Vancouver Mini Maker Faire is Looking for Organizers!

Are you a people person? Are you passionate about grassroots movements, Maker Culture and DIY? Do you have any experience organizing and co-ordinating large groups of people? (Anywhere from 30-200)? If so, we want to hear from you!

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire is gearing up for 2013 and we are looking for a Volunteer Co-ordinator, Programming Co-ordinator and Performer Co-ordinator. If you are interested in any of these roles, please submit a resume and coverletter to titled, “I want to help Organize Vancouver Mini Maker Faire!”

******Applications Due: Wednesday, March 20th at midnight.*****

Volunteer Coordinator

(Honorarium for this Role)
• Main contact for volunteer queries
• Uses consistent and effective communication, both online and in-person, to keep volunteers engaged and happy

• Sends introductory email to past volunteers and short form registrants, letting them know details of this year’s Faire and that Volunteer Registration is open
• Processes volunteer applications as they come in
• Forwards relevant volunteer info to Media & Promotions Coordinator, Street Team Leader, Public Art Coordinator
• Creates and shares a volunteer hours tracking form for pre-event Coordinators
• Conducts public outreach to schools and relevant associations to recruit volunteers
• Coordinates orientation meetings in consultation with Logistics Coordinator
• In consultation with Logistics Coordinator & Maker Coordinator, and using template provided by Logistics Coordinator, creates Volunteer Schedule
• Using suggestions from last year’s Volunteer Coordinator report, assigns Team Leaders
• Emails Volunteer Schedule and Volunteer Information package to volunteers
• Oversees coordination of Volunteer & Maker Appreciation Party (assigning a TL to handle the actual event)
• Coordinates volunteers on weekend of event
• Provides volunteers with letters of recognition, as requested, in a timely manner
• Sends Volunteer Survey Form to volunteers; collates results
• Completes volunteer evaluation forms
• Completes Volunteer Coordinator Final Report and Event Post-Mortem in a timely manner

Programming Coordinator

(Volunteer Role)

• Seek out interesting and engaging individuals and groups to provide workshops and demonstrations at Vancouver Mini Maker Fair and special events prior to VMMF
• Contact interested participants and groups who have submitted Maker applications (forwarded from Maker Coordinator)
• Working with the Maker Coordinator, create schedule for workshops/demos/performance
• Act as Stage Manager/Host for workshop stage
(Volunteer Role)

Performer Coordinator

(Volunteer Role)
• Reports to Programming Coordinator
• Contact last year’s performers to see if they are interested in participating in this year’s Faire
• Actively seek out possible new performers
• Act as Stage Manager/Host for performance stage
(Volunteer Role)