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Meet Our 2016 Makers:



Members of 3D604 will showcase their 3D printers (a wide variety of commercially available and home built machines) with a myriad of practical, useful, and fun 3D printed samples as well as other related projects created and realized with the help of 3D printing technology in some way. The 3D printers will be printing objects all weekend!

77K Freeze


77K Freeze has just one goal: to use fun, theatre, and thought to rid the world of boring desserts. To this end, they’ll be at VMMF this year using liquid nitrogen to make gelato! Drop by their booth for demo sessions of the LN2 process where you can watch the treat form in front of your eyes, sample the Freeze, or purchase a cup of freshly made Freeze from their booth. If your a history buff, make sure you catch one of their hourly presentations on the history of ice cream, liquid nitrogen, and thermodynamics.

Ab Kurk: The Arduino Maker Man

Ab-KurkCome and see some cool Arduino based project that you can build at home and learn how to become a better builder.

If you want to be a better Maker/Builder, need some inspiration on making something cool, want to build something with you kits, come talk to Ab and see what can do about that.

African Fair Trade Society

M77The African Fair Trade Society imports raw shea butter from Senegal and Guinea, and then uses the butter to produce soap, shampoo, and skin lotion right here in Vancouver in an environmentally sensitive manner, and without animal testing. The AFTS uses the profits of their shea butter sales to channel micro-aid to small, impoverished communities in Western Africa. They distribute money and resources without patronage or privilege, and towards any sector or group within the village. They target funds towards those most in need without bias. Their goal is to invest in the Health and Education infrastructure of rural villages in West Africa.

Aji Gourmet Products

Aji-Gourmet-ProductsAji Gourmet Products is a family owned and operated business who make and sell aji, an incredible sauce that is great with all types of food, from eggs in the morning, to marinating steak, to mixing with an avocado for the BEST Guacamole or with mayo for a tartar sauce. Not only is it versatile but also amazingly healthy. All their products are gluten, soy, nut, and sugar free with ZERO fat, so they can be indulged guilt free!

Amy Fielder and NIEl McLaren: Obscurious

Amy-Fielder-and-Neil-McLarenThe Obscurious duo combine the art of needle felting with programmable lighting and whimsy to bring you a bazaar of impossible creatures. Go to their booth to see glowing wool sculptures brought to life with embedded LEDs. Sculptural needle felting is a relatively young art form developed in the 1980s. The technique uses notched needles and wool to create 2D or 3D designs. Amy and Niel discovered needle felting at the 2015 Eastside Culture Crawl and were excited by the enormous variety of shapes that could be created, and are now combining this textile medium with computer-controlled LEDs and EL wire to create soft, glowing sculptures. They are interested in exploring the lighting, colour, and shape of deep sea creatures, viscera, and fungi.

Amy Fielder is a designer for children’s cartoons, a portrait painter, and a fan of the humourously grotesque. Lately, she’s been translating her sketchy weirdness into creating huggable things. Niel McLaren likes to create interactive experiences. He is interested in different conceptions of time and space and in crossovers between computer algorithms and natural forms.

Anderson Prototypes

Anderson-PrototypesVancouver-based Anderson Prototypes produces fine-machined parts, components and assemblies. Incorporating cutting edge design methodology, machining and rapid prototyping technologies to offer top quality products, they consistently craft quality components using a wide variety of materials and unique finishing options.

Anderson Prototypes can build one-off parts, create custom jigs and fixtures for your process, or small batch CNC runs of established parts. They are the guys who can do the prototyping job right and on time.

Anderson Prototypes will be presenting live demonstrations of  CNC Machining of 3 and 4 axis milling machines, as well as a laser etching machine. Having more than 25 years experience in the field, Anderson Prototypes will showcase some of the skills and talents used at the shop.

Arts Umbrella: Modular Collaboration

arts umbrellaArts Umbrella will provide an applied arts collaboration over the full two days of VMMF in hopes for a creation based on modular components. This architecture-based collaboration all depends on the participants, with the underlying theme of how basic shapes govern much of the city’s design and architecture. The materials will be based on this creation of an object(s) in the form of cardboard, newsprint, and paper. The two dimensional building bloc
ks supplied to the participants will allow the final three dimensional piece(s) to develop over the weekend in an organic and non-choreographed manner.

Arts Umbrella is a not-for-profit arts education centre for children and youth ages 2-19. Arts Umbrella is committed to delivering the highest quality visual and performing arts education to young people, regardless of their socio-economic circumstances. Since its inception by five young artistic parents in 1979 with only 45 students, Arts Umbrella has maintained a trail-blazing, forward-looking and community-focused spirit. It has grown consistently and now reaches more than 21,500 children and youth annually through tuition-based and free-of-charge outreach programs.

ASIS&T: Reader’s Advisory Magic Mirror

Reader's-Advisory-Magic-MirrorThe librarians-in-training from ASIS&T@UBC have created a Raspberry Pi-powered “Magic Mirror” with a literary twist. “Smart” or “magic” mirrors as seen in futuristic movies and television shows tend to display things like the weather, a clock, and a daily schedule around the viewer’s reflection. When the viewer approaches this mirror, it displays a book recommendation, draws on location services to recommend places to check out the book, and uses weather information to recommend an appropriate reading spot (indoors or outdoors) for enjoying the book.

The UBC student group of ASIS&T (the Association for Information Science and Technology) are a group of of students in the Masters’ of Library, Archival and Information Studies program. They’re really excited about makerspaces in libraries, robots, and technology in general.

Automotive Model Builders/Collectors of Greater Vancouver

Automotive-Model-BuildersThe Automotive Model Builders/Collectors of greater Vancouver will showcase their models and offer a series of demos, including basic building tips, applying decals, foiling, use of different glues, and advanced scratch building such as machining on a micro metal lathe, resin moulding, and 3D printing. The group members will show how a box of styrene plastic parts can be turned into a museum quality replica.

Awesome Sauce DesiGNs: Stained Glass Panel

M90Awesome Sauce Designs is a Vancouver based business created out of the quirky imagination of Corinne Leroux. She is a maker of unique gifts, greeting cards, and stained glass art. She will be demoing how to build a stained glass sun catchers from start to finish using the copper foil method. The projects will be started with a simple pattern and will demonstrate cutting the glass pieces to shape, using the glass grinder, foiling the pieces, and soldering everything together to complete a few finished pieces throughout the weekend.

Drop by her booth to see works and progress and inquire about learning how to do stained glass yourself. She now offers introductory classes twice a month at Maker Labs. She will also have some completed items available for sale.

BC society of model engineers

The BCSME‘s exhibit features demonstrations of tools and techniques commonly used by model engineers. Some metal casting of small parts using “hobby metal” will also be demonstrated. A sampling of models will be displayed including miniature stationary engines, steam driven traction engine, marine launch engine, and miniature railroad steam locomotive.

The BCSME was founded in October 1929 by men of various professional and trades backgrounds, all of whom shared a common interest in making model engineering. Today, the members of The BCSME consist of both men and women, whose interests range from model engineering to running miniature trains that run on a wide variety of gauges.


botfeederToronto-based BotFeeder produces premium 3D printer filaments, including PLA, ABS, Filastic Flexible, Filaglow Glow-in-the-Dark, and Filatron Conductive Filament. Their unique knowledge in pigments allows them to offer a wide range of exotic colours. BotFeeder will be presenting some finest 3D printed products and a delta 3D printer for you and your family to see what 3D printing is all about. BotFeeder will be giving away 50 little cute BoFee Bears to kids at VMMF. Stop by BotFeeder booth and talk to them about 3D printing!


brainstem_learning_civilBrainSTEM Learning Canada Corp. is an extracurricular education provider focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) systems. Unique programs are designed by working engineers for learners aged 4 to 14. Through fun, creative, and innovative science experimentation students explore their creativity. By planning, building, testing, and modifying their design, reengineering the process expands their working knowledge of the world around them.

Brew & Beast

brew__beastColleen Newton and Stirling Noyes have been best friends since they were kids. Cooking has always been a favorite pastime for them, and for the past few years they have been actively experimenting with craft beer brewing and charcuterie. The duo realized that they could spread the joy to those around them, and Brew and Beast was born. By providing simple all-in-one kits, they enable curious crafters and carnivores to brew beer and cure bacon in the comfort of their own kitchens. Drop by their booth to pick up a beer or bacon kit at a special VMMF price!

Cansat Canada

cansatCanSat Canada, the BC Cansat Fliers Club and members of the Templeton Secondary STEM CanSat group will display off CanSats, CanSat launch vehicles, video recordings of launches and and renderings of future CanSat projects. CanSat Canada is in the first year of starting up a national CanSat flying event.



charcoal_coutureCharcoal Couture produces eclectic wooden jewelry, spoons, wall hangings, birdhouses and other items designed using pyrography, the rare form of art decorating wood or leather by burning a design on the surface with a heated metallic point.

