2014 Makers

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Meet Our 2014 Makers:


3D604-photo 3D604.org is an online community of more than 250 3D printing enthusiasts from around the Lower Mainland. The group meets regularly to share knowledge and tips about 3D printing, and to help each other build and maintain their 3D printers. Membership to 3D604.org is free and open to anyone.

African Fair Trade Society

AFTS-photo The African Fair Trade Society imports raw shea butter from Senegal and Guinea, and then uses the butter to produce soap, shampoo, and skin lotion right here in Vancouver in an environmentally sensitive manner, and without animal testing. These products are packaged, and then marketed throughout British Columbia and Alberta via trade shows, the internet, and local community programs. The AFTS uses the profits of their shea butter sales to channel micro-aid to small, impoverished communities in Western Africa. They distribute money and resources without patronage or privilege, and towards any sector or group within the village. They target funds towards those most in need without bias. Their goal is to invest in the Health and Education infrastructure of rural villages in West Africa. Look for them in the VMMF Marketplace.

Alie & Droid Studios

alie-&-droid-photo Margarita Hobbes is the talent behind Alie & Droid Studios. She started her artistic career as a young child, drawing and selling comics to her friends, and then moved on to creating oil and acrylic paintings. A graduate of Vancouver Film School’s New Media Program, Margarita worked for a few years in graphic design, film and software. In addition to making Alie & Droid’s fresh and funky products, Margarita is currently focused on painting mixed media pet portraits and creating, embellishing, and decorating household items such as glass lamps and cushion covers. Look for Alie & Droid in the VMMF Marketplace.

Anderson Prototypes

Anderson-Prototypes-photo Anderson Prototypes is a Port Moody-based producer of fine-machined parts, components and assemblies. They mix cutting-edge design methodology, machining, rapid prototyping technologies, and a flair for out-of-the-box thinking to accomplish the impossible. They are interested in helping the planet through the development of “Green” Technologies.With the use of CNC machines (Computer Numerical Controlled) and manual machines (vertical mill machines, engine lathes equipped with digital readouts, Rapid Prototyping Machines, and many others) they consistently craft quality components using a wide variety of materials.

Arts Umbrella: Eco Art

Arts-Umbrella-photo Arts Umbrella is a not-for-profit arts education centre for children and youth ages 2-19. Arts Umbrella is committed to delivering the highest quality visual and performing arts education to young people, regardless of their socio-economic circumstances. Since its inception by five young artistic parents in 1979 with only 45 students, Arts Umbrella has maintained a trail-blazing, forward-looking and community-focused spirit. It has grown consistently and now reaches more than 21,500 children and youth annually through tuition-based and free-of-charge outreach programs.

ASIS&T @ UBC: Readers’ Advisory Fortune Teller

ASIS&T-photo ASIS&T at UBC is the student version of  ASIS&T (The Association of Information, Science, & Technology), an organization that brings together technical specialists, librarians, researchers, and business professionals. It focuses on educating future librarians about new technologies in the fields of communications, library and information sciences. The group is currently made up of members of the UBC iSchool/SLAIS (School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies).

BC Libraries Cooperative: MakerBrarians

Library-Co-op-photo BC Libraries Cooperative is a community enterprise and resource for 100 library institutional members -they help libraries help people! The Cooperative is supportive of the needs of libraries, and is committed to fostering the sharing of ideas via the library. They guide and support their membership through times of unprecedented technological change by identifying, developping, and investing in new opportunities collectively. BC Libraries Cooperative is interested in the MakerBrarian projects that are underway and excited about the future of Makerspaces in libraries.

BC Meccano Club

 Meccano-Club-photo The BC Meccano Club was founded in 1981 as a loose organization of Meccano enthusiasts. Collectively, their members have in their ownership Meccano sets ranging from those issued in the early 1900s to present-day sets. The group of Meccano model builders, set collectors, and literature collectors meet several times a year, and have built projects for display at the PNE and other public venues. They are loosely affiliated with the Canadian Modeling Association for Meccano and Allied Systems.


BCRadioSport-photo BCRadioSport is a group of people interested in the competition elements and equipment construction aspects of Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF). Members of the group have built transmitters, receivers, and antennas and competed in local and international competitions. In this age of cellphones and cheap consumer electronics, many of us have lost interest in how things work. Radio orienteering provides an opportunity for Do-It-Yourself construction and experimentation, fresh air and excercise, map-reading and socializing, and messing around to try to change the laws of physics.

Before Technology Limited: Microappliances

microappliance-photo Before Technology Limited has been a contract technology developer since the 1980s. They design electronics, embedded systems, and software for a wide variety of applications.

Blu Pixie

Blu-Pixie-photo Angel Ponte started building costumes and accessories for festivals and masquerades, and progressed to creating a line of clothing that can be worn on big city streets, in a small town, or to a wickedly wild spiral dance. She finds new forms of expression through fashion inspired by faery and elf themes, with a touch of tribal. Her passion is reclaiming beautiful materials and organics and turning them into them wearable art. She uses organic materials, vegan fibers, and previously-used recycled materials. She’s educated in metal/silversmithing, and possesses a degree in graphic & fine arts.

Brandon Lisik: Fantasy Armour in Copper

Brandon-Lisik-photo A long-time fan of both video games like World of Warcraft and tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons, Brandon Lisik has always been fascinated by the artistic styles of his favourite games and models his own work after them.

Brian Oblivian Archer: Inkthink

Brian-Archer-photo Brian Archer is a cartoonist and a language tutor with multiple projects on the go, including a wordless-picture-dictionary-info-graphic-diagram-cartoon-of-the-human-language-meme. He is also a long-time tinker who has built many DIY instruments and musical automatons.

Camera Buildings: Tiny Houses and Small Spaces

 Camera-Buildings-photo Building tiny houses and small spaces in Vancouver, Camera Buildings is a startup created to redefine housing. By focusing on sustainability and good design, Camera Buildings tiny houses offer beautiful spaces to live in a compact, affordable, and sustainable way.

Chickadee Family Bakery

 Chickadee-Bakery-photo Chickadee Family Bakery is a Coquitlam-based mom-and-pop bakery founded in early 2012. They’ve perfected the art of teamwork: Mom bakes, Dad packages -and the kids taste test! They bake and sell delicious all-butter sweet and savoury treats.

