Random Excellence: Maker Mentality Solved My Fashion Crisis


Do you have an awesome DIY quick-fix that made your day? Or something fun you plan to wear to Maker Faire?


Well, I do!


It all started when a dear friend gave me a beautiful pair of suede and leather boots, which came up beautifully over the knee, but when I wore them for longer than five minutes they would scrunch down all pirate-like and looked very sad and frumpy.



I almost gave them away, but then I had a thought. Why not MAKE them stay up. How?  By using the age-old technology of men’s sock garters.




If you don’t know what sock garters are, just think about how your socks would behave if they did not contain elastic.  Not very functional, right? Enter: sock garters.



Invented in the eighteenth century, prior to the widespread use of elastic, sock garters were essential to keep men’s socks from slumping.


Inspired by the very clever and inventive people at Craftzine, I decided to buy some elastic, cut it to fit the top of my calf, stitch it together, and sew a strip of leather inside my boot to hold it up.



It took a total of about 15 minutes to measure, cut and sew.



And… voila:



Perfection! The boots stay up all day! Plus, I feel secretly retro and fabulous because my boots contain the hidden power of sock garters.


Oh look, women are wearing them too!


At a total cost of about $6 (elastic, thread and small leather strips) this is a DIY project worth spreading. Plus, it really helped me get into the maker mindset: problem solving, crafting, and making something function exactly as I want.


So what have you made? Show us! Break out your best DIY threads at Maker Faire on June 23 and 24th and spread that inspiration!