Local artist Jennifer Beare will be demonstrating her technique live alongside her collection.

Clotho: Digital Fabric Printing

clothoWhen finding the fabrics they wanted proved to be the biggest challenge for their clothing label, Hanna Wheale and Matthew Danchuk realized the best way to get the fabric they wanted was to create it themselves. Knowing that other designers face the same challenges, they launched Clotho to share their textile printing service. Helping others create is their mission. Clotho will be exhibiting printed garments and objects manufactured in Vancouver. They have a vision to create an on-demand automated apparel making service that offers custom fitted garments.

Coastline Robotics

Coastline-RoboticsCoastline Robotics is dedicated to providing racing drone equipment while promoting the safe use of them. Thanks to today’s technology we can enjoy new experiences like flying a drone as if you were in the cockpit, wearing VR goggles that display real time video from the aircraft. The most interesting part of this new-generation sport is that each drone must be built by the pilot themself, where they must apply some basic electronic and soldering skills and creativity to make a unique aircraft.

Coastline Robotics will be showcasing their most recent FPV racing drone models and equipment, and launching a new frame designed by CEO Ronald Meza. Their drones will be available for purchase in the form of DIY kits, and they will be showing and sharing knowledge on how to build these cool aircraft. A virtual drone simulator will be installed at their booth for those who may be interested in experiencing what it feels like to pilot a drone.

Conor Chambers: A Different Turret

Connor-ChambersA Different Turret is robot inspired by the Turret characters from the video game Portal. This robot uses Processing Computer Vision to drive Arduino controlled servo motors and electric airsoft motors. This combination of software and hardware control allows the Turret to track, aim, and, -when loaded- fire at anything that moves in front of it.

Conor Chambers is a former SFU School of Interactive Arts and Technology student. This is where he gained experience in programming and digital design. His love for video games and a desire to bring what he was experiencing digitally to reality constantly combine as he finds himself designing and building props inspired by video games.


craftedvansquareCraftedvan specializes in magnetic bookmarks that are locally made in Vancouver, BC. It was founded three years ago to facilitate Diana and Erica’s obsession with creating, and has grown (with more than 18 000 online sales!) with their addiction to making people smile whenever they open a book. At VMMF, you will find their entire collection of magnetic bookmarks which they have grown over the years. Each of them have been designed and created by them! Craftedvan has recently been featured on Huffington Post’s article: “Off The Shelf: Best Bookish Gifts That Avid Readers Will Love” and Buzz Feed’s “21 Adorable Red Panda Products You Need In Your Life”. Through their love for creating, Erica and Diana are ecstatic to be able to contribute to the handmade community while enhancing reading and bringing back the love for paper books all around the world.

Craftworks Toys

Navin-AbeysundaraCraftworks wants to bring the fun of building and making things together with the foundations of logic and programming. As technology becomes a bigger part of our lives everyday, Craftworks wants kids to have the knowledge of how these things work. It’s their hope that, with the right tools, future generations of builders, makers and inventors can jumpstart their imaginations and create amazing things.

Craftworks have designed a simple and fun learning tool using hand-held blocks that contain small circuits: sensors, buzzers, lights and switches. These blocks can be combined together to make a variety of different little projects and toys. The goal of this project is to help kids learn more about building with electronics in a fun and enjoyable way.

Daedalos Academy

Come and try out all kinds of robotic creations students at Daedalus Academy have created this year out of LEGO® Education WeDo and Mindstorms robotics sets. Get hands on with classroom LEGO Education solutions for STEM, coding/programming, computer science, ESL, Literacy and much more. Check out an amazing scalable & affordable coding + robotics solution to enhance 21st century skills.

Daedalos Academy is dedicated to helping children become the makers, designers, programmers, and creative innovators of the future by empowering them with hands-on 21st century STEM skills.

Dan Williams: Rues Robots

Dan-WillliamsDan will be presenting a variety of, high tech projects, all of which are custom designed and hand built from scratch for under $20. The lineup includes a number of stationary robot arms, wheeled robots, and electronics projects. Come see, ask, and learn some of the tricks that over 25 years experience building robots has to offer. Dan has been building robots for more than 27 years. Kept as a hobby, his builds include a wide variety of software, electronic, and mechanical creations. Dan puts on a kids’ weekend technology program on the sunshine coast, and is happy to share all the tricks that he has picked up.

Dawn Livera: Weave Yourself

Dawn-LiveraDawn Livera is a Burnaby-based weaver. While the traditional craft of weaving focuses on technical accuracy and precise repetition, her work is about free artistic self-expression and bold explorations in colour and texture – unbound by the conventional rules. Starting with the belief that “there are no mistakes” she works intuitively, making decisions as the work evolves. Her weaving explores themes of community and self-expression. Dawn will show some of her expressive freestyle weaving – one of a kind wearable art garments and collaboratively woven banner. She will also bring a Beka rigid heddle loom and invite visitors to give weaving a try, and weave a collaborative banner with attendees over the course of the weekend.

Deer Crossing the Art Farm

sandy_buckDeer Crossing The Art Farm believes that creative engagement outside traditional art spaces -on farms or in forests, in hospitals and homes- and across traditional boundaries -between one discipline and another, between audience and artist, between arts and the environment- fosters a stronger sense of belonging for all involved. The more people feel they belong, the more they invest in their community; DCTAF builds community creatively by building creative communities.

Devil May Wear

devilmayweargangDevil May Wear is a made-in-Vancouver clothing and accessory company that endeavours to share their philosophy that ethical apparel is also just more fun! They strive to make luxurious items that don’t sacrifice fashion, fit, or ethics to bring you a beautiful product you can love for a long time. They love bright and bold colours and look forward to adding a fun, eco-conscious, and comfortable flare to your wardrobe.

Donald’s Eye Chainmail Jewellery

donalds_eye_chainmail_jewelleryDonald’s Eye Chainmail Jewellery makes Shiny Things. Specifically, Donald’s Eye makes sophisticated jewellery from chainmail rings: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and a variety of other items of personal adornment. The pieces are imagined and crafted by hand by Donald McKillican, and feature vivid colours, bold designs and impeccable workmanship. Improbably light and seductively smooth, these pieces are like nothing else on the market. Donald’s Eye Chainmail Jewellery will be showcasing and selling a broad range of chainmail jewellery, as well as demoing some of the techniques that go into making it. Come see the patient precision that turns a motley assortment of metal rings into a statement necklace!

Eco Books 4 Kids

Eco-BooksEco Books 4 Kids is a new, ethical publishing company that creates entertaining, educational children’s books about Canadian wildlife. Their books are always printed on FSC paper, and they only use vegetable inks and non-toxic coatings. Some of the books have associated educational resources, so that children can learn more about Canada and the animals in the books. Educational as well as entertaining, their books are perfect for parents wishing to foster a love of Canada’s wildlife in their children.

Epilog Laser

S9Epilog Laser is the leading manufacturer of CO2 and fiber laser cutting, engraving and marking systems used by makers and maker spaces around the world. Their powerful, easy-to-use systems are able to work with a variety of materials including acrylic, wood, rubber, cardboard, fabric and much more! Whether you’re cutting gears or gaskets, engraving logos for branding purposes or cutting elements for 3D models, Epilog Laser systems can help bring your creative visions to life.

Epilog will be demonstrating the latest in laser engraving and cutting technology at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. Stop by and see how their systems can easily cut and engrave all kinds of materials!

Fraser Valley Makerspace

M31The Fraser Valley Makerspace was founded as a friendly and supportive place for people out in the Lower Mainland to meet, connect, and learn from one another on anything and everything to do with the DIY / DIWO / Maker movement.

They will showcase some of the projects members of the FVMS have been working on.

Gallium Academy

imageforposterGallium Academy teaches high school students to work with technologies and concepts that are relevant to the modern world including 3D printing & design, rapid prototyping, DIY electronics (Arduino microcontrollers), and basic coding principles. Their programs are fit for all skill levels as they allow beginners to learn and experienced students to push their limits.

GearBots Makerspace

gearbotsvmmflogoThe GearBots Makerspace booth will provide participants an opportunity to try coding a robotic device and to see the TroTec laser cutter in action. For BC educators, there will be an opportunity to discuss how the BCEd Plan and the curricular transformation connects to the Maker Movement in our classrooms. Drop by and say hello and pickup some information to take back to your school to continue the #MakerEdBC conversation.

