Young Makers @ MOV Postponed…


The Young Makers Club at the Museum of Vancouver will be postponed till Fall 2012. Come to Vancouver Mini Maker Faire on June 23 & 24 at the PNE to see some of our current Young Makers. There will also be a sign-up sheet to keep you informed about future Young Makers programs at the Museum of Vancouver.


We are excited about the future possibilities of this youth program and will need your support. If you are inspired to start your own Young Makers Club in your garage, backyard, workshop, or community centre you can find more information at


Check out what some other communities are doing with their Young Makers Clubs!

Saphira - A fire breathing dragon built by the Central Marin Young Makers Club



Official Ticket Pick-up Locations in Vancouver

If you would like to purchase physcial tickets, we have 3 official paper ticket sale locations: Lee’s Electronics, Plush on Main, and the Hackery.

Plush on Main is located on 4296 Main Street. They are open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 6pm, and on Sunday from 11-4.

The Hackery is located on 304 Victoria Drive. They are open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am-6pm.

Lee’s Electronics is located on 4522 Main Street and are open from Monday to Friday, 8:30-5:30, and Saturday from 8:30-4:30 pm.

Less than 2 days left of Call for Makers!


All good things must come to an end, and the Call for Makers for Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2012 is no different. We’ve had some excellet Makers apply over the last 10 weeks, and I can’t wait to share some of them with you via this blog!


But it’s time to finalize the planning for the event, and as such Saturday May 19 will mark the end of the Call for Makers. If you’ve been putting off applying, now’s your last chance to get in! So head on over to the Call for Makers page, and fill out one of the application forms.


Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2012 Call for Makers is live and Applications are open!

We’re excited to announce that the Call for Makers for Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2012 is now live! Applications are now open for Individual Makers, Maker Groups, Startup Makers, and Commercial Makers.


Please pass on the news to all the makers, doers, and creatives in the community!



Call for Makers


For makers, Vancouver Mini Maker Faire is a community-run event aimed at bringing Vancouver’s Makers, Doers, and Creatives together for a weekend of sharing knowledge, inspiring each other, exhibiting projects, and community building.
For attendees, Vancouver Mini Maker Faire is like a science fair meets farmers’ market meets Burning Man (with pants) – for families!


The 2012 Vancouver Mini Maker Faire will be held on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of June at the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE). Early-bird applications from Makers are due by April 21st, and qualify for a 20% discount. Final applications close on May 19th. But don’t delay until the last minute as the earlier applications will help direct how we layout and allocate the space; so the sooner you apply, the more weight your requirements will have on the event and the better we can work to accommodate your needs!



Application forms

NEW! Short-form Application for all Maker types.

Use this form if you don’t know what you will be showing yet or don’t have time to fill in the detailed application forms below.

Application form for Individual Makers and Maker Groups

Application form for Startup Makers and Commercial Makers



Check out the Call for Makers page for full details. Any questions, or anything else Maker-related, can be directed to the Maker Coordinator at



Maker Faire Success!


Learn more about how the whole process of hosting the event unfolded on

A Preview of Workshops at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

Many of our exhibitors will have workshops and demonstrations available at their tables. Some will be going all day, and others will have times in place. This list is just the very beginning of what you’ll see at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire!





Science World at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire!





The Bright Red Crayon‘s Wacky Windmills

Zee & Luke will be combining efforts to bring Dynamic wind-driven sculptures based out of recyclable and reusable materials. Both artists have cherished groundings in this “something out of nothing” concept and are stoked about sharing this craft with the children and adults of Vancouver community. They hope to inspire children of all ages to look at everyday items as art materials and encourage them to explore the connection between the things we make and nature.





(Images: via Bright Red Crayon)



Plush on Main:  Bottle Cap Pendants and Magnets

Plush is a charming little boutique and worskspace committed to supporting the incredible artisans who are our neighbours. Plush’s dedication to the local craft scene grew naturally out of our own passion for making stuff.  You can join in the creative magic by attending one of Plush’s crafting workshops, hosted by a rotating cast of Vancouver craft scene personalities, or by taking home one of our craft kits designed to help you flex your creative muscles.






Build Your Own Paper Kit with Karl Brown




Made of sustainable/ recyclable materials (wood, paper, rubber band, re-useable plastic propeller), this little flying model will take less than 1 hour to construct. This complete kit is assembled using safety-razors and non-toxic (water based) glue. Expert, experienced instruction and assistance will be provided to insure that each airplane is a flying success. The airplane measures just over 12″ (30cm) from wingtip to wingtip and is suitable for flying outdoors on non- windy days (but don’t let it get wet !) Fascinating, educational and fun! Some take-home kits will be available.




(images: via Melissa Mewdella)



Make a Mighty Ugly Creature with Kim Werker!
(10 am-1 pm)

There’s so much pressure to create things that are GOOD or PRETTY! But sometimes it’s useful or fun or challenging to flip that around and make something UGLY. Bet you’ve never set out to do that before! Mighty Ugly is a project – online and in person – that goes like this: 1) Make an ugly creature. 2) Take photos. 3) Talk about it. It might make you feel great and it might make you feel sick, but I guarantee you’ll be glad you did it. Mighty Ugly is run by author, editor, crafter and speaker Kim Werker. Learn more about the project and share your experiences at



Raul Granucci: Lampwork Workshop: Making glass beads from a mobile station (Marbles)


Glass is a facinating and alluring craft and the exhibit will be spent doing live glass demos and creating custom peices for our patrons from but not limited to beads, marbles, pendents, do higgys. I keep little if any of my work because I feel passing and sharing art holds greater value. Lamp working, torch working is what one can classify the work I do.




Image: Union of Youth



Draw By Night: The Uncollectables.


New and used toys have escaped attics, warehouses and sandpits in search for a life beyond enslavement. They are no longer children’s play things and have come to the DBN Tattoo Table to celebrate their new-found freedom. We will be drawing on toys, paper-dolls, ping pong balls, and maybe each other??!!


Come hang out and draw on things! Any toy donations would be much appreciated as well.


Please note that if you want to draw on a munny, submit drawing samples to the Draw By Night twitter page (@drawbynight) to qualify. There are only so many, so they will go fast.


Draw By Night #11 Font Lickers from Ryan Smith on Vimeo.




Rachel Ashe: Altered Book Workshops

For Maker Faire, Rachael will be displaying some of her recent altered book artwork made from old books and recycled materials. She will also be demonstrating some of the techniques she uses to make her book art, as well as paper cuts, and exploring making sculpture from the reclaimed cardboard of toilet paper rolls.




There will also be knitting workshops, arduino workshops, Learn To Solder, circuit bending, knot tying and more! Come out and experience the fun!


There will also be Maker Bots, RepRaps, EBikes, and more!