Maker Town Hall

Thinking about participating for the first time at this year’s Vancouver Mini Maker Faire? Not sure if what you do makes you a Maker, or if anybody else would be interested in your project? Maybe you’ve participated at a past VMMF but have some questions that need answering before you do it again.


Then the Maker Town Hall is for you!


Join us for an evening of presentations, Q&As, socializing & meeting of fellow makers. Get your curiosity piqued, questions answered, and enthusiasm pumped.


Date: Saturday March 1, 2014
Time: Doors at 7:30pm, event from 8:00-10:30pm
Location: One Thousand Rivers, 54 E. 4th Ave., Vancouver
Cost: The Maker Town Hall is free but due to limited space pre-registration is strongly suggested.


*Please note: The Maker Town Hall is intended for people new to participating in a Mini Maker Faire, or past participants who are uncertain about their involvement this year. We will be having another event in a couple of months for veteran VMMF Makers who are already planning on participating.


photo by blue mollusc

photo by blue mollusc


Breaker Faire – May 25th

Breaker Faire

Breaker Faire poster by Dallyn Rule –

Like to BREAK things? Visit the Vancouver Community Laboratory for your chance to smash a car! For just a few dollars, you can take part in a scrumptious pancake BREAK-fast, WRECK a car, have your mind BLOWN by local art / creations, and PLAY a giant claw game! Wreckage form the car will be used by local artists for materials, and all proceeds benefit the Vancouver CoLab and Vancouver Mini Maker Faire.

All ages. Entrance by donation.

Saturday, May 25, 10 am – 5 pm

1907 Triumph St.

Click here for information & updates via Facebook

Submissions to show your work will be open until one week before the event (May 18th). Please contact for more details.

Maker Education Meet-up on Thursday, May 9th

“Maker Faire exemplifies the best coming together of creativity and science. As a teacher I feel it is not only important to convey theories, laws, and equations to my students, but also give them a sense of what can be achieved by the power of these scientific ideas that they can relate to in their day-to-day lives.” —Thanh-Lam N., high school science teacher, San Jose, Calif.

The Maker Education Initiative is going strong in the US where the mission is to create more opportunities for young people to make, and, by making, build confidence, foster creativity and spark interest in science, technology, engineering, math, the arts – and learning as a whole.
In line with our mission to build a strong and vibrant community of makers in our city, Maker Foundation will be hosting a meet-up on Thursday, May 9th from 7-9pm at Mozilla (163 W Hastings St, 2nd Floor) to connect families, leaders, educators, mentors and organizations in order to start a dialogue around young makers in our communities – in a meet-up style format. Interested in coming out? Please RSVP ASAP!
Here are some ideas that are gaining headway:

  • Maker Media has put together a really great playbook on how to start makerspaces in schools.
  • Planning a Young Makers Program to start in September. This would mean pairing up youth with Maker mentors to build projects for next year’s Maker Faire.
  • The Maker Mobile is a mobile workshop space that will be at Maker Faire this year. They are looking for volunteers to help out and for funding.
  • If you’re interested in getting involved or starting a community initiative for young makers, maker education or maker spaces in the city, please bring your ideas forward.

What we hope to Achieve:

  • To connect and inspire a new community of individuals in Vancouver interested in jumpstarting this initiative.
  • To kickstart the Maker Education Initiative in Vancouver so that Vancouver can be a hub for maker-oriented curriculum and maker spaces in the city
  • Eat pizza and have fun!
  • So, bring your thinking cap and a stack of business cards and let’s start the conversation.

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Submissions from VMMF Yarn Party

A few weeks before Maker Faire 2012, we received a large shipment of wool from Granted clothing. We decided to pass out free wool to anyone that wanted to knit something awesome. Scroll down to check out some of the submissions!

A felted table covering:

A hand knit toque:

Finger warmers!

A kayak cozy!

A creative wall hanging:

A poof!



To see even more photos of submissions, check out our yarn party group on flickr.

Makers Assemble at North Van Elementary Schools


Last Friday morning, June 15th, I brought three makers with me to put on assemblies at two North Vancouver elementary schools.


Andrew Milne, Jesse Scott, and Vincent van Haaf brought their joy of making and some of their original creations to show off to the children. Despite being a bit nervous to present to 150 eight to twelve year olds, all three makers were super energized by the children’s enthusiasm. We were all impressed by the intelligent comments and questions, but our favourite was, “Do you do birthday parties?” Well, after the fun we had presenting in North Vancouver, birthday parties are under serious consideration…


Jesse Scott explains laser graffiti to a captive audience.

