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Tummy Rumble at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

Tummies are going to rumble in the parking lot this year. And in the PNE Forum. Why, even vegans are getting thrown a bone. So, just who is duking it out to be captain of the cooks at this year’s Vancouver Mini Maker Faire?

Porky’s Food Truck
These guys are big bratwursts – for $7. In fact, they are the absolute wurst, German curry wurst that is, for $7 too. And they Bavarian cheese smokies far too much, also $7. Here, pull my pork, $8.

Cup-a-cornCup a Corn
Corny jokes can’t do justice to the good taste of this cup of gourmet flavoured corn kernels, $5 a pop. Six flavours.

Community Pizzeria
These guys are wasting away in Pizza Margherita-ville for $10. Some say they’re all mobbed up with the Calabrese Salami Pizza for $11 and they may well be – get there early.

johnny's-popsJohnny’s Pops (& Brûlée)
Put strawberry basil on ice and will do it again for a price. Turned blueberry cardamom into a popsicle too. Burned cream badly into a delicious vanilla bean crème brûlée. Same goes for bourbon and pecan.

REEL Mac and Cheese
Hey Mac, quit being so cheesy, for $8. Things get spicy when they go banana’s for peppers for $9.

taser-grilled-cheeseMelt City
Cheese that takes a grilling but melts when squeezed for bread. A classic grilled two cheese squeeze. Also, So Gouda, it has got smoked bacon with caramelized apples and gouda cheese. Yeah, there’s more.

Osaka Ball
Scallop and shrimp like to roll up and party with pickle and green onions. In fact they’re having a ball – seven of them for $6.

varinicey-pakorasVarinicey Pakoras
Careful, their pakoras can take a beeting, which makes them just super – Super Beet pakoras. Original has chopped onions, carrots, yams, kale, and swiss chard. Things get hot when the serrano peppers show up. Start small for $5.50, or go big for $10.

Chickadee Bakery (inside)
It’s all butter for these bakers! Willing to redecorate your mini-cupcakes for a price. Cookies, brownies, scones, cheese biscuits, all the sin in the world and then s’more. Starts at $2.50 and goes to $5.

Living Lotus (inside)
Gluten, dairy, refined sugar and soy free riders. Vegan macaroons, fudge, chocolate ganache and candied nuts from $2 to $18. Nobody gets hurt in the making of this food but no promises otherwise!

In a foodie fight, the eaters always win. The more contenders you take on for take-away, the more likely you are to find your lunchtime leader of the pack. Take the challenge to try to find your new favourite roving restaurant!



Meet The Crafters: Heidi Liao, My Secret Cravings


After searching high and low for the perfect cake topper for her wedding cake and coming up empty, Heidi Liao decided to make her own using the clay molding skills she learned in pottery class. It was such a hit with family and friends that she decided to try her hand at making clay jewelry. Now Heidi specializes in handcrafting tiny food in jewelry form. I contacted her for a Q&A before her very first experience in the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. Here’s what she had to say about her craft.

SV: First off, why food? Are you a big foodie and wanted to bring that into your crafting?

HL: I was never a foodie growing up so it’s ironic that I decided to make food-themed jewelry. But I thought food is appealing to everybody, and it can be made to look so delicious! Making non-edible food is almost as good as making real food!

SV: Where do you get your inspiration?

HL: I get my inspiration mostly from bakery shops and Pinterest.

SV:  Once you decide on the treat, how long does it typically take you to make a piece? What’s your process?

HL: Initially, it takes me around 15-20 minutes to make each item. As I get more familiar with the colour and texture of the piece, it takes less time. I start each piece by mixing the colour of the clay. Then I start molding the clay to the shape I want and continue working at it until I get the proportion right. Once I’m happy with it, I send it to the toaster oven to bake. After baking, I let it cool and then put on toppings, if any, and then let it dry. Lastly, I finish with a glaze to seal the colour and apply any findings (if it’s a pair of earrings). Once that’s done, it’s packaged and then ready to be shipped to the customer.


SV: What’s your favourite piece in your collection?

HL: The mint chocolate ice cream cone stud earrings (below). I love the way the colour really stands out and I think they’re perfect for summer!

ice cream earrings

SV: Of course I have to ask — what’s your favourite secret craving?


HL: Even though I’m not a huge foodie, I really do love ice cream. My favourite ice cream flavours are matcha green tea and black sesame. And I also love anything potato, especially sour cream & onion chips and fries, of course!



Make sure you visit Heidi’s booth June 1-2 to check out all her adorable wares. You can also find her sweet treats on Etsy. Oh and don’t forget to get your tickets for Vancouver Mini Maker Faire!

*photos courtesy of Heidi Liao