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Meet Our Sponsor: SFU School of Interactive Arts and Technology

sfu siat
Vancouver Mini Maker Faire would not be possible if it wasn’t for the help of our wonderful Sponsors. Our Sponsors are people who are just as passionate about the Maker movement as we are so it was fun to talk with Andrea of SFU SIAT about what they like about the Maker movement, Maker Faire and the awesome exhibit they are planning.

We’re so happy to have you on board this year as a Sponsor. What is it about Maker Faire that draws your organization?
Maker Faire allows us to see what others in the making industry are doing. It perfectly brings together Makers who are at the forefront of new technologies. It allows us to see new ideas and meet the changemakers together in one location.

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Meet Your Makers: Max Hynes

Max HynesImagine a sunny spring morning, perfect for yard work. You’re just getting ready to mow the lawn when you hear a leaf blower down the street. The sound becomes louder and closer and when you look up, a six year old boy whizzes past, the leaf blower duct taped to his bike, pointed toward the black top. Sounds unbelievable, but it’s exactly what Max Hynes, one of the young makers participating at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire this year, actually did. Today, Max is 13 years old and he’s excited to share what he’s been making and we were equally excited to ask him a few questions about his projects.


 One of Max’s project designs–the Cryocooler.

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Interview with Crystal Allen and Karen Bannister of Hello Creative Family

CK-rounded_cornersCrystal Allen and Karen Bannister joined forces to create Hello Creative Family, an online magazine for parents looking to ignite their creative passion. They want other parents to live, love and teach the handmade, homemade and heart-made lifestyle. As fans of Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, we asked them to partner with us as a Blog Ambassador and they have been sharing about how families should consider making.

What inspires you about the project, Hello Creative Family?
We love learning what inspires people to do what they do, and where that creative juice comes from. we were both raised in creative households watching our parents spend their free time working on creative projects. Crystal says, “the greatest compliment you can pay me is that I, or my children are creative.” The idea that we may inspire parents to get creative again and raise their kids in a creative home is the thing that excites us the most about Hello Creative Family.

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Interview with Barbara Borchardt of ILiveInEastVan

LinkedInPhoto2011Barbara Borchardt is the creator of ILiveInEastVan, a blog that highlights the art, food, culture, and community of East Vancouver. As a fan of Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, we asked Barbara to partner with us as a Blog Ambassador and she is writing about the awesome Maker community that surrounds our home grounds, the PNE Forum.

Your write about East Van in your blog ILiveInEastVan. What inspires you about this project?
I grew up in East Vancouver and love the culture, community and diversity within this area. I tried on a few different areas of the Lower Mainland in my early 20s, but didn’t find the same sense of community living in other areas. East Van has been considered to be more ‘working class’ and I  have over the years found myself defending East Van as a choice of where to live. I think East Van has so much to offer and is an evolving area. I enjoy showcasing all the things that make it a great place to live and work.

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