Currently located at Abbotsford Sr Secondary School, GearBots has been teaching robotics for the past 9 years. They have seen first hand how promoting science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) through the use of robotics can be used to engage and motivate a diverse community of learners. In 2008 they were awarded a Mitchell Odyssey Foundation Grant, which has assisted in the expansion of their robotics program. GearBots has teamed up with the School of Energy at BCIT to provide a number of Makerspace opportunities to students ages 9-14 within the Fraser Valley. They currently offer after school courses (non-credit), summer camps, and an annual one day GearBots Engineering Challenge at the Skills Canada BC provincial competition every April in Abbotsford.


Get-MakeredGetMakered is all about creating Magical Interactions with Technology; to that end they are bringing their 3D mobile selfie studio to VMMF! GetMakered’s family-friendly mobile 3D Design & Print Studio is designed connect people to multiple aspects of 3D technology with hands-on demostrations of 3D technologies. Outfitted with a human-sized turntable, they are able to do full-body 3D scans participants and turn them into printable 3D models ready for printing. GetMakered is a collaborative initiative of the Coast Makers group located on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.


HaloHalo is a physical opportunity for anyone to create content: light, colour, audio, animation. Produced in partnership with VIVO and Tangible Interaction, Halo is a new, large-scale interactive media-art installation that will be used to support a new youth mentorship program for emerging artists at VIVO.


Hand and Sew Leather Workshop

Hand-and-Sew-Leather-WorkshopVancouver-based Hand and Sew Leather Workshop is a studio space where you can learn anything and everything about leather and leatherwork. Owner and main instructor Steven Enns has four years of experience under his (self-made) belt, and over 200 students have made it through his classes since he started teaching two years ago. At the Hand and Sew Leather Workshop you can take private classes (one-on-one or up to four people) on a variety of leather goods; wallets, cases, belts, bags, and just about anything you can imagine. Custom classes also available.

Hip Navy Beads

Hip-Navy-BeadsFraser Valley artist Alicia Champ of Hip Navy Beads will be demonstrating how she makes handmade glass beads and wire art jewelry. Follow her through the unique process starting with Italian glass rods, a simple torch, and spools of fine soft copper and sterling silver wire. Alicia will have some of her one of a kind original designs, as seen in magazines such as Step by Step Wire and Easy Metal, on sale in limited quantities.


paperscissorsglueIlluminiferous is a collaboration of lantern-makers Lin Ho-You and Jacquie Rolston. Their creations start as frames of flexible bamboo sticks welded together by hot glue. A layer of tissue paper is skinned over the frame then reinforced by several coats of thinned white glue. Inside the structure, candles or small battery-operated lights provide the lantern’s magical glow. With these few materials, passion and ingenuity, they’ve made a menagerie of luminous animals, creatures, and icons of geekdom. Their lanterns usually appear at outdoor festivals and parades, but we’ve always wanted to bring the magic inside. This year they’ve started experimenting with small-scale electric floor and table lamps which will make their debut at VMMF. These new pieces display much of the whimsy and none of the combustibility of the candle-lit creations, and Jacquie and Lin are excited to see how Makers and visitors respond to these handmade artisan light fixtures.

Inquiry Hub

Inquiry-HubInquiry Hub Secondary, a public school in Coquitlam, will present a variety of student-led projects including their community garden, live-action role play, app design, robotics, microcontrollers, and fabrication. Students will also provide hands-on opportunities for VMMF attendees to try some of the “tools” available at the school, such as mini quadcopters, a foam cutter, and VR technology. These tools help students to dream, create and learn new concepts and designs. Now in their fourth year, Inquiry Hub is driven by a small community of grades 9 to 12 to be a place where students make their ideas come to life.

International Guild of Knot Tyers-Pacific Americas Branch

igktpabAs one of humanity’s oldest skills, knot tying continues to feed, clothe and bind our world. Knots can be thought of as both tool (shoelaces, lasso, rigging) and art (tatting, feng shui, maedeup) and much in between. In addition to new applications to new activities (satellite construction, cable management), more traditional activities still grow and change due to new materials (climbing, fishing) or fashion (neckties, paracord).

Both practical and decorative will be on display at the IGKTPAB booth, tied in materials ranging from natural cordage to modern paracord, plus experiments with wire. The ever-popular hands-on learning stations will be available for your education and entertainment.The International Guild of Knot Tyers is an educational non-profit organization dedicated to furthering interest in practical, recreational, and theoretical aspects of knotting. Their aim is to preserve traditional knotting techniques and promote the development of new techniques for new material and applications.

iot design shop

S6IoT Design Shop make things, more specifically Internet of Things products, for their clients. They’re a team of designers and engineers who are driven to constantly create using bleeding-edge technology, and there’s nothing they enjoy more than an extremely challenging problem to solve! Their work includes all kinds of connected devices from wearables to indoor location systems. One of the things they’re most proud of is their own product Signul, a personal beacon system that they successfully crowdfunded last fall. Stop by our booth at VMMF to see Signul and some of their other work!

Their Maker skills: mechanical design, 3D printing, CNC milling, injection moulding, electronics design and the development of firmware, Apps (iOS, Android and web) and cloud services.

Their Maker services: feasibility studies, rapid prototyping, proof of concept development, preparation for mass manufacturing, manufacturing support, project management, branding support, GTM and general business strategy.

Jack & Audrey’s

Jack-&-AudreysJack & Audrey’s was founded by a local mom making 100% natural products. Everything is made in small batches by hand using locally sourced 100% natural ingredients. As a VMMF special, they will not only displaying their handmade natural soaps but also teaching people how to felt them!


Jesse Toso: Chainsaw Carving

jesse-tosoWatch as Jesse Toso does a “quick carve” completing a carving over the course of one day. Using a variety of chainsaw sizes, he gradually transforms a single stump into a completed sculpture. It’s fascinating to watch the chips fly and reveal the hidden treasure buried inside the wood.


Jessi Langager and Joshua Langager: Brickbots

Jessi-Langager-and-Joshua-LangagerYoung Maker Jessi Langager and Joshua Langager will be doing demos of their NXT robot which is a buildable and programmable robot. They will be showcasing how it gets programmed on the laptop, showing how it moves and turns, and fun things one can build with it. They have purchased a second NXT robot this year this will be used for fun builds such as the birthday cake candle or an electronic scanner.

Jessi and Joshua like to showcase their robotic skills, which they have been honing since they were 9 years old. In 2014, they won The Gold Medal in the Junior Gearbots Engineering Competition at BC Skills Canada. This is their fourth year at Maker Faire and they really like to inspire other kids to learn robotic skills. They are both accomplished honour roll students.

Justin Forkheim and Sahvean Forkheim: Imagination Art

imagination_art2Justin and Sahvean are Young makers from Vancouver Island who enjoy using “Found Things” and their imaginations to create art. VMMF is their first public art adventure, and they’re displaying many of the creations they’ve formed over the past several months. From a remote control helicopter that met an unexpected tree to a flashlight that lost its shine, they see that repurposing everyday objects into objects d’art can be fun and exciting. Come help them make their next Masterpiece!

Kevin Zhang: Maytricks

Kevin-ZhangMaytricks is a system that lets anyone instantly bring automation into their lives with no programming experience needed. You can make a living room light into a motion-activated fixture by connecting a motion sensor module to an actuator on the Maytricks board, or you can make a system to turn off the stove after half an hour by connecting a timer module to a servo module. With many more modules to choose from, Maytricks brings the ease of automation into the comfort of the home without the hassle of programming and prototyping.

Kevin is a Engineering student at the University of British Columbia, studying Engineering Physics, a major that focuses on engineering and its practical applications into advanced physics, mathematics, and other sciences. He spends time writing code and building robots and is also the software team leader of the UBC Thunderbots, a student-run team competing in the international robotic soccer tournament Robocup.

Kids Code Jeunesse

Kids-Code-JeunesseGet your picture taken in front of a green screen and place yourself into an animation, story or game using code! Experiment with the Scratch programming language with the help of Kids Code Jeunesse volunteers, discover the creative side of coding, and learn about their classroom programs, teacher training sessions, community workshops and special events. Kids Code Jeunesse is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to empowering kids, teachers and parents with the skills we all need to thrive in a technology driven society. They believe that coding is a basic literacy as important as reading, writing or math. By teaching kids how to code, they teach them how to be better thinkers and better creators in a digital world.

Kok Teh: Portable Laser Engraver

portable_laser_engraverKok is a computer consultant and is constantly amazed by the advances in technology. He enjoys both computer hardware and software. He likes building, customizing and upgrading computers including troubleshooting computer problems. He can spend hours tinkering with gadgets or experimenting with coding, robotics, Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

kpu_physics_rubens_tube_2The Kwantlen Polytechnic University Department of Physics will demonstrate the physics of waves using fire and sound, and will make fire dance to some hot tunes!

