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Meet Your Makers: Alex Kay of ReDeTec

AlexKayIs Alex Kay about to save the earth with 3D printing?

In an ocean of plastic waste, 3D printing just seems to be adding to it. According to a study done in 2011 on behalf of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, 2.8 million tonnes of plastic ended up in Canadian landfills that year. That’s a lot of Yoda busts.

This year’s Vancouver Mini Maker Faire welcomes Alex Kay, co-founder of ReDeTec. ReDeTec’s ProtoCycler recycles plastic into a filament used in 3D printing. Not only does it recycle your printer waste, you can throw in your dead monitor case, broken Lego pieces, and maybe some pop bottles too. Even when you do buy new plastic as pellets, it can cut the cost of consumables by two-thirds or more. Buying $30 per kilogram filament is a thing of the past, recycle and it’s free. Of course, you do have to buy the ProtoCycler itself which currently costs around as much as about 25 kilograms of filament, so there is that.

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Guest Blogger, Zee Kesler: Tiny Houses & Sustainable Living

Zee Tiny houseMy name is Zee Kesler and I love tiny houses and efficient spaces!


As such, I am interested in working with the City of Vancouver to explore the feasibility of tiny houses in an urban environment. To start the conversation, I am collaborating with the Emerging Green Builders to host a Tiny House Design Jam @the Hive Thursday May 29, 7pm. If you are a designer, architect, urban planner, or tiny house enthusiast, please join us! We’d love to have your input.


At the jam, we will break up into groups to address issues that face the tiny house community such as bylaws and zoning, building codes, as well as liability/insurance issues. We will also explore potential pilot projects and brainstorm systems to match tiny house owners with yard/rental space. Admission to the jam is by donation – click here to book your seat.


Are you interested in building tiny houses and learning basic construction skills?


Join us this summer at the Vancouver Community Laboratory for the Tiny House Building Workshop Series, run in association with Camera Buildings.  At the workshop you will learn the skills required to build a tiny house. The series of eight workshops will focus on Q and A, tips to salvaging materials, tricks of the trade, safety, and hands-on construction skills. Upon completion, the tiny house created in the workshop will be used as an experimental off grid Tiny Community Center which will host workshops and artist residencies.


If this project inspires or interests you, please sign up for our mailing list found on the side bar of the project blog! Info on the workshops will be released shortly and workshop spaces are limited.


Come find us at the Camera Buildings booth at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire June 7 & 8th! You can also catch my presentation, “Building A Tiny Community Centre”, on June 8th as part of the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire Speaker Series.