Tiny House community project

Zee's tiny house project!
My name is Zee and I am facilitating a tiny house workshop project build. Using salvaged materials, you can learn basic construction skills and the final product will be used as a tiny mobile community centre for Makers to host workshops and share skills with the community.


I love tiny spaces!  Last year, along with a group of teachers and community leaders, I co-founded the MakerMobile:Workshop on Wheels, a traveling classroom, hackspace and art studio in a renovated Ford Econoline van.  While working on this project, I started researching alternative mobile spaces for living and working and came across tiny houses in the process.


Do you want to learn to build a house or help this project happen?  

Check out the rest of the article here. Email me to find out more!


Zee Kesler is an Community Based Artist and mentor for kids 3-18. She is the co founder of the MakerMobile:Workshop on Wheels and facilitates the Maker Education Initiative  Meetup alongside Vancouver Mini Maker Faire Director Emily Smith. 



Meet Your Makers: Dan Royer, Makelangelo


On May 3rd, I brought my camera and visited Dan Royer, who will have a table again this year at Maker Faire. He will be displaying Makelangelo: an art robot you put together yourself that produces 2D renderings of any image using a single line.


Dan is a member at our local hackerspace, VHS, and he’s been diligently prototyping his kits all year. His dream is to see these being built by 6th graders.


In this video, Dan talks about making robots for a living, what he will be bringing to Maker Faire this year, his next big robot-making project. He also shares some advice for people who want to get started making things and building robots.


“It’s really easy to get started in robots these days. All you need is cardboard, hot glue, servos, Arduino, and a 9 volt battery, and you are off to the races.” – Dan Royer


Dan sells his Drawbot kits online. The kit includes a 3D printed pen holder, 2 stepper motors, a 12v2a power supply, 2 3D printed bobbins, an Adafruit Stepper shield, and (optionally), an Arduino UNO. The kit requires no soldering or wire cutting, and is perfect for use in a classroom.


Haven’t got your Vancouver Mini Maker Faire day tickets yet?


Stop by The Hackery and  Lee’s Electronics for a special promo code. The Hackery and Lee’s also still have paper ticket weekend passes available at EarlyBird prices. Get ‘em before they’re gone!

Lee’s Electronics  — 4522 Main Street
The Hackery  — 304 Victoria Drive @thehackery


Vancouver Maker Foundation connects Educators, Librarians, Makers and Enthusiasts

In line with the Vancouver Maker Foundation‘s mission to build a strong and vibrant community of makers in our city, we hosted a meet-up last Thursday the 9th- to connect families, leaders, educators, mentors and organizations in order to start a dialogue around the impact of integrating more of the Maker Ethos at the level of education and community programming.
The event was a great success! We have decided to turn this into a monthly thing. If you are interested in coming to future meet-ups, please sign up to our Meet-up group. A big thanks to Mozilla, who sponsored the evening, and future meet-ups to come!




Got Craft? brings the creme de la crafty to Vancouver Mini Maker Faire!



It’s a haven for handmade!  A casa for craft!  Got Craft? has gone bite sized for the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire with a specially curated section of the cutest, quirkiest and craftiest handmade goods you ever laid eyes on.


The toast of Vancouver’s indie craft scene, Got Craft? is a twist on your grandmother’s craft fair that aims to bring together a community that fosters handmade and DIY culture. Amongst the techies and tinker-ers at Maker Faire, the mini Got Craft? will feature a collection of 30 artists, crafters and foodies plus a DIY terrarium workshop hosted by Green with Envy (registration required).




Choose favourites?  I could never.  But here’s a sneak peek at just a few of the delights that await your visit…


Make Cheese

Handcrafted cheese kits for making cheese at home (Make Cheese Inc.)

Draw Me a Lion

Hand-drawn colouring activities for kids (Draw me a Lion)

little wren

Charming handmade rings (Little Wren Designs)

Forest and Waves

Hand-drawn city maps (Forest and Waves)

Hand and Sew

Hand-stitched leather wallets (Hand and Sew)


Excited yet?  I sure am.  Be sure to keep your eye on the blog this week as we introduce you to some of the loveliest (and sweetest) Got Craft? vendors from this talented local roster.  (Do you have your tickets yet?)


Roxypop | Firefly Notes | Make Cheese Inc. | Forest and Waves | Cowl & Company | Delish General Store | type B | District Dogs Design | Craftworks Society | Kohana Jewellery | Little Wren Designs | Hand and Sew | Sarah Mulder Art & Jewelry | Abeego | Raven’s Rest Studio | Draw Me a Lion | Element Botanicals | Frankenstrap | Blue Spoons Paper Products | Sassy Contessa | LanaBetty  | Sasha Eillenna Jewelry | Locomotive Clothing | Queen Bee Luxuries | Endure Upcycled Designs | [in the oven] | Urge Chocolates | My Secret Cravings | Green with Envy


About Got Craft?

Got Craft? is Vancouver’s largest indie craft fair, growing strong since 2007 with annual shows in May and December and an average attendance of almost 6000 people.  For more about Got Craft? check out our interview with Andrea, preview upcoming events on their website, follow their Facebook page and meet them at Maker Faire.


Meet The Crafters: Heidi Liao, My Secret Cravings



After searching high and low for the perfect cake topper for her wedding cake and coming up empty, Heidi Liao decided to make her own using the clay molding skills she learned in pottery class. It was such a hit with family and friends that she decided to try her hand at making clay jewelry. Now Heidi specializes in handcrafting tiny food in jewelry form. I contacted her for a Q&A before her very first experience in the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. Here’s what she had to say about her craft.


SV: First off, why food? Are you a big foodie and wanted to bring that into your crafting?


HL: I was never a foodie growing up so it’s ironic that I decided to make food-themed jewelry. But I thought food is appealing to everybody, and it can be made to look so delicious! Making non-edible food is almost as good as making real food!


SV: Where do you get your inspiration?


HL: I get my inspiration mostly from bakery shops and Pinterest.


SV:  Once you decide on the treat, how long does it typically take you to make a piece? What’s your process?


HL: Initially, it takes me around 15-20 minutes to make each item. As I get more familiar with the colour and texture of the piece, it takes less time. I start each piece by mixing the colour of the clay. Then I start molding the clay to the shape I want and continue working at it until I get the proportion right. Once I’m happy with it, I send it to the toaster oven to bake. After baking, I let it cool and then put on toppings, if any, and then let it dry. Lastly, I finish with a glaze to seal the colour and apply any findings (if it’s a pair of earrings). Once that’s done, it’s packaged and then ready to be shipped to the customer.


SV: What’s your favourite piece in your collection?


HL: The mint chocolate ice cream cone stud earrings (below). I love the way the colour really stands out and I think they’re perfect for summer!

ice cream earrings

SV: Of course I have to ask — what’s your favourite secret craving?


HL: Even though I’m not a huge foodie, I really do love ice cream. My favourite ice cream flavours are matcha green tea and black sesame. And I also love anything potato, especially sour cream & onion chips and fries, of course!



Make sure you visit Heidi’s booth June 1-2 to check out all her adorable wares. You can also find her sweet treats on Etsy. Oh and don’t forget to get your tickets for Vancouver Mini Maker Faire!


*photos courtesy of Heidi Liao