Dalliance & Design

Dalliance-&-Design-photo Dalliance & Design specializes in hand-crafted artisan jewelry designed with beauty and inspiration in mind. Using natural products such as gemstones, pearls, and shells, Megan Camp creates hand-crafted artisan jewelry that portrays an earthy feel with urban functionality and flare. She’s lived her life between Vancouver Island and Vancouver, and her designs reflect these two lifestyles. Each unique piece is designed with beauty and inspiration in mind, and every facet of the design, from the pendant to the clasp, is carefully chosen. Megan loves making artisan jewelry as it provides a simple way to display an artistic piece that speaks to you. Inspiration leads to her designs, and she hopes that her designs in turn inspire you!

Dan Royer: Marginally Clever

Marginally-Clever-photo Dan started out making video games, then moved on to medical training tools, and finally settled in robotics. His goal is to make an open-source industrial robotic arm for small scale manufacturing.

David Clement: VR Headset Exploration

David-Clement-photo David Clement is a 30 year veteran of the computer graphics industry with a background in optics, and has been a part of the 3D printing and home-brew revolution for some time. Excited by the re-emergence of VR and the Oculus Rift, he’s working hard to take VR headsets to the next level. He’ll be showing various incarnations of VR headsets that he’s built, and allowing the public to try out his latest version. His initial focus is on the physical comfort and the design of the headset, and he’s continuing to improving the optics and internal electronics. David will also be displaying some of the custom tools and technologies that he’s developed in order to build his VR helmets.

Deer Crossing the Art Farm

DCAF-photo Art + Nature = Change. The Art Farm creates change in peoples’ lives and communities by facilitating this equation through residencies, workshops, productions, festivals, outreach, and education. Founded on five acres of traditional Squamish territory just north of Gibsons BC, the Art Farm movement brings arts and nature-based innovators together with people devoted to change – to dialogue, to reflect, and to share ideas, energy, resources, and skills in order to make change happen.
The Art Farm is also the driving force behind Synchronicity, a Sunshine Coast-based multidisciplinary arts festival. In an outdoor setting, Synchronicity sets the stage for musicians, artisans, and visual and performing artists to engage with their community. A place where ‘everyone can participate’, Synchronicity promotes a relationship between artists and volunteers, supporters and vendors, audience and workshop facilitators.

Devil May Wear

DMW-photo Founded in 2003 by the ever-moving, ever-doing, ever-creating Stephanie Ostler at the tender young age of 17, Devil May Wear has grown from a small, home-based wholesale operation to an established business with two retail locations and a wide range of wholesale clients around the globe. With the help of a small and talented staff, Ostler designs and mnufactures a plethora of different clothing, lingerie, jewelry, and kitsch at Devil May Wear’s East Van studio.

DIY or Die!!!

DIY-or-Die-photo We’re all very good at encouraging children to try new things, learn new skills, and make new friends, but the importance of those things doesn’t end when we grow up! Too often, we get bogged down by everyday life and forget about the joy of making something just because we want to. DIY or Die!!! aims to rekindle your enthusiasm for all things “makey” by pairing some of Vancouver’s most interesting and talented makers, artists, and DIYers with venues throughout the city to offer a diverse range of classes and workshops. They launched in 2010 with a range of felting and sewing classes, and have since added soap making, candle making, scrapbooking, embroidery, and lots of other fun and awesome things to their list of available classes.

eatART: Black Ghost Electric Bike Car


The Black Ghost Electric Bike Car is a mobile, highly interactive art piece which tightens the loop of electricity production and consumption. It allows riders to travel great distances using pedal power and optional electric assistance from hub motors built into the rear wheels. Furthermore, the Bike Car doubles as a pedal-powered electricity generation and storage station. The bike car allows participants, spectators, and entertainers to connect with one another using energy as a medium for interaction and excitement!

It is hard to fathom our modern world without a stable energy supply. With energy’s ease of use and availability, we often forget the cost our consumption has has on our environment. By putting electricity production at a human scale, our hope is that the Black Ghost will excite and inspire others to learn more about sustainable and clean energy.

eatART: Prosthesis


Prosthesis is an independent art project by Jonathan Tippett, co-creator of The Mondo Spider. It is a 5m tall, 3000kg, four-legged wearable walking machine, powered by a cutting-edge, modular, expandable hybrid-electric powerplant. Prosthesis uses this power to amplify the pilots movements through a full body, on-board exo-skeletal interface. The machine has no computerized control system or giros and is entirely dependent on the skill of the pilot to operate properly.  The pilot’s skill and the config-uration of the power system all contribute to the machines overall efficiency. This relationship reminds us, in very immediate way, how our use of technology can convert small acts in to movements of great consequence.

The first stage of the project is “The Alpha Leg“, which is a 2:3 scale prototype leg which is being used for engineering devel- opment and pilot training.  It has be constructed by the team and will be developed until it reaches a performance level suitable to scale up to the full machine.

eatART: Titanoboa

titanoboa Titanoboa is an independent project supported by eatART to reincarnate the ancient 50ft serpent rendered extinct by past climate change. The project is a vehicle to provoke discussion about climate change in a historical context, and to enable learning through the creation of a technical marvel. Titanoboa is an experiment with mind-boggling modes of propulsion, and restores life to a terrifying beast the likes of which the world has not seen for 60 million years. Dare to ride the snake and look towards the uncertain future of our beloved planet.

eBoy: Hello Pixel

eBoy-photo eBoy (“Godfathers of Pixel”) is an art group founded in 1997 by Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and Svend Smital. eBoy creates modular pixel objects and uses them to build complex and extensible artwork. eBoy has worked with many internationally renowned artists and brands.

Electronic Geocaching in BC!

BCGA-photo Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the container (geocache) hidden at that location. Geocaches can be found all over the world. It is common for geocachers to hide caches in locations that are important to them, reflecting a special interest or skill of the cache owner. The locations of geocaches can be quite diverse – they may be at your local park, at the end of a long hike, underwater, or on the side of a city street.
The makers (Kevin and Steve) for this event have created numerous electronic puzzles for use in geocaching, and welcome people to drop by their booth to try out the puzzles, learn about geocaching, and perhaps give geocaching a try for the first time. Kevin and Steve are avid Geocachers and local makers, and active members of Vancouver Hackspace. Kevin is a director of the BC Geocaching Association.