Andrew Milne shows off his hand-built 3D printer


Young Makers: Become a Maker in just one day!


There are only TWO DAYS LEFT to register for the YOUNG MAKERS DAY at the Museum of Vancouver. This is a youth-oriented program inviting those ages 8-18 to take part in the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire.


Three makers from the community are here to share their joy of making with a group of young people this Saturday at the Museum of Vancouver. Each of the three groups will make a collaborative project to be exhibited at this year’s Vancouver Mini Maker Faire.


The event is scheduled to happen on Saturday, June 16th from 10 am to 4 pm at the Museum of Vancouver. Interested in participating? Register now, through Eventbrite. See below for details about our Makers turned mentors and their three amazing workshops.

Workshop One: Make a GIANT Ugly Creature with Kim Werker!


Kim’s team will work together to create the biggest, most hideous, ugliest doll yet to be birthed at a Mighty Ugly workshop. Participants will utilize a wide variety of materials, from cloth and chicken wire, to cardboard and yarn, and use their collective definition of ugly to create something truly unique to disgust the crowds at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2012, and to spark a conversation about what’s good-looking and what’s a failure, and about how these definitions affect our approach to being creative.

Kim Werker runs a project called Mighty Ugly, exploring what failure is when it comes to creativity and challenging people to embrace that idea of failure so it doesn’t get in the way anymore. And there’s ugly crafts involved. Kim is an editor, blogger, and author of six crochet books who lives in Vancouver with one adult, one toddler and a mutt.


Workshop Two: Make your own Infrared LED Pen to control Virtual Graffiti with Graffiti Research Lab Canada

Graffiti Research Lab Canada is part of the international federation of GRL’s.  Their mission is “to outfit graffiti writers, street artists, and political activists with open source technologies for urban communication.”


Come learn the basics of physical hacking, basic electronics, and creative code to make digital graffiti. They will be modifying an empty spray paint can into an infrared pen, creating and soldering a simple circuit, and will learn to program a simple drawing program that people can control with spray cans.


GRL is an agent for technology enabling, media democratization, and cultural bridging opportunities. Working within a milieu of educators, programmers, hacktavists, audio-visualists, and critical theorists, GRL focuses on the thresholds of street culture and is an active participant in the micro-struggles taking place within media ecologies. GRL is situated within the fields of tactical media, art terrorism, public intervention, Digital/DIY culture, and protest art.


Jesse Scott creates and exhibits work in the genre formerly known as new media. Under various aliases and operating within several artist collectives, he produces work for live performance, for site-specific actions, for listening, for viewing, for reading… his work has spanned the domains of a/v performance, locative media, telematics, improvisational practice, urban projection, installation design, public workshops, and the written word.

Workshop Three: Make Amazing LED Lanterns with Linzee Kesler from The Bright Red Crayon and Public Dreams Society


Linzee is pairing up with Public Dreams to host an amazing lantern making workshop. Inspired by the MOV’s Neon Ugly exhibit, her team will make paper and PVC lanterns lit with LED lights – re-creating new interpretations of Vancouver historic street signs. These lanterns will then go on to wow the crowds not only at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, but also at this year’s Illuminares Lantern Festival hosted by Public Dreams July 30 @ Trout Lake.


The Bright Red Crayon is a DIY kids art collective that aims to explore playful & creative interactions between children, local artists and their communities. We encourage kids to explore, invent, try, fail, re-use, share and celebrate their unique ideas, no matter how zany!


They offer community based event services, interdisciplinary workshops and are currently working on educational kits for The Bright Red Crayon’s Young Makers program in association with Vancouver Mini Maker Faire.


Linzee Kesler (aka Zee) is a Community Artist & Organizer working out the Dunbar/Point Grey/Mt Pleasant Neighbourhoods. Her personal practice is multidisciplinary, utilizing video, soundscapes, collage & site-specific installations to explore ideas of interconnectivity as well as personal and public space. She draws endless inspiration from her work with young children and loves the idea of art in unexpected places.


Linzee is involved with Vancouver’s Public Dreams Society, as well as the Gropps Gallery Collective. She is a certified Laughter Yoga Instructor, teaches Kids Yoga & in her spare time she enjoys playing the ukelele (and kazoo) loudly (and proudly!)


