for great material to chew on over the summer and apply in the next fall’s lessons. I just photograph and download on my computer as an ‘inspired images’ album.”
—Kirsten J., high school teacher and college professor of art, San Francisco, Calif.



“Maker Faire exemplifies the best coming together of creativity and science. As a teacher I feel it is not only important to convey theories, laws, and equations to my students, but also give them a sense of what can be achieved by the power of these scientific ideas that they can relate to in their day-to-day lives.” —Thanh-Lam N., high school science teacher, San Jose, Calif.


See more testimonials on MAKE Magazine.


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