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Meet Your Makers: Heike Kapp, Found-Object Sculptor

Maker Heike Kapp is an artist of the truest sense. If you have been to Vancouver Mini Maker Faire in the past, you might remember her amazing glass marbles. Since then, Heike has shifted focus to her found-object sculptures that incorporate driftwood, photo transfers, flameworked glass and wire-work into what she calls Sea Creatures.  We spoke with Heike about her shift in project, her creative process and how she stays inspired as a Maker.

Photo Credit: Joshua McVeity

Photo Credit: Joshua McVeity

Have you always been a Maker?
I feel I was born a maker. My parents were makers before that was even a term, so I think it’s in my blood. My earliest memory is making a water wheel with my Opa, in the Bavarian Alps, with his trusty Swiss Army knife (which I still own).

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Meet Your Speakers: John Biehler of 3D604

VIA_Biehler_headJohn Biehler bought his first 3D printer after seeing a demonstration on the Colbert Report. Since then he’s founded 3D604, a local 3D printing hobby group that has also acted as an incubator for companies producing 3D printers. He has written books on 3D printing and become an international authority on the topic. Andrew Macquistan spoke to John about the Vancouver 3D-printing scene. We spoke to him about 3D printing and what his group 3D604 will be doing at this year’s Faire.

AM: How did you get into 3D printing?
JB: My origin story — in 2009, I was at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. Bree Pettis and the MakerBot team brought their prototype 3D printer to an event. That was my first exposure to the technology. The MakerBot was the first machine that was approachable from the average person’s standpoint when it came out. Continue reading


Knit or Crochet? Calling all Yarn Bombers!


Come help create fun public art to promote Vancouver Mini Maker Faire!

We’re looking for those of you who knit or crochet to help make the following projects happen:


Yarn Bombing Art Bikes

Immediately, we have tall-bikes from our Art Bike Project to yarn bomb and decorate by April 25. These will be on display at our next fundraiser on April 28, and locked to prominent bike racks around the city after that.


Yarn Bomb Sculptures

This is going to be an ongoing project, but the first installation will be on Sunday, May 6, for Got Craft?. We’ll be installing crochet/knit covered plastic bottle sculptures to telephone poles etc. along Commercial Drive leading up to the Royal Canadian Legion where the event will be held.


Yarn Donations

We have had some yarn donated, but we are going to need much more! So, if you have any spare bits in your yarn stash, please consider using them for these projects. And start saving your plastic bottles and containers, or grab them from your neighbour’s recycling bins!


To sign up, or for more details, contact Christina Norberg at cnorberg@makerfaire.ca.


Photo credit: Knitta Please