Elgin Vine Handmade

Elgin-Vine-photo Elgin Vine isn’t really happy unless he has a project on-the-go… A couple of years ago, he was between art projects and decided to play around with some leather scraps he had acquired. Before he knew it, he’d made his first leather wallet, and had fallen in love with the feel and smell of leather -and thus was born a mild obsession! Since then, he’s acquired the tools and some of the skills of a traditional leatherworker, and continues to work on new designs and to dream up new things to make!

Embrace Vancouver

Embrace-photo Embrace Vancouver is a team of local, dedicated individuals – artists, engineers, builders, designers, and more – working together to bring a large-scale art project to life. They are the Vancouver contingent of the Pier Group, an international arts group whose previous installations include The Nest, The Net of Recollection, The Pier, Pier 2, Couch Train, and Ichthyosaur Puppet Project.

Enterprising Women Making Art

EWMA-photo Blending art, community, and social entrepreneurship, EWMA works with emerging women artists and artisans in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to participate in a democratic and equitable social enterprise that coordinates the pooling of resources to produce and market women’s visual art and handmade products, to develop an alternative form of business or employment that is grounded in the needs and realities of participants. Look for their jewelry, paintings, art cards, headbands, dream catchers, and pottery in the VMMF Marketplace.

Epilog Laser

Epilog-Laser-photo Epilog Laser is the leading designer and manufacturer of CO2 and fiber laser engraving, cutting, and marking systems used extensively in the Maker community. Their powerful, easy-to-use systems make it easy for makers and inventors to cut parts, and to engrave logos, photos, and 3D models at the touch of a button! Epilog Laser will be demonstrating the latest laser technology for attendees at the VMMF. Stop by their booth for hands-on demonstrations illustrating the laser’s cutting and engraving applications. They’ll also have laser engraved and cut samples to give away to attendees!

Frederica Panon: Light Curves Among Us

Frederica-Panon-photo Frederica Panon is a newcomer to the Maker scene, though she had a good grounding as a child with Lego (before all the fancy parts came along) and crochet. And drawing – lots of drawing. Winning an egg drop contest (the egg survived a one-storey drop) with just yarn made her realize that there are unexplored, funky possibilities out there. Even better if they involve metallurgy (soldering) and chemistry (resin mixing). Perhaps even lasers, but that’s for future endeavours. Baby first steps.

Gearbots: Robo Lego

Gearbots-photo Siblings Jessi and Joshua Langager are enthusiastic participants of GearBots, a robotic engineering program for kids created by Abbotsford robotics teacher Dereck Dirom. They have competed three times in the BC Skills Canada Competition – in fact, this spring the talented duo took home the Gold Medal in the Junior Gearbots Engineering category for their skill at programming their NXT Mindstorms Robot to do missions!

George Liem (AKA Sjors): Paper Hatz

George-Liem-photo Drop by Sjors’ booth to make and decorate a paperbag hat! Tonnes of fun for young and old alike. Be creative, be bold, be colourful, be sparkly, be minimal – it’s all up to you! This is low-tech fun; no app required.

Grin Technologies

Grin-Technologies-photo Have you every seen an electric unicyle? Do you want to ride an electric skateboard? What about taking an electric bike for a spin? Well, this is your chance! Visit the Grin Technologies e-Playground space and learn not only about electric bike technology, but also why they named named their company GRIN! Stop by and take a ride – you are guaranteed to smile!

Heike Kapp Glass

Heike-Kapp-photo Heike Kapp is a glass artist working in Vancouver, BC, who creates glass marbles. This type of glasswork, known as lampworking or flameworking, uses the technical aspects of manipulating molten borosilicate glass rods in the flame of a torch to create striking and eclectic one-of-a-kind pieces. Heike’s main influences are Canada’s beautiful West Coast, and the ocean and its teeming life.Heike was a quilter for many years and enjoyed the tactile and three-dimensional aspects of textile art very much. After taking courses with Vancouver glass artist Joanne Andrighetti, she started incorporating her own soft-glass beads in her work, but was more and more drawn to the sculptural and magnifying properties of clear borosilicate glass. After further educating herself by taking courses with Braden Hammond and John Kobuki, Heike now creates glass marbles exclusively. She sells her glass pieces at fairs and online, and her goal is to create objects that enrich the owner’s life.

HPlus Technologies Ltd: Project Holofy

HPlus-photo Project Holofy is all about bridging a gap between physical and digital, man and machine, intuition and information. It’s a 360 degree, interactive, simulated holographic experience that can track user position in 3D space using sensor fusion data from their smartphones. Through the sense of space, virtual characters inside a hologram can create symbiotic relationship with real humans. This way humans feel more connected to the information they are accessing.

Ian Wojtowicz: BookNodes

Ian-Wojtowicz-photo Ian Wojtowicz graduated from MIT with a Masters in Art, Culture and Technology. His work has exhibited internationally in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Cyprus, New York, Boston, Montréal and Vancouver, and has been nominated for Genie, Emmy and Webby Awards. He received an MIT Fellowship Award in 2011, and a project he was part of was featured in Wired Magazine as early as 1997. Ian holds a patent in mobile software, and was the Founding Editor of International Teletimes, one of the first cultural magazines published online (pre-dating the World Wide Web). He has taught at Emily Carr University and MIT.

iDESIGN Solutions

iDESIGN-photo iDESIGN Solutions (iDESIGN) is a value-added reseller of technology for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) education. The company sells 2D and 3D design software, VEX Robotics Classroom Kits & Parts, 3D Printers, teacher training, and much more.

International Guild of Knot Tyers

IGKT-PAB-photo The International Guild of Knot Tyers – Pacific Americas Branch is an educational, not-for-profit organization dedicated to furthering interest and practice in practical, recreational, and theoretical aspects of knotting. Their aim is to preserve traditional knotting techniques and promote the development of new techniques for new material and applications. They’ll be bringing lots of string (and some wire!) tied in a variety of different knots, as well as practical, hands-on learning displays, inspirational decorative works, and make-and-take project supplies and instructions.