Also, their “Jacob’s ladder” will ensure that the atmosphere is electric!



Langara College Makers

Langara-College-MakersVisit the Langara booth and meet their jewellers, florists, weavers, knitters, beekeepers, and chefs. They have a little bit of everything! Langara CS at VSB (formerly known as VSB Night School) is committed to promoting life long learning and personal growth. In addition to the hobby courses, Langara’s Creative Arts Division will be present.

Lee’s Electronics

Lee’s Electronic was established in the heart of Vancouver in 1993, and has been been proudly serving the local businesses, manufacturers, and people for more than 20 years. One of only a handful of electronic component stores in the lower mainland, they provide multilingual technical support for students from elementary to undergraduate. They have access to distributors and manufacturers from Canada, United States, Europe, and Asia, and are the distributor for Arduino, Sparkfun, Pololu, and many more. They stock and source standard electronic components and parts, and have recently added some robotics hobby kits to their product line.

Liisa Hannus: camera obscura

obscura_smGoing back in time to the precursor of photography, liisa will be bringing a Camera Obscura to VMMF. Using a rotating angled mirror at the apex of the roof of a small darkened temporary structure, an image of the surrounding landscape will be projected onto a horizontal surface inside. Visitors can try their hand at tracing what they see while learning about the physics of light.

Starting at age 6 when she made her first accidental double exposure, liisa hannus has had a lifelong interest in photography. She was introduced to the magic of the darkroom at age 12, and has since taught hundreds of people how to play with light.

Living Lotus: Making Health Sweet

living_lotusLiving Lotus is passionate about making health sweet. Having learned the art of a plant based diet, they couldn’t keep it to themselves so they thought they’d share!
They focus on sustainable, hand made, small batch, artisan un-baking. Committed to providing plant-based desserts that are free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar, and soy, they will be providing some organic, deliciously good for you sweets. Living Lotus uses only high quality, ethically sourced ingredients -nobody got hurt in the making of this food! These handmade, lovingly made treats are a healthy addition to your diet, though you wouldn’t know it if they didn’t tell you.

Lode Ameije: The Multi-Timer

M74The MultiTimer is a game clock. Chess clocks are used to time games with two players, but many games with more players would greatly benefit from a time constraint, too! That is were the MultiTimer comes in. The maximum duration of the game is set in the beginning, and knowing how long a game takes gives you the opportunity to play some games in a spare moment without ruining later activities. It keeps the game tempo high, and enables people with different skill levels to have an exciting game together by giving the better players less time. The MultiTimer has changed a lot since last year, and has transformed from an “it-can-do-everything” device to a “you-don’t-need-2-hours-of-explanation-to-understand-it” device.

Make Cheese Inc.

M20Make Cheese Inc.  is a unique, local, grass roots company created four years ago by two curious friends, Alexis Cobham and Ella Kinloch, who wanted to find out how to bring the skills and knowledge of cheese making to the homes of city dwellers. After many months of internships at cheese making farms and factories and many more months of designing and innovation they came up with beautifully hand-crafted cheese kits with all the equipment, ingredients and instructions on how to “do it yourself” and voila, Make Cheese was born!

Make Cheese provides new cheese maker with ingredients, supplies and easy to follow recipes to make artisanal cheeses in the comfort of their own home. A variety of kits will be for sale, including Mozzarella, Feta, Cheddar, Poutine, Ricotta, Mascarpone, and yogurt. All kits provide enough ingredients to make multiple batches of cheese.


makeitzonelogoCome play with MakeItZone at VMMF and they’ll show you a few tricks about Minecraft that you might not know- like how to use it as a security system, make it control robots, or use it as a design tool. Where else are you going to design your awesome guard-bots for your new bedroom security system?!

MakeItZone provides unique STEM programmes for kids 8 and up, introducing them to computer programming, computer-aided design, 3D printing, and electronics -all through playing Minecraft! MakeItZone is led by Julian Rendell, a 15 year veteran of the software development industry who holds an MSc in Physics. Julian has taught high-school and adult learners in Japan, New Zealand, and Canada. By leveraging these experiences, MakeItZone is uniquely positioned to bring theory and practice together and make it understandable.

Maker Cube Surrey + Spira3D

Maker-Cube-Surrey-+-Spira3DSurrey Maker Cube will be showing off projects such as an electric skateboard, self-watering internet-connected plant, and RGB indicator lights. As Surrey’s only makerspace, they’re working to increase the amount of science, technology, and making education in BC’s fastest growing city. Their makerspace contains a variety of equipment full electronics prototyping station, PCB CNC machine, standalone drill press, sewing machine, large volume 3D printer, and more! In partnership with Spira3D they offer various workshops both in their space and in schools. Their workshops include everything from robots, arm knitting, felting, brushbots, playing with polymorph and more!


M105MakerLabs is a 26,000sqft makerspace in Vancouver’s Strathcona neighbourhood that provides tools and space for making. At MakerLabs, you’ll get access to digital fabrication tools (laser cutters, 3D printers/scanners, CNC routers), a woodshop, textiles lab, photo studio, and much more.

MakerLabs will be at VMMF demonstrating some of the projects that have been made over the past year.


MakerMobileMakerMobile is a Vancouver original – a mobile makerspace, laboratory, workshop and classroom. Their in-house developed courses and kits all share a common goal: to empower people to create with technology rather than simply consume it. Here you’ll find hands-on learning opportunities for people of all ages and from all walks of life. From exploring squishy circuits to programming Raspberry Pi computers. From team engineering projects to take-away tech kits, MakerMobile has all the STEM bases covered in a unique multifunctional mobile space that comes to you!

Maker Junior

makerjuniorThe Maker Junior table will showcase some interactive hands-on projects made by kids! Come see their Makey Makey video game “Funny Bunny” with carrot and apple controllers. Learn about circuits as you light up softcircuits, electrocards and quiz cards, and play with their Doodling Robot. You can also record your voice on their Talking Stuffie! There will be lots of projects that kids have made to inspire creativity and encourage hands on participation. Project kits that use conductive paint, conductive thread, and electric motors will be available to make your own projects at home. Maker Junior teaches kids about technology by making fun projects that combine traditional arts and crafts materials with technical tools and components.

Maker Junior is a family business run by a mother and her two sons, 12 and 14. They like to build things and take things apart. They share their explorations online through their blog and YouTube channel and would love for your to stop by their booth at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire to share their love of making!


preserving_memories_of_whsSince 1972, 1031 cultural and/or natural properties around the world have been granted World Heritage Sites status, including 802 cultural, 197 natural, and 32 mixed properties, in 163 states parties. These special places not only possess universal significance to humanity, but are living evidence of our history and civilization on this planet. Using 3D printing, the memories of these World Heritage Sites can be preserved against destruction by environmental exploitation, terrorist sabotage and climate change forever..

Makerwiz is a Greater Toronto Area maker company with a mission to empower new makers and inventors by fostering knowledge and application of emerging creative technologies, especially desktop 3D printing. Makerwiz supplies 3D training programs in the STEAM educational space, rapid prototyping services to professionals and hobbyists, and quality digital fabrication products from leading manufacturers to schools and libraries. Their Maker-In-Chief Peter Lau is “Mayor” of Toronto for 3D Hubs, the world’s largest network of 3D printers for hire.

Mandalorian Mercs Costuming Club

mandalorian_mercs_costuming_clubThe Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club will display completed kits as well as works in progress to show different techniques and materials used, as well as a photobooth to get your picture taken with costumed members by donation to charity.

The Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club is an international STAR WARS™ costuming organization dedicated to celebrating the STAR WARS™ universe through the creation, display, and wearing of quality character costumes that represent the Mandalorian characters and culture from the STAR WARS™ sagas. The MMCC is unique among the officially recognized costuming clubs as they encourage their membership to embrace creativity and individualism as opposed to costume organizations based on visual accuracy and duplicating existing references.

Marbled Studio

Marbled-StudioMarbled Studio is a Vancouver-based business that creates beautiful marbled textiles and paper. To create marbled art, paint is dropped on thickened water, and then patterns are created in the floating paint that can be transferred on to fabric or paper. The patterns are created by drawing on or raking the paint on the size. Although there are established patterns developed centuries ago, each piece is an original and unique work of art. This year at VMMF Marbled Studio will be offering an activity station where you can learn how to create marbled paper yourself.

Marginally Clever Robots, Limited

Marginally-Clever-RobotsMarginally Clever Robots wants to put construction robots on the moon. They’ll have to design them from the earth up, so they’ll need lots of help. That’s why they teach anyone and everyone, from basic circuits to arduino and beyond. Marginally Clever Robots will be bringing the latest edition of the incredible Makelangelo drawing robot, a super fun and easy way to learn the basics of 3D printing and CNC machines. It’s perfect in a classroom and ideal for kids 13+.

