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Meet Your Makers: Barry Shell of Perfumes by Hido


Hannah Miller interviewed perfumer Barry Shell.


Barry Shell Amateur Perfumer


A organic chemist turned perfumery hobbyist, Barry Shell will be bringing his extensive collection of natural essential oils and other odorous compounds to VMMF. Barry introduced me to olfactory stimuli I’d never even heard of, let alone smelt – including something made from whale poop! Look for his booth this weekend so that you can make your own custom perfume sample, instead of just listening to me smell mine in the clip below.



One final question: Is there a scent that you wish you could bottle?


Sure, there’s tonnes of them. You know when you go on a hot summer day to a lake in the mountains and the rocks and the moss are sort of baking in the sun…you know, that smell.



If you’re interested in Barry’s comments about our inability to digitise smell, he’s written a great article on it here.