Meet Your Sponsors: The Hackery

Local business The Hackery has stepped up to sponsor Mini Maker Faire Vancouver for the third year in a row. They’ve supported us from the very beginning, even down to donating meeting space in their sweet rabbit warren warehouse in East Vancouver in our first year.


David Repa, founder of The Hackery, has been involved in supporting community efforts to make technology more accessible and fun for a long time. “I think it’s really important to have family oriented, hands-on, engaging events like Mini Maker Faire. People have a place to inspire each other, and celebrate making things for the love of it. Hacking and building can be done in your garage alone for years, but meeting other people who get a kick out of your creation is a pretty special feeling. There’s massive creative energy all around Vancouver.”


The Hackery, in its fifth year of business, repairs, recycles and re-sells computer equipment. They also help local makers find used motors, fans, wire, and odd-ball parts for projects — at affordable cost (and sometimes free!).


The Hackery is also a leader in ethical electronic waste recycling. They employ local people to dismantle equipment right in their Vancouver facility, meaning a smaller carbon footprint. Recycling is done in accordance with the Basel Convention, and they do not ship unprocessed equipment overseas. Best of all, they prioritize repair over recycling whenever possible, reducing the need to  manufacture brand-new equipment; this decreases the environmental and human impact of mining for conflict metals required for electronics.


The Hackery also maintains a “Vintage Computer Museum” to preserve obsolete computer equipment for educational and esoteric purposes. Some of their oddities will be on display at this year’s Mini Maker Faire, including a teletype from 1954 and some vintage computers. Come say hello and thank them for helping make this year’s event happen!