For ten great years now Marginally Clever has been designing, building, and teaching about robots and parts inside robots. Come be a part of the adventure!

Martin Hunger: Times Past Entertainment

Martin-HungerCreating for nearly 40 years, Martin has been building props for film and television since 1996, and together with his partner Christina Carr runs Times Past Entertainment. The two have been building and creating together since 1987, and continue to explore new techniques and enjoy entertaining the masses. An outlet for creative talent, Times Past Entertainment entertains visitors with colourful and intriguing characters, and uses those characters to display and present unique creations from a variety of genres and media. From found objects to engineered construction, Times Past Entertainment continues to explore new boundaries in creativity.


Mr-Scripsit-CalligraphyMr Scripsit Calligraphy will display artworks, signs, and other hand-lettered items for sale, in addition to hosting a Creative Mark Making Station where people are encouraged to play with some of the recycled ink-pens and mark making devices they have available. Mr. Scripsit Calligraphy is a creative design and custom lettering company based in Vancouver focussed on functional lettering for commercial and personal application, posters, window signs, business cards, album design, or weddings and special events. Mr Scripsit makes a small range of premade calligraphed items, as well as custom writing tools often made from recycled materials. They run creative mark making and calligraphy workshops.

The East Vancouver Phonograph Company will have a pair of suitcase Victrolas from 1928 on display and in intermittent use, along with diagrams explaining the simplicity of this early recording and playback medium. They will also have their handmade electric pickups on display (though not in use). The East Vancouver Phonograph Company are an antique, wind up, acoustic, phonograph DJ company, spinning shellac 78s that date from 1900-1955. Providing music for special events, dance parties, educational events or weddings, DJ Shellac is able to provide an ideal atmosphere and volume for mid-sized or remote/outdoor events acoustically, but also has handmade electric pickups that allow for amplification in larger venues or spaces.

Material Matters

material_mattersMaterial Matters will be showcasing tools, prototypes and various other artefacts related to the research projects they have worked on with students and faculty at Emily Carr University and with external clients from around Vancouver. One of the tools they will be bringing is a Rostock 3D printer, which has been converted to print with clay. The prototypes and other artefacts they will have on display include powder molds for casting glass shapes and various 3D prints.

Matthew Bagshaw: RPS Masks

Matthew-BagshawHandle arts and crafts like a boss by constructing one of these incredible paper masks. With a wide selection of animals and characters you can walk away DIY package that lets you create an a wonderful mask to wear, or put on display. But before that, make these masks truly one of a kind by painting them, or taking a sharpies to them and let your creative juices flow.

MCKids Academy

mckidsacademyFancy discovering if you are a Minecraft builder or world explorer? Maybe you are a budding command block programmer?! Visit the MCKids Academy booth to take the challenge! Log on with one of their guest Minecraft accounts and you will be able to explore the limitless possibilities of learning through Minecraft. Momibelle will be on-hand to help ‘translate’ the Minecraft-speak to parents, too! Learn about MCKids and the awesome community that they are making, and building, right here in Vancouver and see what happens at their unique, interactive and engaging camps for all learners.

MG Chemicals

MG Chemicals is a formulator, manufacturer, and wholesaler of chemical products for the electronics industry. Founded in Vancouver in 1955, the company is still locally owned and operated.

MG Chemicals began with electronic cleaners, and their product line has groown over the years to inclu product line includes 3D printer filaments, solder, flux, flux remover, desoldering braid, prototyping materials, conductive adhesives and greases, conformal coatings, potting compounds, EMI/RFI shielding, RTV silicones, and lubricants.

Today their formulations are used by some of the world’s largest electronics manufactures, but they haven’t forgotten where they started! They still ensure our products are available for purchase in small quantities, in stock, in distributors throughout the lower mainland.


Screen shot 2015-05-05 at 9.19.39 PMThe Microsoft Vancouver Development Center (VDC) is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The centre is home to some of the best and brightest software developers from around the world. Since opening its doors in September 2007, the VDC has quickly become an intricate part of Microsoft’s global strategy for distributed software development. VDC employees play a key role in architecting systems, developing code, and testing software and systems that are developed by Microsoft and released to global markets. Collectively, VDC employees work on more than 50% of all the products and services offered by Microsoft. Working on a multitude of Microsoft products, across all Microsoft business groups, the VDC is already recognized as a premier Microsoft Development Centre with a direct impact on the millions of Microsoft customers worldwide.

Nicole Del Negro: Umbrella Bird Jewellery

Nicole-Del-NegroUmbrella Bird Jewellery sells unique wire wrapped jewellery. Each piece is carefully handcrafted by Nicole Del Negro, an 18-year-old jeweller, artist, student, entrepreneur, and proud Vancouverite. In her pieces, Nicole uses a variety of stunning semi-precious stone beads and sparkling Swarovski elements. If you have an idea for a piece of jewellery you would like, or need something to match an outfit, stop by the Umbrella Bird Jewellery booth where Nicole will be happy to help you!

When she is not drowning under piles of homework or making jewellery, Nicole enjoys making art, playing soccer, designing new pieces of jewellery, and spending time with her friends, family, and dog. This will be her third year at VMMF, and she is excited to be back.

Nitinaht Lake STE(A)M

Nitinaht Lake STE(A)M is a pilot program at Ditidaht Community School (DCS), in the remote community of the Ditidaht First Nations located at Nitinaht Lake, in the Nuu-chah-nulth territory on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. The program teaches hands-on learning of Sciences, Technology, Engineering, (Arts) and Mathematics in a collaborative learning experience to promote a sustainable approach to 21st century education in remote communities, and is using 3D printing technology to help guide the learning experience. The students will showcase what they have made, and they will be printing more projects on the 3D printer at the exhibit. Come see what they make next!

Nora Dyer: Cats On A Roof

nora_dyerVisit the Young Makers of Cats on a Roof for inexpensive hand-crafted earrings and pendants. Check out their innovative no-piercing signature gear earrings that cuff the ear, and chat with the Cats about their methods for making jewelry, bookmarks, and other items with found and natural materials. 11 year-old Maker Nora Dyer loves nature, animals, and the outdoors. Much of what is made with Cats on a Roof is done with natural materials like stones, coral, and feathers.


openpnplogo-(1)OpenPnP’s goal is to create the plans, prototyp,e and software for a completely Open Source SMT pick and place machine that anyone can afford. Members of the project are exhibiting various machine designs as they assemble circuit boards live to demonstrate the process of a small manufacturing line.


Open Science Network

Open-Science-NetworkThe Open Science Network is a Vancouver-based non-profit society dedicated to promoting open citizen science through providing a community-supported science laboratory that is safe, accessible, inclusive, affordable, and open to members. By sharing equipment they reduce the barriers to science permitting citizen scientists, hobbyists, artists, students and entrepreneurs to work on personal projects, collaborate with others, and learn new skills. The Open Science Network also focuses some of its resources on promoting science education to youth and adults in British Columbia.


paperbacknote_notebooksPaperbacknote makes unique up-cycled stationery and home products locally in Vancouver from recycled books. The entire book is up-cycled into beautiful new handmade products giving the old book a new life and appreciation as a reflection of love for books as tangible, physical objects. The rebinding technique preserves the original book’s binding and thickness, so the notebook is “undercover” until one opens it to reveal the new pages. Paperbacknote will be demonstrating how used books are transformed and upcycled into various useful and aesthetic products, and how creativity is used to reduce waste by showcasing their tools and techniques.

Parallel Forty Nine Designs

parallel_forty_nine_designsParallel Forty Nine Designs features unique, handmade items composed of high quality materials. Designer Jordana Bingham uses as many locally sourced and eco-friendly materials as she can, incorporating recycled items, leather remnants and natural items such as shells and driftwood into her pieces, making them truly one-of-a-kind. Look forward to seeing a unique mix of stones, shells and driftwood with silver plated charms and ‘found’ items transformed into one of a kind jewelry and lifestyle accessories.


parrotphernalia__sophia_and_larryParrotphernalia began with a parrot and a pile of feathers. Their line of jewelry and accessories started with Larry, a Blue Fronted Amazon. When Larry was molting, Parrotphernalia founder Sophia Kreuzkamp decided to reuse his feathers creating unique one of a kind products. From there the feathers started flying. Parrotphernalia now receives feathers from happy, healthy birds all over Canada. Since Parrotphernalia only uses naturally moulted feathers, all of their products are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. They also reuse and revamp old and broken jewelry to continue keeping their carbon footprint small. Through their business they want to encourage others to think about where the products they buy come from and inspire them to recycle everyday things into something fabulous. You’ll be able to touch and try on all their products including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, fascinators, wine charms, book marks and more at VMMF. Stop by and guess how long parrots live, learn how feathers stay together when parrots fly, and perhaps Larry may even stop by to say hello!