IoT Design Shop

IoT-Design-Shop-photo Vancouver-based IoT Design Shop is a leader in the development of Internet of Things (IoT) related technology. They’re dedicated to bringing a number of solutions to market in 2014, including Bluetooth Low Energy devices, proximity systems, and wearables. Their products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in their office, right here in the Lower Mainland. They’ll be at VMMF demonstrating their beacon technologies, including beacon development kits, in-home beacon kits, and their ConnectionMaker indoor location system. ConnectionMaker will be installed throughout VMMF; attendees will be able to download the ConnectionMaker app from the app store and then use it to locate and identify other people who are using the app.


iHive_JOOM-photo Vancouver-based JOOM Inc. is passionate about advancing the Additive Manufacturing industry through initiatives that include publications, research, and a user-driven 3D-printing learning and design website where participants can trade and share designs and challenges. JOOM founder Dr. Paul Tinari (P.Eng., PH.D., and Futurist) has been engaged in 3D printing for six years. Commonly known by his followers as “Dr. Future”, Dr. Tinari will be present at the Faire to sign copies of his newly released book, The JOOM Destiny – How 3D Printing Will Revolutionize Your World.

Karl Brown: Build a Rubber-Band-Powered Flying Model Airplane

Karl-Brown-photo Karl Brown is a 59 year old maker, father, teacher, musician, electronics specialist, baker, programmer, sculptor, roboticist, massage therapist, and storyteller. He makes his money by doing odd jobs (but only if they are odd enough), and he makes his living by making things. His past achievements include an award-winning robot, and the world’s best rubber-powered ornithopter kit. He is especially proud of his two sons who are making the world a better place with art and technology.Karl is returning to the VMMF to make his famous Rubber-Band-Powered Model Airplanes with attendees. Made of sustainable/ recyclable materials (wood, paper, rubber band, re-useable plastic propeller), this little flying model will take less than 1 hour to construct. This complete kit is assembled using safety-razors and non-toxic (water based) glue. Expert, experienced instruction and assistance will be provided to insure that each airplane is a flying success. Fascinating, educational and fun!

Kevin Pratt: Guitar Effects Pedals

Kevin-Pratt-photo Kevin Pratt is a stay-at-home-dad with two young and energetic daughters. He’s also an active tinkerer and Maker, and is currently exploring the world of audio through guitars and effects pedals.


kukubee-photo Kukubee was created by two soulmates, Brent and Brandi, who share a love of video games, cartoons, and tiny food. Most of kukubee’s odd characters come from Brent’s super-weird imagination and Brandi’s magical sewing needle. On most days you can find kukubee drawing and sewing until their fingers fall off or preparing for the impending zombie-panda apocalypse!

Lee’s Electronic

Lee's-Electronic-photo Lee’s Electronic was established in the heart of Vancouver in 1993, and has been proudly serving local businesses, manufacturers, and people for more than 20 years. They are one of few remaining electronic component stores in the lower mainland. They provide multilingual technical support for students of all levels, from elementary to undergraduate. Lee’s has access to distributors and manufacturers from Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia, and they are an authorized distributor for Arduino, Sparkfun, Pololu, and many more.

Lifespan Society of BC

Lifespan-photo Lifespan Society of B.C. is a Vancouver-based non-profit advocacy organization with a focus on life extension innovation and technology. Their mission is to promote and protect access to science-based strategies for extending the human lifespan. Their focus combines public outreach on healthy living through evidence-based science with special attention to emerging technologies. Unlike other healthy living organizations, Lifespan is most interested in the ways technology and human innovation can positively impact quality and duration of life.

Living Lotus Food & Nutrition Inc.

Living-Lotus-photo Living Lotus is passionate about making health sweet. After mastering the art of a plant-based diet, founder Audrey Wong couldn’t keep it to herself, so she decided to share just like her mama taught her to. Living Lotus creates organic, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free desserts, and educates the community through workshops, grocery-shop tours, and coaching. They’ll be bringing some organic, yummy, deliciously good for you, grab and go sweets to Maker Faire this year! These handmade and lovingly hand-packed treats are a healthy addition to your diet, but you wouldn’t know it if nobody told you! And by using high quality, sustainable, and ethically sourced ingredients, nobody got hurt in the making of this food.

Locomotive Clothing Co.

Locomotive-photo Jay and Aaron Matte are the husband and wife screen-printing team behind Locomotive Clothing. Since 2003, they’ve been designing and hand-printing unique mens, ladies, and kids clothing and accessories in their fun and inspiring workshop in the Fraser Valley. Look for them in the VMMF Marketplace.

Make It Happen

Make-!t-Happen-photo Make It Happen showcases a variety of ways that people are sharing knowledge and resources. It’s a partnership between Vancity Credit Union, Share Vancouver, and Modo The Car Co-op. Share Vancouver is led by sharing organizations who are collaborating to build and sustain sharing locally, in concert with the global collaborative economy movement. Founding members include Modo The Car Co-op, Vancouver Tool Library, Share Shed, Vancouver Hack Space, Trade School Vancouver, The HiVE, Vancouver Community Laboratory (CoLab), Terminal City Glass Co-op, PogoRide and Part-Time Pooch.The group is collaborating with Vancouver Shareable, The Sharing Project, and others to establish a centralized online hub of resources to facilitate sharing among individuals, co-ops and other organizations. Stop by and check out their interactive map of sharing resources across the city!

Make Vancouver – Spin Art T-Shirt Making Bike and Jix workshop

Make-photo Make is a one of a kind retail store on Granville Island where creativity reigns supreme. Create custom items with their in house printing, engraving, and embroidery technologies, or shop their fun and funky collection of curated items from close and near and far and wide. Make is bringing their one-of-a-kind Human-Powered Bicycle Spin Art Machine to the Faire, and you will be able to create your own spin art t-shirt for just $10. They will also be using the Jix system to make geometric sculptures with attendees.

Make Cheese Inc.

Make-Cheese-photo Make Cheese founder Alexis Cobham was teaching junior high school 5 years ago when she told her students to go ‘live an adventure’… and then found herself wondering whether she’d ever spent time living an adventure for herself. She decided to pursue her interest in cheese and set off for a cheesemaking internship. Learning the business behind cheesemaking led to learning an even more valuable lesson: Cheese connects us to animals, nature and people. Her journey in making has taught Alexis that it’s always worth seeing where life will lead!

MakerLabs and Laser Cutter Cafe

MakerLabs-photo MakerLabs is a membership-based workshop where makers, artists, inventors, students, and entrepreneurs are empowered with state-of-the-art tools (including laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC routers, and many more) to bring their ideas to life. Laser Cutter Cafe is a place for tea and laser cutting. Together, they are a hub of creativity and innovation in the making.They’re coming to VMMF to evangelize MakerLabs, show and sell laser-cut products and electronics, and perform live laser cutting.

