Meet your Makers: Shannon Harvey of Monkey100

Shannon Harvey of Monkey100 and chalk xchange is a socially engaged artist, with a career spanning community murals, theatre, installation and artist residencies.  She sees Monkey100 as an extension of this work: an engagement through the arts to instigate dialogue and positive change. At Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, she will be leading a silkscreening workshop, and will have a selection of bamboo/cotton tshirts on display. Here’s a bit of what she has to say about Monkey100:



I created Monkey100 five years ago as a public art project. With a background in murals and collaborative projects, I was interested in finding ways to reach a wider audience on issues that were important to me. I chose the name Monkey100 based on the 100th monkey story which is essentially a parable of how critical mass is achieved. I loved the idea of every person’s potential to ‘be that 100th monkey’, the tipping point for massive social change.


As a kid, I had learned screen-printing from my Mother, and found it was a relatively inexpensive way to reproduce an image. I started with the Fossil Fuel Series of prints, illuminating the fossils behind our fuel. Over time, the designs have grown and expanded covering issues of local ecology and bicycle culture. I’ve sold and exhibited them at art markets, events, and stores throughout Vancouver. I’ve been inspired to keep going by the conversations the designs have sparked and the absolute love people have expressed for them.


Right now, I’m working on a series of silk-screened Animal Icon posters featuring portraits of local agricultural producers and the animals they work with. I’m also a Board member with the popular Eastside Culture Crawl, and have recently started a community arts space in Strathcona for people who want to share knowledge and make things together ( I’m looking for interested folks who would like to teach workshops or classes in any creative medium.


Shannon also runs a creative neighbourhood space in Strathcona, known as Chalk Xchange.  Workshops and classes are hosted in the spirit of promoting an exchange of ideas.  See some photos below and check out some of their upcoming classes and workshops.