Paulina Lam: koopo

Paulina-LamKoopo is creating a community outreach program to connect with students and their parents about hands on learning and the power of play. Koopo’s goal is to develop a creativity kit that can be incorporated into elementary school’s classrooms and can enhance teacher’s educational lesson plan. Each kit will focus on a specific topic and will include a lesson plan, an instructional video, and ideation and prototyping materials. This kit will give the students the opportunity to explore the different ideas, learn how to fail fast and learn from their mistakes, and develop team work skills.

Koopo believes that children of all ages need places where they can learn by touching, manipulating, and making things with their hands. Koopo is designed to create a learning environment that will allow teachers to modify their methods and expectations as technology changes.


pawllar_collarsPawllar collars are handcrafted dog collars, made with stylish fabric patterns to help your dog be in styles. Currently with 18 different styles and three different sizes to fit all dog breeds!


Richmond Public Library – Digital Services

richmonpubliclibrary_digitalservicesCome see how the Richmond Public Library (RPL) has been finding interesting and innovative ways to support local makers. RPL has long been offering programs and resources to support our community and their digital literacy needs,and in 2015 the library created a three year digital literacy programming plan which incorporates STEM based learning with immersed hands-on and group-based learning environments for all ages. Digital Services Librarians will be bringing one of their 3D printers and their Digital Learning Collection, a growing toolkit used in many of their digital programs and consisting of Dash and Dot robots, a variety of LittleBits kits, MaKey MaKeys, Lego Mindstorms EV3 and more!


RobartRobart is a drawing robot created by Grade 7 and 8 students of Madrona School. Utilizing Lego Mindstorm kits the robot will draw one of four pre-designed drawings chosen through a colour sensor. The robot uses three large motors, two medium motors, two EV3 Bricks, one colour sensor and two touch sensors. The robot was designed and built by students in a robotics club as an extension to the school’s “Tools and Talents” program.

Madrona School is an independent school with a focus on the needs of bright and gifted children. Subjects are taught in small groups based on students’ abilities and learning styles. Madrona focuses on nurturing the whole child, valuing the development of social and emotional skills alongside academics.

Robot Playtime: Dexter

robot_playtimeMeet Dexter, a robot created by Robot Playground to make learning the basics of programming and robotics fun, easy, and more interactive. Dexter comes as a kit (app, DIY hardware parts, and simple step-by-step instructions) to build and program your very own robot. The app is the brain of the robot. It starts without personality and lacks intelligence – you have to create this by telling the robot how to react when it encounters touch, sound, and sight.


rocketmanpropsRocketman Props will be bringing a selection of his current gem molds as well as some in progress projects. He’ll be showing off the basics of molding and casting and will have a quick demo for anyone who wants to try their hand as replicating a small part in fast curing resin.
Mike is a new maker on the scene, exploring the world of replica props he’s been working with silicone molds, laser cutters, and lots of sandpaper. His most popular work has been gem replicas from the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe.

Ron Simmer

fractalblasterThe Fractal Blaster is an interactive installation, allowing a person to select real time streaming images and text from the internet. Sources such as Instagram, SMS, U Tube, Twitter, Pinterest flow down an infinite pipe, a metaphor for our data rich lifestyle in which Zettabytes of information flow past us unobserved every second.

Ron Simmer works mainly with found materials and objects. He searches for discards that speak to him with the promise of sublime creations that will amaze, tickle, surprise or give pause to think. He enjoys the mental game of taking consumer rejects and making the mundane and common into the unique and spectacular. Since we live in a world in which almost everything is commoditized it is his challenge to repurpose consumer products into the unusual, amazing and funny

RP Electronics

S7For over 50 years, RP Electronics has been “the” electronics parts source in Vancouver, BC, Canada. From their flagship 6,000 sq ft showroom centrally located at Rupert Street and Grandview Highway in Vancouver, they showcase their large and varied selection. In the fast-changing world of electronics, there is always something new and exciting to see every time you visit!

They are a leading importer and distributor of many types of electronic products including: AC/DC adapters and power supplies, cooling fans, test equipment, educational and hobby products, microcontrollers, structured wiring products, cables, connectors and tools.

Russell Kramer

Russell-KramerRussell is bringing interactive audio / video synthesizers that use CRT monitors and light sensor technology similarly to old video games like duck hunt, but produce psychedelic video patterns and bleepy-bloopy noises based on analog circuitry and feedback loops. Light-gun-waving noisy madness set to a responsive colourful video background.

Russell is an electronics engineer who works on art projects involving diodes, resonators, LEDs, transistors, capacitors, inductor, thyristors, potentiometers, microphones, speakers, switches, integrated circuits, cathode ray tubes, transformers, crystal oscillators, hall effect sensors, LCDs, batteries, thermistors, solenoids, and resistors.

Satya Organic Eczema Relief

satyaSatya Organics is a local company that developed a fragrance free, organic, and simple, eczema product. Fed up with steroids and ineffective treatments, the founder created the product for her own daughter and is now sharing it with everyone to consistent 5 star reviews. Come try a local, non-steroid innovation for the relief of eczema, skin irritations, and inflammations. Feel, smell, even taste this food-based and effective option for your skin. This will also be an opportunity to meet the founder and talk about the product directly.

Science World

science_worldScience World’s mission is to engage British Columbians in science and to inspire future science and technology leadership throughout our province. They want to help everyone get involved in the Maker Movement and find their passion for exploring and creating.



Scouts Canada STEM

Scouts-Canada-STEMScouts Canada is offering a robot race challenge. Two participants will race against each other with light seeking miniature robots on a race course. Participants will use flashlights to guide the small robot through the course. First one to finish is the winner of the heat. It is free to participate. For a small fee, you can build your own flashlight seeking robot. Parts will be provided along with some instruction. Soldering is not necessary. Scouts have fun adventures discovering new things and experiences they wouldn’t discover elsewhere. Along the way they develop into capable, confident and well-rounded individuals, better prepared for success in the world. Scouts is the start of something great. The new Scouts Canada STEM program is designed to ignite curiosity, foster innovation, and create a climate in which youth can see themselves as future leaders of science and technology, limited only by the boundaries of their imagination.


siat_outlineThe School of Interactive Arts + Technology (SIAT) at SFU is an interdisciplinary research focused school where technologists, artists, designers and theorists collaborate in innovative research and immersive study.



Sieglinde Style

sieglinde_styleSieglinde Lohr has a passion for sharing creativity, her one of kind jewellery designs are an expression of her artistic energy that is always in play at her teaching position in Vancouver. As a graduate of the Visual Arts program at UVic, and Art Education she brings a solid academic understanding of her creative direction. Besides teaching students in Photography, Jewellery Making Graphic Arts and other subjects she is first an artist. She loves the process of learning and making no matter the medium she is working in. As an art student, she focused on painting and printmaking especially intaglio and later learned to enjoy Photography as an art form. Today her medium is metal and making jewellery as art. Her micro business; Sieglinde Style is a product of her commitment to continue to grow in the areas she teaches. She has learned many different techniques that add to the beauty of her product which she is excited to share at this year’s VMMF.

St. George’s Maker Club

St.-George's-Maker-ClubThe St. George’s School Maker Club will be showing off the fruits of their year’s labour. In their first year they have built a geodesic dome, a team-built 5 foot model of a mech, a student vs. staff chess set and much, much more! Come see their work and hear how these boys got started in their making journey!


Strathcona 1890

strathconaStrathcona 1890 is a small, local, family-run business passionate about food sovereignty and the health of our planet. Their carefully curated collections of open pollinated, heirloom, and non-GMO seeds to inspire people to grow a little, and make starting a garden less daunting to beginner gardeners. Collections are created for different applications and tastes such as the Edible Flowers Collection (for people who want to add a little flair to their food), the Junior Farmer Collection (full of things kids love), Quick & Dirty Collection (faster growing varieties), and the Truck Farm Shade Collection. A significant part of their business mandate is to create employment opportunities for single moms, youth, and people on disability.


M123The Templeton STEM program teaches the principles of engineering through project based learning. Each project, students cover the necessary math, science, planning, and shop skills to build, analyze, and rebuild all sorts of cool things. We’ve been exploring the major disciplines of engineering by building bridges, alternators, gliders, compressed air rockets, and solar panels that track the sun. As a final term project, students are working on designs of their own choosing: Delivery Bots, Wifi Temperature Monitoring Systems, Miniature Satellites, Cosmic Ray Detectors, and more!