MakerMobile: Workshop on Wheels

MakerMobile-photo MakerMobile is the labour of love of four individuals who have come together to get this awesome project off the ground: Simon Lyons is a physicist, teacher, engineer, and experimenter who enjoys exploring the creative possibilities of technology; Zee Kesler is a community-based artist and educator who has worked as an artist-intern with the Vancouver Park Board’s ‘Artists In Communities’ program, and as a workshop leader and installation artist at festivals and large public events; Farrell Segall is an experienced youth worker and a talented engineer with a strong interest in sustainability and conservation; Andrew Milne is a graduate student at SFU, where his research focuses on methods of teaching that use new technologies and hands-on projects, and teacher of an after-school enrichment program at Science World, where students build robots and work on their own independent projects.

Mesophase Development: The Messy Workbench

Mesophase-photo Mesophase Development is at the rapidly evolving intersection of hardware and software product development, where it is actively engaged in in-house development of new technologies and provides boutique development services to clients spanning from mobile app startups to farmers to movies. Straight from the product development benches of Mesophase Development, our Messy Workbench exhibits recent projects, along with their creation processes from concept to prototype.


Mozilla-photo Mozilla is a global community of technologists, thinkers, and builders working together to keep the Internet alive and accessible, so people worldwide can be informed contributors and creators of the Web. They believe this act of human collaboration across an open platform is essential to individual growth and our collective future. Mozilla has a variety of tools for Makers, and will demo and have a hands-on area for the Webmaker tools Popcorn Maker (create video mashups in the browser), Thimble (easy webpage editor), X-Ray Goggles (explore and remix any web page), and Appmaker (drag-and-drop application building tool). They’ll also be talking about the Web Literacy Map, the Mozilla Hive Learning Network, what you can do as a maker with recent versions of Firefox and FirefoxOS, and more.

Nathyn Sanche: Crazy Candlemaking Contraption

Nathyn-Sanche-photo Raised in an experimental earth sheltered home in the remote prairie lands of Alberta, Nathyn is the true definition of DIY. A multidisciplinary Red Seal welder, inventor, stained glass artist, and candle maker, you can find him either in his studio at Gropps Gallery Collective working on his own projects or helping other artists figure out the technical details of theirs.

Neurio Home Intelligence

Neurio-photo Imagine if one day ordinary washing machines started sending reminders when people forgot to dry their clothes, or if homeowners could find out how much money they lost powering devices that are supposed to be off. Neurio is a made-in-Vancouver technology that will change the way people interact with their homes; a unique new system that can identify what each appliance in the home is up to in real-time, from a central sensor. Using this information, homeowners can make their homes more intelligent, and also figure out how much money they are spending on each appliance.

New Canadian Public Art: Moshimoshi

moshimoshi-photo Moshimosi is a collaborative effort from the people behind New Canadian Public Art. Yasushi Harada is an interactive designer who works mainly on web-based projects and who is currently interested in hardware. Daniel McLaren is sushi-propelled idea monkey. Ben Z Cooper is an imaginographer, weaving together cinematography, photography, and chronography with computers, brains, and time to bring ideas to life. Derek Gaw likes to make things.

Northwest Fan Fest

NWFF-photo Northwest Fan Fest is a group made up of different fan communities with the goal of creating a fun and inclusive event for all genres of fandom, whether they be gamers, makers, anime fans, or anything in between. The talented costume and prop makers of Northwest Fan Fest will be displaying a sample of their hand-crafted works, including handmade masquerade masks, high-quality Halloween decorations, and metal-work costume accessories. They will host demonstrations of simple ways to make amazing looking props and costume effects, as well as explanations about how to use tools like hot glue guns and hot plates to add a little extra flare. They’ll also be running a duct tape costume contest that anyone can join in on – it’s great fun for people of all ages!

Open Science Network and DIYbio Vancouver: Promoting Local Citizen Science and Biology

OSN-photo Have you ever seen what your DNA looks like? Have you wondered how you would go about seeing it? The Open Science Network will show you how! The OSN is a Vancouver-based network dedicated to supporting the pursuit of citizen science and democratized research. The collective shares a critical interest in the Science 2.0 movement, which they believe has the potential to work towards a more ethical, open and democratic model of scientific practice. As the Vancouver contingent of DIYbio, they are committed to providing a network where researchers can become educated and connected to the world of open wetware and open science investigation. The OSN is interested in engaging with everyone from scientists, writers, and artists, to everyday citizens concerned and interested in the practice of science, both locally and globally.

Orbit Camera 2

Orbit-Camera-photo If Rube Goldberg, Steve Wozniak, and Salvador Dali got together to build a photo booth, it probably wouldn’t look anything like the Orbit Camera 2. But then again, they have more money.
The Camera is an experiment in interactive visualization, three-dimensional imaging, and online sharing.
Drop by the Orbit Camera 2.0 both to have your mind scanned, your visage digitized, and take control of the psychedelic interactive wall of faces. The Camera (is an interactive art project focussing on the capture, manipulation and sharing of people’s images in 3 dimensions. Participants immerse themselves in The Orbit Camera Dome, have their face captured and their brainwaves scanned by a kinect camera. Once acquired, the images are be transmitted to The Orbit Gallery, a large projection-mapped installation. The Orbit Control Console allows participants to take the reins and manipulate these images in new and psychedelic ways. Finally, the images are transmitted wirelessly to participant’s mind-computer interface (or smart phone).
The Orbit Camera demonstrates the latest in interactive, networked visualization technology, and provide a virtual playground of the mind for youngsters and oldsters alike!


Parrotphernalia-photo Parrotphernalia began with a parrot and a pile of feathers. Their line of jewelry, accessories and décor was inspired by Sir Lawrence the Bird (aka Larry), a Blue Fronted Amazon. When Larry was molting, Parrotphernalia founder Sophia Kreuzkamp decided to recycle his feathers so they could have another life with someone else. Unlike most feather pieces you buy, all of Parrotphernnalia’s items are guaranteed to have been produced without harming or killing any animals. Each piece is unique, and no two are exactly alike. Through their work, they want to encourage people to think about where the products they buy come from and what small things can be done to to make positive change. They also want to help educate the public about our fine feathered friends -especially parrots!

