Cute and Cuddly DIY: Noortje de Keijzer’s Knitted Boyfriend

knitting post photo

Now here’s an appealing idea: Dutch artist Noortje de Keijzer took DIY to the next level and knit herself a life-sized man. Watch Noortje and “Arthur” spend a romantic day together:

MY KNITTED BOYFRIEND from Noortje de Keijzer on Vimeo.

Adorable, right?

De Keijzer talks about knitting a boyfriend to soothe her loneliness, and it makes perfect sense. We knit gloves to keep our hands warm and hats to keep our heads warm; why not knit a man to keep our hearts warm?

Noortje says that her knitted bf is the best because he likes to snuggle, makes her laugh, shares her interests, and more importantly, because he’ll never leave her. Man, this guy is a serious catch (even if he is inanimate).

Though her argument for a knitted man is a compelling one, sadly, this particular “relationship” just isn’t viable in the long run. Yes, it’s a great way to get some comfort after a break up, or for those stretches in between relationships, but in the end, we crave real, human contact. And unfortunately, a body pillow with a face won’t cut it when we need someone to really listen – and talk back – to us.

But hey, sometimes just the idea of something makes us feel better, so I admire her for using her DIY skills in such a thoughtful way.

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