Steven Smethurst: Autonomous CNC Zen Garden

Steven-SmethurstThe Autonomous CNC Zen Garden is a machine that creates intricate patterns by dragging a metal ball bearing around in the sand. The ball bearing is moved by an unseen magnet beneath the sand box using a CNC platform. The CNC platform is modelled after a CoreXY pattern that only uses two motors similar to an etch-a-sketch. Steven Smethurst is a maker, hacker, and builder of amazing things. A former board of directors of Maker Foundation (VMMF) and the Vancouver Hack Space (VHS). He has always had a passion for the maker community, and building things. His current passions include layer laser cuts and CNC.


stitch_bitchLooms, knitting machines, handcrafts, weaving and crochet – oh my! This Stitch-N-Bitch is happening throughout the weekend. With over 30 experienced fibre enthusiasts, you’re sure to see drop spindles bobbing and you might even learn a stitch or two! Come by, say hi, and maybe you too will become a fibre lover.



studiostoneExplore the hands-on ancient art of stone carving at the Studiostone booth. Information and demonstrations will be happening throughout the weekend, and you can purchase your own do-it-yourself stone carving kit. Find out about courses for adults and a school carving program, try your hand at carving stone, or take a kit home to make your own sculpture. Studiostone focuses on creating artworks from stone, with a strong component of teaching for both youth and adults. Located in East Vancouver, Studiostone is a buzz of activity with every kind of stone being worked into stunning designs.

Terminal City Tales

terminal_city_tales“The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms” — Muriel Rukeyser

The second best thing about making something is telling people about the experience! How did it feel when you finished your first project? What’s the best thing you ever made? Did anything go horribly wrong during the making? Come to the Terminal City Tales and tell them!

Terminal City Tales is a new Vancouver Co-op Radio program sharing stories from regular people in their own voices. Join yours to their growing hoard of stories for play on air.

The Craft Lab

thecraftlabThe Craft Lab is a Vancouver based creative centre offering workshops in textile arts. They hope to empower and enrich people’s lives through making. Workshops are open to novice and advanced individuals to learn and experiment with materials and techniques that are connected to textiles including weaving, dyeing, felting, surface design, quilting, sewing and more. They are enthusiastic supporters all things handmade, and attempt to use sustainable practices whenever possible in their work. The Craft Lab will be showing examples of work from their textile workshops including Shibori & Indigo, Block Printing, Basket Weaving, Sashiko Stitching and Natural Dyeing. Instructors will be on hand to speak about the workshops. There will be a large loom set up for people to try out weaving with various yarns and textile yarns to play around with.

The Hackery

S11Have you ever wondered what to do with your old electronics? Perhaps you’ve wanted to know where your old gear ends up after you pass it off for recycling? The Hackery has been recycling e-waste in Vancouver since 2008, and this year we will be giving a look into the process. This is your chance to find out about the many items that can be recycled and the many benefits to the environment this can have.

And what’s better than recycling? Why, re-using, of course! Thee Hackery will be showcasing some of the ways which one person’s trash can become another person’s treasure. This includes a few iconic computers from their museum!

The Hive Printing

The-Hive-PrintingThe Hive Printing is a small artisan screen printing studio located in Vancouver. Their design line features locally inspired and designed garments, tea towels, tote bags, art pieces. The Hive Printing incorporates archival maps and images into many of their prints, exploring and celebrating Vancouver’s history. All products are printed by The Hive at their Powell Street location in East Vancouver.

The Hive Printing will have a heat press station and a variety of preprinted images to choose from, allowing participants to design and have their design printed on a t-shirt. Choose from a fun collection of preprinted images. They will also have a selection of their locally-designed, hand-printed and Vancouver-inspired garments and products for sale.

The Truck Farm

TruckFarmThe Truck Farm is a mobile demonstration of small space gardening. It was created to give people a small taste of what urban farming is all about. The TruckFarm visits schools, daycares, and community centres, where they teach kids about growing food from seeds and help create and upkeep gardens.


Think IT Design IT Print IT

Think-IT-Design-IT-Print-ITImagination Technology Inc are a group of passionate 3D printing individuals with a strong desire to see young people get involved with the 3D wave of the future. They have a club on Pender Island, and a club in Morinville, AB. They are looking forward to bring some finished projects and some that are in the works, and will have printed items to see and handle, a couple of laptops to demonstrate the design process, and a couple of printers set-up to do some printing on site. Drop by their booth and learn about the Think, Design, Print steps that make IT happen!


Thor 3DThor3D is Canada’s largest distributor of Makerbot 3D printers and accessories. They also offer a wide range of accessories, other 3D printer lines, and service on Makerbot products. Thor3D will have 3D printers printing at VMMF as well as a large selection of 3D printed items on display so that you can touch and feel what a 3D printed item is like. The exhibitors will also be available to talk about 3D printing.

Tintype Photo Booth

tintype_photo_boothLearn about all aspects of making wet plate collodion 4×5 tintype images. Phillip will demonstrate the step-by-step process of pouring collodion on the plate, sensitizing it in silver nitrate then exposing the plate in the camera. After that, developing the plate and finally varnishing it. You will leave this unique demonstration with a good understanding of the collodion wet plate process and the ability to create your own.
Phillip Chin is a visual artist who works with digital and analog mediums for clients across north america. Phil’s use of light, color, and composition along with his easy going personality help create some interesting images. Chin makes is own film from raw chemicals, and shoots on metal or glass plates with various wooden view cameras from the early 1900 to 1950s.


PrintTinkerine is Canada’s leading 3D printing company. They develop, manufacture, and distribute 3D printers, software, and materials for the consumer and education markets. Come and see the newest addition to their 3D printer lineup and explore great new projects from the new Tinkerine U online learning platform! Drop by and learn how you can utilize 3D printing in your everyday life!

Tinkerine is really passionate about is helping you bring your ideas to life—from the depths of your imagination to the three-dimensional reality. It’s their belief that great ideas can come from anyone, and with their array of 3D printing solutions, they are committed to helping you realize your ideas when your light bulb moments come. The world of 3D printing is vast and ever-changing. That’s exactly why Tinkerine is here to guide you through it. Get your tools ready—it’s time to get tinkering!

Tristan Rendell: Collapsing Universe

collapsing_universeBored of regular halloween costumes? Like video games? Then why not make your own costume, based on your favourite video game character?! This exhibit is an in-progress build of a costume based on a character from the game Destiny. Tristan is teaching himself how build this from foam and would like to share what he has learned with you, hear your ideas, and encourage you to get started on your own projects! 12 year-old Tristan is a young person who finds that school, tv, and even video games can sometimes be a bit boring, and has discovered that the solution is making his own stuff! Right now he is teaching himself how to make costumes out of foam, and learning a little about computer aided design. He dreams of owning or making an analogue synthesizer. Tristan has attended every VMMF, and this is his second year presenting. He is looking forward to meeting other Makers, and encouraging kids to go make something!

Tochtech: Smart Home for Seniors

smart_home_for_seniorsTochtech is creating smart home solutions for seniors to enable them to live independently, safely and comfortably at home. The team will showcase their prototype the very first time to the public at the Maker Faire. This prototype seeks to address the problem of unattended cooking fires at home, which is the leading cause of home fires and injuries. We live in a rapidly aging society and majority of seniors prefer to live in their own home. How can people use technology to ensure that they age comfortably is the question that the team at Tochtech thinks about every single day. They are launching the product on Kickstarter in June 2016. Please drop by their booth and chat with them and give them your suggestions on how to make your home smart for your loved ones!

Toso Wood Works

toso_wood_worksToso Wood Works sources salvaged, wind fallen or beach combed wood to create unique pieces that reflect a west coast lifestyle. They love wood with a story, like their spalted maple coffee table created from a stump salvaged on northern Vancouver Island, or their tables made from trees that fell in the 2006 storm that ravaged Stanley Park.

Jesse Toso has been an award winning chainsaw carver for over 10 years and demonstrates his talents in shows and competitions across Canada. He developed his carpentry skills at a young age helping with his father’s construction business in Campbell River. Later, his pursuit of a BA in Visual Arts from Simon Fraser University strengthened his artistic skills in drawing, sculpting, videography, photography, and film production.


trotec_boothTrotec is the recognized technological leader in the international market for laser cutting machines and laser engravers. Drop by their booth and check out a couple machines that everyone of all ages can interact with, and personalize your very own laser-engraved lanyard!


UBC Chem-E-Car

ubc_chemecarInterested in alternative energy sources? Curious about the future of transportation is? Curious about what kind of projects engineering students at UBC work on? UBC Chem-E-Car will be presenting our main project, the Zinc-Air-Attack Chem-E-Car. Its is a custom built, shoe-box sized car that is powered by zinc-air batteries. It also has a chemical clock which turns the car on and off. In addition, there will be previous cars and prototypes on display with educational posters on electro-chemistry and fuel cells.