Peter Kratoska: Shadow Stories

Shadow-Stories-photo Originally from Europe, Peter’s background is in printing and computer science. His hobbies are playing folk fiddle, such as traditional Irish and Quebecois music. He also has a background in painting, drawing and sculpture. He’s the father or two kids, and the combination of parenthood and his skills led to experimentation with building puppet theatres and the exploration the shadow puppet theatre genre as a story-telling art form.


PHRESHA-photo Liana Mindru is a jewellery designer focused on conscious up-cycling. She utilize bicycle inner tubes as a durable and sustainable alternative to leather, and combines this medium with bones, shells, and reclaimed antique findings to create sensual and playful pieces with industrial gypsy undertones. She’s crafted a collection of earrings, necklaces, cuffs, and tassel belts, and is currently working on making headdresses with this versatile medium.

Professor Whovianart Creations

 Whovianart-photo Professor Whovianart is a maker of quality steampunk and sci-fi props and jewellery, and the creator and co-writer of an upcoming comic book series.

Queen Bee

Queen-Bee-photo Queen Bee offers eco-friendly products with an alternative twist! The collective sells a variety of independently-made products, including upcycled retro lingerie, vegan body care, sub-culture inspired accessories using recycled and reusable materials, and home décor and pin up art.

Rachael Ashe: Making With Paper

Rachael-Ashe-photo Rachael Ashe is a multi-disciplinary artist, self-taught in mixed-media altered books, paper cutting, and paper engineering. A graduate of the Creative Photography program at Humber College, she works from a studio in East Vancouver. Her work has been shown in Toronto, Vancouver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, and the United Kingdom, and will be included in two forthcoming books on design and craft (Paper Works 2 and Design Genius). Her work is held in private collections across Canada and the U.S. Rachael is an experienced public speaker, and loves sharing her experiences and learnings as a professional artist.

Russel Kramer: Super Solar Powered LED Stereo Rave Shopping Cart Tricycle

 Russel-Kramer-photo Russel Kramer is an engineer who spends his spare time doing artistic stuff with sound and light.

School of Interactive Arts and Technology at SFU

SIAT-at-SFU-photo The School of Interactive Arts + Technology (SIAT) at SFU is an interdisciplinary research-focused school where technologists, artists, designers, and theorists collaborate in innovative research and immersive study. Students and instructors from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology will be at VMMF presenting interactive art projects. Come by to chat and check out the student work!

Sean Karemaker: Sequential Art

Sean-Karemaker-photo Sean Karemaker is an artist living in Vancouver, BC. After a childhood obsession with reading and writing comics, he obtained a diploma in graphic design from Malaspina University-College in Nanaimo and began a career in 3D design for video games, with freelance work in graphic design and illustration. A newcomer to the comics scene, he began to draw comics again after moving to Vancouver as a way of cataloguing his experiences observing people in the city. Karemaker has been exhibiting at local art spaces with exhibitions at The Gam Gallery, the gropps gallery, The Seymour Art Gallery, The Pendulum Gallery, and the Ayden Gallery.

SelfDesign Learning Community

SelfDesign-photo SelfDesign supports learner-directed, personalized educational options for all ages including: free K-12 education for BC residents, accredited K-12 learning options for children anywhere in the world, individualized Special Education support and Graduate Programs that foster the development of post-modern schools and learning communities. SelfDesign – The learner IS the program!

Side B Design Studio: DRIFT Series

DRIFT-photo Tania Alexis Clarke is a graphic designer and visual artist. She loves asymmetry, gritty textures, neutral colour palettes and high contrasts. After years of creating art for walls and websites, Tania decided she’d like to try creating art for people to wear. DRIFT Clothing & Accessories is her current project, inspired by her attraction to nature, primitive design and the natural process of decay. She enjoys the hands-on process of creating one-of-a-kind wearable pieces with lush textures and block-printed patterns. Tania graduated UBC with a BFA in 2003 and started her own creative company, Side B Design Studio, in 2005.


Soigne-photo Originally from Poland, Beata Kacy is the creator and founder of Soigne. She pursues her life’s bliss in the outdoors and in finding art, in all its forms, wherever she goes. A bohemian at heart, most of her life is spent studying, experimenting with, and learning the behaviors of different medias. You can often see her expressing her creative passions on the streets of Vancouver with a camera, or in her art studio making and teaching jewelry. She has cultivated her artistic outlook during her travels around the ancient globe. She has more than 14 years experience with digital media, and has a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Computer Science. She’s attended the Vancouver Film School, and is a graduate of Emily Carr University. She holds PMC level 1 Instructor Certificate as well as being an Accredited instructor for Hadar Jakobson Metal Clay.

Sola Fielder: The Vancouver Tapestry

Sola-Fielder-photo Sola Fiedler has spent the last five years weaving the Vancouver Tapestry in tribute to the city she calls home. This labor of love began in May of 2009, inspired by the 2010 Olympic Winter games. The Vancouver Tapestry is literally a creation of its community, Sola sourced nearly everything for the 11.6′ x 5.3′ piece from local thrift stores. Materials used include wool, silk, cotton and acrylic. Over 5000 hours of weaving have gone into the tapestry to date.

Strathcona 1890 Urban Seed Collections

Strathcona-1890-photo Strathcona 1890 is a small, local, family-run business passionate about food sovereignty and the health of our planet. They’ve created collections of open-pollinated, heirloom, and non-GMO seeds to inspire people to grow a little; every collection is put together and packaged by hand. Founder Judy Kenzie is also the talent behind the Stratchona 1890 artwork, and the creator of the Truck Farm. You’ll also find her and her Strathcona 1890 buddies out in the community, volunteering for community garden projects like the Food Wall at RayCam Community Centre and the Vertical Teaching Garden at Lord Strathcona Elementary School.

Sublime Sisters Design Co.

 Sublime-Sisters-photo Sisters Kelsea (13) and Natalie (11) were given free access to their mom’s bead stash one summer, and immediately began designing and creating jewellery. They’ve since formed Sublime Sisters Design Co. and have sold their creations at farmers markets and craft fairs around the Lower Mainland, and are really excited to be at the Mini Maker Faire this year!

Surprising Edge

surprising-edge-photo Derek Lewis (of the blog Surprising Edge) has been tinkering since he was a boy spending his allowance at Radio Shack. In recent years he has dived headlong into Arduino development, using its power and simplicity to bring projects to life. Derek’s creations are usually – though not exclusively – electronic, and employ LEDs and servo motors to give them visual appeal and motion.

