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Seeking Makers to Participate in VMMF’s Textile Village


Calling all knitters, crocheters, weavers, spinners, dyers, yarn bombers, embroiderers, textile artists, guild members, fibre enthusiasts, and beyond! We’re building an open knitting area, and looking for makers to fill the space with enthusiasm and sample wares. In exchange for participating in a 4 hour shift during the weekend, you will receive weekend passes to the event. You don’t have to have expert skills or experience – you can come as you are with knitting needles in hand, or bring some equipment and do something more in-depth. Think of it as a really big “stitch and bitch.” Please fill out your information in this application form and I will be in touch.

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We Will give you Free Wool if you knit something awesome.

When it comes down to the last few weeks of a Maker Faire, you can get some unexpected surprises. This year, Granted Clothing was clearing out their warehouse, and asked our yarn bombing crew if we were interested in using some of their wool for a community project. They had mentioned they had roughly 400 pounds of wool (just for a visual, this is roughly 50 sheeps worth of wool) for us, and being the knitting fanatics that we are, of course we said yes!

We decided against doing a large-scale yarn bombing installation, mostly because the wool is just too nice – and we’d like to keep them to personal projects. So here’s the deal: Maker Faire will give you a free bolt of wool for any project you like, for keeps! but we would like to hear about, and display what it is you’re making. We will have a table at Maker Faire with all of the knitted creations on display, and all you have to do is bring your creation, and we’ll show it off, and give it back to you after the faire. We would also love to post process photos of what you’re making on our blog as well.
In order to sign up for this project, we’d like to ask that you pitch your project idea in this application form. Once you have submitted your idea, we will be in touch with pick-up location details, how to get photos of your work published on our blog, and how to get your work in display for the main event.

The wool they donated is beautiful. I believe it’s an icelandic sheep breed that is generally used to make cowichan sweaters (makes sense). For whatever reason, the yarn in these photos looks a bit purple-y, but it’s actually more of a deep navy. We also have a hunter green, and baby blue.


I’m not really sure how to represent just how much wool is donated, but I hope these photos give you an idea. We have a lot. My cat and I have already started getting fairly competitive over it, so I think this is a sign that it needs to go. So please, help us, and make something awesome for yourself, or a friend, and tell us about it!


Vancouver Mini Maker Faire at Got Craft?

This past Sunday, May 6th, Got Craft? put on an epic show. With over 50 colourful vendors and just over 1300 attendees, it was impressive that all that crafty cuteness could fit in one room. A job well done to the organizers, vendors, and everyone involved. My personal favourite: Rice Babies. So cute!

The Public Art Crew (Mike + Christina) were the masterminds behind our set-up. Mike brought out 2 tall bikes that he had built (Don’t forget to ‘like‘ the Art Bike Project on FB), which were such great substitutes to flimsy posters: He just rolled them in and it was like instant signage. Christina, Anna, and Kim all put their minds together, and pulled off some super fun yarn bombing outside of the front entrance. Check it out:

See those objects hanging off the pole? Those are recycled bottles that Christina has re-purposed and covered with crochet. She also put an old tank top to use, and used the materials to cover one of the art bikes.

A big thanks to Kim for coming out and helping out as well! Hai Kim!

Some of the details: Anna crocheted the flowers:

We had a few scraps left over that were knit up by Anna. I couldn’t help but use the remainder to yarn bomb part of the pakora truck. Thanks pakora guy! (Chris).


Knit or Crochet? Calling all Yarn Bombers!


Come help create fun public art to promote Vancouver Mini Maker Faire!

We’re looking for those of you who knit or crochet to help make the following projects happen:


Yarn Bombing Art Bikes

Immediately, we have tall-bikes from our Art Bike Project to yarn bomb and decorate by April 25. These will be on display at our next fundraiser on April 28, and locked to prominent bike racks around the city after that.


Yarn Bomb Sculptures

This is going to be an ongoing project, but the first installation will be on Sunday, May 6, for Got Craft?. We’ll be installing crochet/knit covered plastic bottle sculptures to telephone poles etc. along Commercial Drive leading up to the Royal Canadian Legion where the event will be held.


Yarn Donations

We have had some yarn donated, but we are going to need much more! So, if you have any spare bits in your yarn stash, please consider using them for these projects. And start saving your plastic bottles and containers, or grab them from your neighbour’s recycling bins!


To sign up, or for more details, contact Christina Norberg at


Photo credit: Knitta Please