Maker Faire Calls for Street Team Volunteers

Spring is here! As the weather gets nicer, we know the more you want to be outside basking under the sun and enjoying good conversations with people. So why not be a street team volunteer for the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire this year and support your local community of awesome makers while doing so? All it takes is some comfy shoes, lovely smile (which you already got) and a little bit of your time.

If you’re unfamiliar with Maker Faire, it is one event where art intersects with science and craft intersects with utility in the most interesting ways. This year’s event features more than 100 innovative makers and talented performers with a myriad of skills and passions, from puppetry, to 3D printing, to quilting, to machinery and music making. And you, yes you (and maybe the person behind you), can help us spread the word out to get more people to come for this fun event!


Here’s the skinny:

  • Apply to be a Street Team volunteer (the coolest kind out there!)
  • We’ll email you back with an email detailing when and where you can pick up the posters and post cards (location will most likely be around Main St. and 8th)
  • You distribute about 100 posters and 500 post cards to cool shops in your chosen neighbourhood (don’t worry – they’ll go fast!)
  • You get a high five and a free ticket to attend Maker Faire!


See, it’s that easy! We’d love to poster every store of every corner by the beginning of May so don’t delay, sign up now!


Shoot me an email to if you have any question.