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Meet Your Makers: Anderson Prototypes

002Jim of Anderson Prototypes has been exhibiting at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire for the past three years. He can build almost anything with his CNC milling machines and you’ll get to see that at his exhibit. It takes a truck with a crane just to get these massive machines to the PNE Forum, but he loves the Maker community.

What do you Make?
I am a creator of fine crafted and machined components and assemblies, as well as as custom machinery.

What are you exhibiting at this year’s Faire?
I am having a live CNC Milling Demonstration. Using 2 industrial quality CNC milling machines that were taken right off my businesses floor. We will be cutting wood products, so we don’t have to worry about the safety issues with milling steel, and the hot chips it produces.

Picture 130

Every year, I hear that you have to bring in a truck with a crane to transport your CNC milling machines to the PNE. What is a CNC milling machine and how does it work?
True, I have a HIAB crane-truck that transports these machines. Milling machines are tools designed to machine metal, wood, and other materials. With the use of a CNC (computor numerical control) control the machine can dynamically move the cutting tool and the work, to create a unique feature, and then do it repeatedly if desired. Programmed in a machine code language, the machine gets orders in short sentence instructions. This program might have 50,000 individual instructions for the machine to perform in one program, and possibly 100s of programs to run in a specific order and with specific tools to accomplish a finish part. Its almost limitless what you can create with these CNC machines.
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Meet Our Sponsor: SFU School of Interactive Arts and Technology

sfu siat
Vancouver Mini Maker Faire would not be possible if it wasn’t for the help of our wonderful Sponsors. Our Sponsors are people who are just as passionate about the Maker movement as we are so it was fun to talk with Andrea of SFU SIAT about what they like about the Maker movement, Maker Faire and the awesome exhibit they are planning.

We’re so happy to have you on board this year as a Sponsor. What is it about Maker Faire that draws your organization?
Maker Faire allows us to see what others in the making industry are doing. It perfectly brings together Makers who are at the forefront of new technologies. It allows us to see new ideas and meet the changemakers together in one location.

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Meet Your Makers: Heike Kapp, Found-Object Sculptor

Maker Heike Kapp is an artist of the truest sense. If you have been to Vancouver Mini Maker Faire in the past, you might remember her amazing glass marbles. Since then, Heike has shifted focus to her found-object sculptures that incorporate driftwood, photo transfers, flameworked glass and wire-work into what she calls Sea Creatures.  We spoke with Heike about her shift in project, her creative process and how she stays inspired as a Maker.

Photo Credit: Joshua McVeity

Photo Credit: Joshua McVeity

Have you always been a Maker?
I feel I was born a maker. My parents were makers before that was even a term, so I think it’s in my blood. My earliest memory is making a water wheel with my Opa, in the Bavarian Alps, with his trusty Swiss Army knife (which I still own).

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Interview with Lisa Corriveau of Spokesmama

squareHEADSHOTLisa Corriveau created the blog Spokesmama as a place to write about life, family, DIY projects, cycling, and engaging in her community. As a fan of Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, we invited her to partner with us this year as a Blog Ambassador, and she has been writing about her interest in the Maker community.

You write about cycling, DIY and parenting on your blog Spokesmama. What inspires you about this project?
I love doing things myself, from sewing clothing, to making my own deodorant, to biking as my main form of transportation. There’s something really satisfying about making something with your own hands & getting yourself around using your body. I love to share what I’ve learned with other people & I hope to inspire other families to ride bikes more often.

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