SweetGeorgia Yarns

SweetGeorgia-photo SweetGeorgia Yarns is an artisan hand-dyed yarn company based in Vancouver. Founded in 2005, they dye luxury knitting yarns and spinning fibres in stunningly saturated colours. Their collection of yarns and fibres include fine merino wool, silk and cashmere blends. SweetGeorgia Yarns will be demonstrating handspinning and knitting in their booth as well as bringing our hand-dyed spinning fibres and knitting yarns.


Symmetry-Group-photo Dedicated to innovation, addicted to technology, and obsessed with aesthetic details, the Symmetry Group is made up of visual artists, scientists, mathematicians, projectionists, lighting engineers, makers, and hackers, all working to push at the boundaries of visual reality. Since forming in late 2012, the Symmetry Group has used its proprietary Architectural Origami designs to produce stages for Luminosity 2013 and Sequential Circus 2013, and has won honorarium artist grants for BassCoast 2013 and Symbiosis Festival 2013.

Tabletop Moviemaking

Tabletop-Moviemaking-photo Tabletop Moviemaking draws on the rich historical tradition of paper theater whose more famous practitioners include Salvador Dali and Orson Wells. Brick Maier has invented the Tabletop Moviemaking Studio, a self-contained moviemaking kit. The kit assembles into a theatre, complete with backgrounds and characters – some kits even come with three-point LED lighting systems.Maker Faire attendees will have a chance to shoot some movies at the Tabletop Moviemaking booth with either the demo iPads or their own smart phones and tablets. Let Tabletop Media help you create your masterpiece!

Terminal City Glass Co-op

TCGC-photo Terminal City Glass Co-op is Canada’s first non-profit, co-operative glass arts facility. Their studio was built almost entirely with donated equipment and materials and the volunteer labour of their membership. They provide access to high-quality glassmaking equipment and resources for the artistic development of emerging and established artists, offer an educational apprenticeship glass program for the public in efforts to encourage awareness of glass as an art medium, and engage the community through events and that promote glass as an art form. They offer classes in glassblowing, flameworking, beadmaking, and sandblasting for ages 16 and up. They’ll be at VMMF making glass beads and sculptures with a torch.

The Hackery

hckery-logo The Hackery has been repairing and recycling computers since 2008; they’re a local company offering a local solution to the global e-waste problem. They also specialize in component level repairs and tricky data recovery that other shops turn away. And when the hardware is ready to be retired, they ensure that every part is recycled ethically – free of charge! Their exhibit this year, Behind the Screens, shows the inner workings of common devices, from cell phones to Playstations, laid bare for all to see. Staples from our modern world have been saved from recycling, repaired, then carefully cut open in such a way to preserve functionality. You can finally see what makes your laptop tick or your TV light up!

The Vancouver Tool Library

Tool-Library-photo The Vancouver Tool Library (VTL) is a cooperative tool-lending library located in East Vancouver. They carry a wide variety of tools for home repair, gardening, and bicycle maintenance, offer affordable workshops, host community events, and offer volunteer opportunities for people who want to get more involved.
They are motivated by a vision of a community empowered to transform their homes and communities into vibrant spaces that reflect a commitment to sustainability. To get there, VTL has created a community resource that reduces the costs of improving and greening the places in which we all live, work, and play.

Thor 3D: Makerbot 3D Printers

Thor-3D-photo Thor3D.ca sells and services Makerbot 3D printers. They also do custom printing and design work of 3D objects. They’ll be showcasing lots of 3D printed samples and 3D printers printing objects for the duration of the show.

Times Past Entertainment

Times-Past-photo Martin began his life in prop-making by pulling apart neglected household items and turning them into gadgets inspired by his favourite sci-fi shows and movies. Over the years his hobby turned into a career, and he founded Times Past Entertainment, an events company that brings specialized shows (“Steampunk Murder Mystery”, “Cleopatra’s Cabaret”, and “Pirate Adventure”, to name a few) to private parties and corporate events. Martin also has a thriving career as a model-maker in film and television, and has been encouraging imagination alongside his wife for the last 27 years.


Tinkerine-photo Vancouver-based 3D printing company Tinkerine will be showcasing the newest addition to their 3D printer lineup, the Ditto Pro. Following their past generation models, Ditto Pro 3D Printer continues to feature their elegant, industry-first Open C frame design – but this time, the classic look comes in a tough, shiny exterior. Crafted out of uni-piece aluminum composite shell, Ditto Pro 3D Printer has the dashing charm to deserve a space on your office table. Like everything Tinkerine does, Ditto Pro 3D Printer is designed with you in mind. Tinkerine pays special attention to the little things that have great impact on your experience; from the quick-swap extruder nozzle to the removable build platform, Ditto Pro 3D Printer is packed with humble yet unbelievably handy features.

Truck Farm

Truck-Farm-photo When Judy Kenzie decided to turn her old Mazda into a Truck Farm, she had no idea of the journey it would take her on. Inspired by the original Truck Farm from New York City and by Judy’s Cantonese neighbours who grow an amazing amount of food in their tiny garden strip, she filled her 1993 Mazda with a colourful harvest including tomatoes, carrots, chard, edible flowers, mustards, kale and, at one point, a Christmas Tree. The Truck Farm has grown to become not only a mobile demonstration of small-space gardening, it now helps teach school kids throughout Vancouver about growing their own food. Judy parks it in high-visibility locations in order to engage people about urban food growing, and to give them a sample pack of Truck Farm seeds to help get them started on their own gardening projects.

UBC E-Racing Team

UBC-E-Racing-photo The UBC E-Racing team exists to further the use of high performance electric vehicles, specifically in a racing environment. The team currently races in a time trial type format known as AutoX and competes against gasoline cars providing a real world comparison of performance. Their modified 1984 Reynard Formula Ford race car will be on display at VMMF.

UBC Thunderbots

UBC-Thunderbots-photo UBC Thunderbots is an student-run engineering design team that designs, builds, and programs autonomous soccer-playing robots for international competition. The team is made up of students from the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, engineering phyics, and even commerce departments. The team competes at the International Robocup Competition and Conference, which is attended by thousands of researchers and is being held in Brazil this year. Drop by their booth and see their robots in action!

Umbrella Bird Jewellery

Umbrella-Bird-photo Nicole Del Negro is a 16-year-old International Baccalaureate student, artist, and entrepreneur. She has always loved creating things, but it wasn’t until August of last year that she started making and selling wire-wrapped jewellery. Since then, she’s been working hard to create new designs and to perfect her existing ones. Creating jewellery is her passion, and she wants to share that passion with the world through her business. As a young entrepreneur, she hopes to provide a good example for other aspiring entrepreneurs by showing that it is possible to succeed while doing what you love.

