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Meet our Sponsor: Microsoft

Logo MicroVancouver Mini Maker Faire would not be possible if it wasn’t for the help of our wonderful Sponsors. Our Sponsors are people who are just as passionate about the Maker movement as we are so it was fun to talk with Sergii of Microsoft about what they like about the Maker movement, Maker Faire and the awesome exhibit they are planning.

We’re so happy to have you on board this year as a Sponsor. What is it about Maker Faire that draws your organization?
Traditionally Maker Faire is a gathering of innovators, hobbyists and researchers, who have great potential and ability to realize it. The mission of Microsoft is to help people realize their potential. That’s why Maker Faire is a great place for us to help people find more ways to create something new that can change the world.

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Meet Your Makers: International Guild of Knot Tyers

CarolMaker Carol Wang of the International Guild of Knot Tyers – Pacific America Branch has been exhibiting at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire since its inception with her wide array of knots. As both tool and art, knot tying is one of humanity’s oldest skills, and Carol shows how it continues to feed, clothe and bind our world.

When did your love of knot tying begin?
When I was 10, I visited family in Taiwan and was given a book on Chinese knots, probably as a way to occupy my time.  This was very successful.

Knots are can be both functional and aesthetically-pleasing. Can you describe the aesthetic styles and where the inspiration for these styles originated?
The major decorative style known to the West is probably macramé which developed independently in Egypt, China and Peru.  The word “macramé” is Arabic in origin. Macramé takes a fairly small set of knots and ties them repeatedly in different patterns to give you anything from a friendship bracelet or a plant hanger to baskets or three dimensional sculptures.

The major decorative style known to the East is Chinese knotting.  Stylistically distinct variations have evolved in both Japan and Korea.  Chinese knotting in its basic form takes a single cord to tie one fairly involved knot.  The basic knots can be combined into even more complex compound knots.  Adding more decorative touches in other colours, of course, require more cords.

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Meet Your Makers: Make.Family.Fun

Xavier and his tangram

Xavier and his tangram

Sarah (an elementary school teacher) and Julian (a software developer) both love to create, and now with three kids, this family can often be found in the middle of creations, wires and chaos. Tristan, 11,  loves all things that shoot: potato cannons, marshmallow shooters, and especially Nerf. Liam, 9, loves mixing things together, especially if they catch fire or explode. And Xavier, 4,  likes to build things, especially if he can knock them down. Together as Make.Family.Fun, they want to inspire other families to start making.

What inspired you to start making with your family?
Julian grew up as a computer and electronics fanatic on an orchard in New Zealand, with a father who was a carpenter, and a mother who was an avid sewer and cook. Sarah grew up with do it yourself parents who sewed, canned, fixed, built and more. Sarah made kites, go karts and stop motion animations with her father, and puppets, stuffed animals, gardens and her own recipes with her mother. It was just second nature for us to start offering our own sons chances to create. Continue reading


The Hardest Working Makers This Weekend Will Be…

Just one more sleep until the 2014 Vancouver Mini Maker Faire! We’re so excited, and hope you are, too!

There are so many crazy and exciting things to dazzle Faire attendees that sometimes our most hard-working Makers go unappreciated – nearly unnoticed, sometimes, even. Nonetheless, they keep coming back year after year, and the Faire wouldn’t be the same without them. They each add something tangible to the flavour of the Faire, and they work hard all weekend long to make sure the rest of us -attendees and VMMF staff alike- have the most enjoyable weekend possible. You know who I’m talking about, right? Yes – our food vendors!

The 2014 VMMF sees the return of the food trucks who have supported us every year since we started, and some new ones, too!

varinicey-pakorasVarinicey (pronounce it VERY NICE ee) Pakoras is back, of course – the show wouldn’t be the same without them!  Their pakoras are vegan, gluten free, and delicious, making it easy to feed just about anybody.

taser-grilled-cheeseTaser Grilled Cheese is back to serve up the best gourmet grilled cheese in town!

serious-sausageAnother VMMF regular, Serious Sausage will serve up some… well, some serious sausage. 

Ze-BiteZe Bite will be at the show serving up their fantastic sandwiches (served on a baguette or a gluten-free crepe); if you’ve got a sweet tooth, their selection of sweet crepes is also sure to delight!

Treat yourself to a tasty snack that’s sweet, salty and oh-so healthy! Cup-A-Corn’s got six flavours to choose from, including Wasabi Ginger, Thai, Peanut Satay, Indian, Cinnamon Dessert and Classic (with lemon, salt, and pepper).


Johnny’s Pops sells handmade artisan popsicles out of an old-school bicycle-mounted cooler.

On-the-grindOn The Grind uses both pedal and solar power to bring you the finest grinds and tastiest treats!

Look for our awesome food vendors in the outdoor area of the Faire, on the west side of the building.