Museum of Vancouver Youth Council Yarn Bombs

Happy International Yarn Bombing Day! In honour of International yarn bombing day, today’s feature is dedicated to the Museum of Vancouver’s Youth Council, Concrete Expression.


Museum of Vancouver Youth Council, Concrete Expression:

Combining street art, recycling, plastic bags, and the time-honoured tradition of yarnbombing, the Museum of Vancouver’s inaugural Youth Council brings their exhibit, Concrete Expressions, to Maker Faire Vancouver. An intensive group of young creative minds aged 16-18 from around Vancouver, members of the MOV Youth Council discussed ideas of sustainability, youth culture in Vancouver, and street art before coming up with the idea to ‘yarnbomb’ the iconic crab statue in front of the Museum of Vancouver. The Youth Council is excited share their exhibit, engage Vancouverites with their colourful 25-foot plastic yarn scarf, and provide demonstrations on how you can turn your own plastic bags into a recycled work of art.







Yarn Bombs away!