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Meet Your Makers: Max Hynes

Max HynesImagine a sunny spring morning, perfect for yard work. You’re just getting ready to mow the lawn when you hear a leaf blower down the street. The sound becomes louder and closer and when you look up, a six year old boy whizzes past, the leaf blower duct taped to his bike, pointed toward the black top. Sounds unbelievable, but it’s exactly what Max Hynes, one of the young makers participating at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire this year, actually did. Today, Max is 13 years old and he’s excited to share what he’s been making and we were equally excited to ask him a few questions about his projects.


 One of Max’s project designs–the Cryocooler.

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Interview with Lisa Corriveau of Spokesmama

squareHEADSHOTLisa Corriveau created the blog Spokesmama as a place to write about life, family, DIY projects, cycling, and engaging in her community. As a fan of Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, we invited her to partner with us this year as a Blog Ambassador, and she has been writing about her interest in the Maker community.

You write about cycling, DIY and parenting on your blog Spokesmama. What inspires you about this project?
I love doing things myself, from sewing clothing, to making my own deodorant, to biking as my main form of transportation. There’s something really satisfying about making something with your own hands & getting yourself around using your body. I love to share what I’ve learned with other people & I hope to inspire other families to ride bikes more often.

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Meet Your Makers: Make.Family.Fun

Xavier and his tangram

Xavier and his tangram

Sarah (an elementary school teacher) and Julian (a software developer) both love to create, and now with three kids, this family can often be found in the middle of creations, wires and chaos. Tristan, 11,  loves all things that shoot: potato cannons, marshmallow shooters, and especially Nerf. Liam, 9, loves mixing things together, especially if they catch fire or explode. And Xavier, 4,  likes to build things, especially if he can knock them down. Together as Make.Family.Fun, they want to inspire other families to start making.

What inspired you to start making with your family?
Julian grew up as a computer and electronics fanatic on an orchard in New Zealand, with a father who was a carpenter, and a mother who was an avid sewer and cook. Sarah grew up with do it yourself parents who sewed, canned, fixed, built and more. Sarah made kites, go karts and stop motion animations with her father, and puppets, stuffed animals, gardens and her own recipes with her mother. It was just second nature for us to start offering our own sons chances to create. Continue reading


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