Young Makers Day Event Poster

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire at Got Craft?

This past Sunday, May 6th, Got Craft? put on an epic show. With over 50 colourful vendors and just over 1300 attendees, it was impressive that all that crafty cuteness could fit in one room. A job well done to the organizers, vendors, and everyone involved. My personal favourite: Rice Babies. So cute!

The Public Art Crew (Mike + Christina) were the masterminds behind our set-up. Mike brought out 2 tall bikes that he had built (Don’t forget to ‘like‘ the Art Bike Project on FB), which were such great substitutes to flimsy posters: He just rolled them in and it was like instant signage. Christina, Anna, and Kim all put their minds together, and pulled off some super fun yarn bombing outside of the front entrance. Check it out:

See those objects hanging off the pole? Those are recycled bottles that Christina has re-purposed and covered with crochet. She also put an old tank top to use, and used the materials to cover one of the art bikes.

A big thanks to Kim for coming out and helping out as well! Hai Kim!

Some of the details: Anna crocheted the flowers:

We had a few scraps left over that were knit up by Anna. I couldn’t help but use the remainder to yarn bomb part of the pakora truck. Thanks pakora guy! (Chris).

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire Fundraiser Awesomeness!

Thanks again to everybody that came out to help support the cause! We’re looking forward to the big event in June at the PNE! Don’t forget about our Call For Makers! Sign up today!



A big thanks to our Sponsors and Donors to our Silent Auction:

The Museum of Vancouver, Got Craft?, West Coast Kits, Make on Granville Island, Raul Granucci, Lee’s Electronics, Mike Zeitz, Solarbotics, Ron Simmer, The Vancouver Tool Library, Jonathan Nakane, Farrell Segall, Brigette from Plush on Main, Sean Sibbet, Steven Smethurst, Heiki Kapp, Varinicey Pakoras, Taser Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Ben Z CooperCory Doctorow and Baaad Anna’s and Three Bags Full for their Yarn Donations!!



and to Neal De Groot for lending this awesome tall bike which Christina Norberg and Friends yarn-bombed!



And to the Makers that came out!:

David Gowman, Kim Werker and the Mighty Ugly Project, Vincent van Haaff (A flyingoctopus), Dan Royer, West Coast KitsRachel Ashe, Raul Granucci, The Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra, Plush on Main, and the Bright Red Crayon.


And thanks to all of the volunteers who helped out to make this happen as well! Christina Norberg and Mike Z with the Public Art Crew, Arielle, Xianny, Liisa, Richard, Dan, Chris, and everybody else who helped pitched in to make the evening happen. Many thanks!


Photos via Blue Mollusc

Set up for Vancouver Mini Maker Faire Fundraiser at the Museum of Vancouver

Check out all of the groups that are coming out! It’s going to be awesome. Don’t forget to get your tickets in advance! All proceeds go towards making Vancouver Mini Maker Faire happen again!



oh hey and check out this kinect-powered visualization that Vincent van Haaff (A Flying Octopus!) will be showing off!

Kinect/Box2D Mashup, Now With Penciled Outlines! from Vincent van Haaff on Vimeo.

Support Vancouver Mini Maker Faire at our Fundraising Extravaganza!

This Thursday, March 15th, come out to the Museum of Vancouver and help support Vancouver Mini Maker Faire in all of it’s glory! If you can’t make it out to the evening, but would like to help out the cause, we are currently accepting donations through eventbrite.

Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra will be performing at 8:30. Don't miss it!

This evening is an opportunity to meet with some Makers who exhibited in 2011, learn how to get involved, and how to become a Maker in 2012. There will also be  interactive demonstrations, musical performances, hand-made art, hand-carved wooden instruments, altered books, ugly creatures, felting, crafting, a silent auction, give-aways, and more!


5:00pm Doors Open
7:30 Musical Performance by a Flying Octopus
8:00pm Access to MOV exhibits (Art Dec Chic and Neon Vancouver | Ugly Vancouver!) close
8:30pm Performance by Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra
8:45pm Silent auction closes

$10-15 suggested admission. None turned away for lack of funds.

Your donation supports the 2012 Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. Includes admission to MOV’s amazing special exhibitions: Art Dec Chic and Neon Vancouver | Ugly Vancouver!