• What is maker faire

    What is maker faire?

    A faire can be somewhat of bewilderment for many. A Maker Faire is a strangely unconventional exhilarated public display of innovation or DIYs. The participants have only one requirement and that is to simplify their innovations for other people.

    At a maker’s faire you might come across a rocket boot, floating garden or even a pirate show. It is all about creativity. The people who have invented the machines have started from the ground up.

  • The best annual maker faires in Canada

    The best annual maker faires in Canada

    Did you know that people of all ages love to show up at the Maker Faire to showcase their innovations and creativity?

    Maker Faire events are held almost 200 times globally, with an annual attendee if 1.4 million in 44 countries. In 2014 there was a Maker Faire event at the White House. The Maker Faire has spearheaded the movement of transforming creativity, innovation and education.

  • What maker faire projects are coming in 2018

    What maker faire projects are coming in 2018

    The Maker Faire, among the greatest show and tell events you would find on the planet today, brings attendees from different parts of the world. They all share the common spirit of DIY to celebrate the Maker Movement.

    This year, it was no different. Wondering what were the best projects on display this year? We will take a look at it below!