Meet your Makers: Rachael Ashe, Altered Book Workshops

For Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, Rachael will be displaying some of her recent altered book artwork made from old books and recycled materials. She will also be demonstrating some of the techniques she uses to make her book art, as well as paper cuts, and exploring making sculpture from the reclaimed cardboard of toilet paper rolls. Check out a timelapse of her work, and read a bit about what she has to say about her work below!


[flickr 5339916474 620 480]


My name is Rachael Ashe, and I am an emerging artist working in photography, collage, and altered books. I work on all of my projects in a small home studio located in East Vancouver.



Photography has always been my primary focus, but for the past couple of years I’ve been exploring paper-based art forms such as collage and book arts. I create fine art three-dimensional assemblage collage pieces that combine found objects, recycled paper, natural objects, etc. with old discarded books. These altered books are an endless source of fascination and inspiration for me because I feel there is an unlimited potential for creating interesting work by modifying books through cutting, folding, rolling, and collage.


Creating altered book art is as much about the process as it is about experimenting
with the materials I’ve used to create each work. I often start with a rough idea of something I wish to explore which can be inspired by the objects or materials I have on hand, or by ways in which I want to alter the pages of the book itself. The composition and material choices for each book evolves as I work on them, often over several days. It’s a process I find very stimulating.


Book arts have led me to explore using recycled paper materials in different ways in my work. An on-going project I have in development is to create a large-scale installation from cardboard toilet paper rolls. I was inspired by the work of Junior Fritz Jacquet and Yuken Teruya, two artists who create beautiful work from this material. They opened my eyes to the potential of making something wonderful from even the most mundane household object.


I have most recently exhibited my work at Container Art, the CreativeMix Conference, and during the 14th Annual Eastside Culture Crawl. I am currently working on a series of altered books inspired by fairy tales which will be on display at Seymour Gallery in June 2011.