Meet Your Makers: Meredith Nicole’s Heirloom Quality Furniture

Shane Le Gresley interviewed Meredith Nicole, of Meredith Nicole Studio Furniture.


I read that you design and make handcrafted, heirloom-quality furniture. What makes a piece heirloom-quality?

An heirloom is more than just something old, it is a special object which has been selected to carry on a family legacy. I provide a service for people looking to invest in a unique piece of furniture that will enrich their journey. By using traditional and proven construction methods, I can guarantee a piece will hold up and  always be a part of ones family history.


What is your creative process when developing an idea?

I employ different methods depending on the situation. When I’m making a speculative piece, I let my imagination go and experiment with whatever strikes me. I have recently become enamored with the simple yet intimate designs produced by Scandinavian designers durning the 40’s and 50’s. I’m especially crazy about Finn Juhl so I made a chair based on one of his designs. That chair and one other Danish inspired piece will be on show at the Maker’s Faire.  For custom pieces, I work with clients and explore their values and dreams and that information becomes the inspiration. Once I’ve established what the goal of the piece is, I’m guided by my three musses: human stories, the materials with which I create, and the practice of exploration.


Some of the work on your website is somewhat quirky. There’s the table with the inlaid silver tank and a three-legged chair. Yet other pieces are quite classic. Is there a style that you identify more with?

Oddities capture my attention and I love to play. Through intentional exploration, I bring my own sense of quirkiness and originality to my works. I feel it’s a playfulness that complements the more formal aspect furniture has in our lives and I use this whenever I see it as being appropriate. But some pieces defy quirkiness soI don’t identify with one style more than another. I just follow the inspiration and see what happens.