Maker Spaces: Means of Production Artist Garden

Means of Production Garden or MOPARRC (Means Of Production Artist Raw Resource Collective) is a native plant garden and a terraced fruit orchard “creative commons” garden that cultivates materials for artists and art projects. The project started in 2002 with Oliver Kelhammer as lead artist, working with the Vancouver Parks Board and Community Arts Council of Vancouver funding the Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA) as a partner. The garden has provided artists with materials for basket weaving for the Urban Weaver Project, materials for natural dyeing, as well as wooden horned instruments, in the case of the Legion of Flying Monkeys. The garden is located at the corner of St. Catherines Street and East 6th Avenue. Located in central Vancouver, in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

Artist Projects from Garden Materials:
The Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra

The Urban Weaver Project

Natural Dye Experiments, Blue Mollusc