Vancouver Community Laboratory

CoLab-photo The Vancouver Community Laboratory (CoLab) is a members­-based, non­-profit studio that offers workspaces equipped with metal, wood, and textile-working tools. They offer monthly and drop-­in memberships, as well as workshops for people who want to learn to use wood­working, metal-fabrication, and welding tools safely and properly.
Their member list include artists, tradespeople, industrial designers, roboticists, budding entrepreneurs, and folks whose fingers just itch to build and tinker. A diverse range of expertise and talents makes it easy to share knowledge, tips, and expertise.

Vancouver Hack Space: Quadcopter Jousting

Quadcopter-photo Quadcopter enthusiasts from the Vancouver Hack Space will give Faire attendees a chance a chance to learn to fly a miniature quadcopter.
Take part as a pilot, and try to outfly the competition! Their quadcopter cage keeps quadcopters within a confined airspace, giving new pilots a safe space to try flying.They’ll also be showing off the prototype (and taking registrations!) for the second VHS quadcopter workshop series.And introducing Aerially – an online aerial video community geared towards multicopter pilots interested in showcasing their footage and interacting with fellow enthusiasts to exchange experience, collaborate on video production projects, and organize group flying events.

Vancouver Hack Space: Show-and-Tell

VHS-photo Vancouver Hack Space provides a physical space where people can gather to share ideas, equipment, opinions, and beer. At VHS members work on personal projects, collaborate with others, and learn new skills. More than just a studio space, they focus on sharing all sorts of knowledge within a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.

Vancouver LEGO Club

LEGO-club-photo The Vancouver LEGO Club brings together adult LEGO enthusiasts from all over the Lower Mainland on a monthly basis to socialize, and to exchange ideas, techniques, and LEGO bricks. They build LEGO creations for their own enjoyment, to inspire each other, and to educate and entertain through public displays featured throughout Vancouver and around the world.

Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild

VMQG-photo The Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild is a group of people who meet to share their love of modern quilts. The group was formed in 2010 and is the Vancouver branch of the Modern Quilt Guild, which has over 100 member-groups worlswide. The Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild exists to provide a place where non-traditional, fresh, modern quilters can meet to share ideas and inspirations.


Vex-UBC-photo Vex UBC is a UBC Engineering student team that builds competition robots using the Vex Robotics design platform. Modular parts and ease of assembly allow for less worrying about fabrication and interoperability, and more focus on designing and testing robots. Drop by their booth to check out their entry in the 2014 Vex U Robotics Challenge, Toss Up. Toss Up required teams to manipulate 5″ “buckyballs” and 16″ beach balls into scoring positions on the far end of a 12’x12′ playing field, including a 24″ high cylindrical goal. A 2″ tall bump and 12″ bridge divide the field, presenting obstacles to maneuvering and scoring. Partnering with the SFU Vex Robotics team, Vex UBC competed in the Vex World Championships in Anaheim, CA in April 2014. Although this was their first year as a team, they placed 16th out of 60 teams after the tournament qualification rounds, and 4th in the world at the college division Programming Skills Challenge. VMMF spectators are welcome to drop by the Vex UBC booth and try their hand at controlling the robot with the controller.

VIVO Media Arts Centre

Vivo-photo VIVO’s artistic and educational programs are dedicated to the development, understanding, appreciation, and advancement of media arts, and to exploring how aesthetics and politics operate within new media and technology.
VIVO makes technology accessible and encourages experimentation while reflecting on how technology shapes our existence, the way individuals gather, how communities form, and how artists produce.

Wild Gears

Wild-Gears-photo Originally educated as a chemist, Aaron Bleackley follows his passion for the emergent beauty in mathematics and creativity. Asking questions is a long-standing hobby of his. “Wild Gears” is Aaron’s first successful Kickstarter, but soon there will be others – in fact, one is already in the works!

Will Goodall: Echo Arcade Table

Will-Goodall-photo Will Goodall is a 28-year-old Video Game Developer who has worked in both large and small development studios. As a hobby he has been exploring home entertainment hardware by collaborating with industrial design friends.

Zaber Technologies

Zaber-photo Zaber‘s extensive line of computer-controlled motorized linear slides, miniature linear actuators, motorized rotary stages, motorized mirror mounts, goniometers, and other device make automating sub-micron positioning applications quick, easy, and affordable. Stop by Zaber’s booth and check out all the moving parts! Using Zaber’s linear actuators and stages, they’ll have several interactive demos, including a “Microsurgery Game”, interactive musical stages called the “Zee Board”, laser-cut give-aways that will be made at the booth, and “Big Zed” – a moving/changing Z-shape that lights up.

Zen Maker Lab: Member Showcase

Zen-Maker-Lab-photo North Vancouver-based Zen Maker Lab offers a small workshop to inventors, tinkerers, engineers, artists, and makers of all ages and levels of experience to help turn ideas into reality. They also provide connect startups and social enterprises with mentors, investors, and professionals. Their goal is to provide a workshop community full of knowledge, space, and equipment so that Makers don’t have to do it alone. They believe making in a collaborative environment will promote the culture of innovation. Stop by their booth to check out projects from three of their members: a solar powered BEAM robot that will be a hands-on project kids can work on; a custom-built CNC machine by Bob Dewar, an affordable approach to a well-functioning CNC; and an aquafarm designed by Mike Bailey of Purity Aquafarms, a self-contained ecosystem where fish waste helps fertilize the growing of lettuce and herbs.

ZULA Jewelry + Design

Zula-photo Even as a child, ZULA’s mother says, “her tiny hands were always busy creating.” She started by dressing her dog in scarves and rings at the age of two in Poland, learned to macramé at Scout camp at the age of ten in Canada, and worked at a bead store after high school in British Columbia. After pursuing a career in acting for many years, she needed a break from show business and completed a diploma in Jewelry Art & Design from Vancouver Community College in 2010. Through her studies at VCC she combined the worlds of spectacle and jewelry, which she still likes to explore by making one-of-a-kind art, jewelry, and sculpture. In 2013 ZULA was the recipient of the Vancouver Mayor’s Arts Award as an emerging artist in Craft and Design.