UBC Rapid Prototyping

ubc_rapidUBC Rapid is a student-run engineering design team focused on building and working with rapid prototyping tools like 3D printers, laser cutters, filament extruders, CNC milling machines, and more. Rapid was born from a UBC engineering capstone project designed to embed wires in 3D printed objects: before they could get started, the group had to build a 3D printer, which turned into another 3D printer, and another, and another. In addition to building, improving, breaking, fixing, and developing open source prototyping tools, Rapid offers a protoyping service to students. Swing by their booth to have a look at the printers and other projects they’ve been working on!

UBC SailBot

ubc_sailbot_vancouverThe UBC Sailbot engineering team from the University of British Columbia has championed the International Robotic Sailing Regatta (IRSR) for the past three years, and is near completion of a challenge to design and build the first autonomous sailing vessel in history capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The winning boat from IRSR will be on display as well as an interactive exhibit about the new transatlantic boat. The translatlantic boat runs on renewable energy: solar-powered and wind-propelled, as part of the challenge. The vessel is hand-crafted with a carbon fiber hull along with high-precision sensors and a satellite communications system to ensure that the vessel can survive what the Atlantic Ocean has to offer. In addition, the boat’s sailing logic and course planning software can optimize voyage time while minimizing risk of damage from storms or shipping traffic.

Vancouver Community Laboratory

The Vancouver Community Lab is an open and accessible workshop where makers, hackers, artists and tinkerers can create, destroy and re-build. They believe that everyone has the desire and ability to create things and can be trusted to develop the skills needed to do so. CoLab members work on personal, group, or community projects. Funding to pay for their space, tools and consumables comes primarily from membership dues. The CoLab is back at VMMF with works made by its members in wood, metal, textile and other materials, and to hold their ever-popular forging demonstrations, as well as a new demo on chiseling dove-tail wood joints by hand.

Vancouver Hack Space Society (VHS)

M80VHS provides a physical space where people can gather to share ideas, equipment, opinions and knowledge. Members work on personal and group projects, collaborate with others and learn new skills. More than just a studio space they focus on sharing all sorts of knowledge within a friendly and collaborative atmosphere. Members of the Vancouver Hackspace will be at VMMF showcasing their projects. Anyone interested in electronics, 3D printing, quad-copters, Arduino or Raspberry Pi micro computers, crafting, amateur radio, wood/metal working, or DIY projects should visit their booth to find out more about the Hackspace.

Vancouver LEGO Club

Vancouver-LEGO-Club-Let’s be honest, who doesn’t at least like LEGO, let alone have a mild obsession with it? The members of the Vancouver LEGO Club are some of those people and they love to be at Vancouver Mini-Maker Faire to showcase the talented builders and artists in their group.

The Vancouver LEGO Club is a LEGO User Group (LUG) made up of adult builders, hobbyists, and collectors from all around the Vancouver Lower Mainland who share a love of LEGO “the toy of the century”. Monthly meetings are both social to share ideas, information and building techniques as well as to facilitate and organize the many LEGO displays and events that happen all over the city.

Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild

M33Visit the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild booth to see samples of modern quilts that their members have made through out the year, to check out quilting demonstrations (both machine and hand), and to participate in some aspects of modern quilting. The Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild is a group of people who meet, share and create fresh modern quilts. The group was formed in 2010 and is the Vancouver branch of the Modern Quilt Guild, which has over 150 member groups around the world.

Vancouver Tool Library

vancouvertoollibraryPart celebration and part hands-on tool exhibit, the Vancouver Tool Library will be at VMMF to showcase the creations of VTL members and to give an opportunity for young and old to tap into their constructive side with a fun build project. Come by and meet their volunteers, check out their extensive tool offerings and workshops, and make something fun for you or the family!

The Vancouver Tool Library (VTL) is a cooperative tool lending library with a wide variety of tools for home repair, gardening, and bicycle maintenance. They also offer affordable workshops on tool related skills and projects.

The VTL is motivated by a vision of our community empowered by the tools and skills needed to transform our homes and communities into vibrant spaces that reflect a commitment to sustainability. To get there, the VTL is creating a community resource that will reduce the costs of improving and greening the places in which we live, work, and play.

VeloMetro Veemo

VeloMetro-VeemoVeloMetro are offering test rides in their prototype Veemo velomobile! The Veemo velomobile is a three-wheeled, pedal-electric-assist, enclosed vehicle that is regulated as an electric-assist bicycle. The rider is protected from weather, falls, and other vehicles, won’t sweat en route to their destination, has room for storage, and has a navigation system that uses bike routes.

Vancouver-based VeloMetro is creating the next wave of sustainable personal transportation. From the original inspiration that was the velocar, VeloMetro is creating a 21st century update with the latest technology and engineering: human powered, enclosed from the weather, fully networked, and assisted by electric and solar power.

VHS Learn To Solder

VHS-Learn-to-SolderThe Vancouver Hack Space will be back to run their always popular soldering workshop this year! Select a kit to assemble right at the booth, and VHS members will provide instruction and tools to make it happen. Participants will walk away with a completed project in less than one hour! An excellent beginner introduction to electronics assembly, this practice requires no existing experience.

VK Music

vk_musicHave you ever dreamed of owning an audio vacuum tube amplifier or even building your own? Reading the schematic of a tube amplifier can seem like you are staring at ancient Sanskrit! Victor Kung will guide you through the process of building your own Vacuum Tube Amplifier.


Warmer Sun Fun House

warmer_sunWarmer Sun is an education startup that focuses on introducing emerging technologies to K-12 age children. They seek out, implement, and often invent curriculum in the areas of sensors and networks, coding from “Hello World”, using drones and knowledge based systems, DIYbio, and 3D Printing. They also run a community website for like minded makers, educators, parents and teachers.

West Coast Science Fiction Association

West-Coast-Science-Fiction-AssociationWhat do Muppets, Puppets, and Marionettes have to do with Science Fiction and Fantasy? Plenty! The West Coast Science Fiction Association, organizers of VCON, Canada’s longest-running active science fiction & fantasy convention, look forward to bringing both of them together for you. Come view the display of imaginative pieces from various artists who have exhibited or will be exhibiting at VCON, and participate in one of the hands-on activities running at various times over the weekend.

Wil Wong: One-On-One Shootout Hockey

Wil-Wong If you enjoyed Wil’s Star Wars-inspired table hockey game last year then you won’t want to miss this year’s creation: the world’s largest scaled interactive One-On-One Shootout table hockey game. The classic showdown challenge of player versus goalie, bigger than you’ve seen it before! There will be plenty of room for maneuvering as the playing surface is 10 foot long. Drop by and be a part of the action!

Wil graduated from Langara’s Art & Merchandising program. His many passions include writing music, inventing, and collecting table hockey games. He is an art director for a trade magazine, and is writing a book about the history of table hockey.

Women Who Run with the Bees

women_who_run_with_the_beesEclectic artists Lori Weidenhammer and Lysa Mair celebrate bees of all stripes with a line of funky and unique items inspired by our favorite pollinators. Drop by for some free seeds you can plant to feed bees and learn how to make origami seed packets. They’ll also be selling Lori’s new book: Victory Gardens for Bees: A DIY Guide to Saving the Bees published by Douglas and MacIntyre. Pick up a copy and learn how you can make the world a better place for bees.

x3D Technologies

x3D-Technologiesx3D Technologies is an additive manufacturing micro-firm located in the heart of Vancouver. They specialize in fast, high-quality, cost-effective 3D printing for consumers, artists, industry, and professionals. x3D employs both FDM and SLA machines in their work, to accommodate the wide-ranging needs of their clients. x3D also conducts research into advanced applications of 3D printing and scanning technology, such as custom silicone mask making, jewelry creation, and investment casting. They can design processes, build custom machines, and assemble toolchains for a wide variety of applications. Come see their printers in action, examples of their work, and small items for sale at their booth.

Young Edison Club

youngedisonclubsurreycentreThe Young Edison’s Club is a passionate group of makers in grades 4-7 from Surrey Centre Elementary in the Surrey School District. These Young Edisons are designing and printing 3D objects using a 3D Printer, electronics based inventions using Little Bits and programming robots, Dot and Dash, Sphero and Ozobots using iPads. They are tinkering with Makey-Makeys, Arduinos and a Raspberry Pi.; coding and creating their own video games using Code Academy, Hopscotch and Floors by Pixel Press. These Young Edisons are creating short films using Green Screen technology and solving real world problems by desinging innovative projects through Maker Spaces and selling their wares through their Entrepreneur’s Expo. These Young Edisons take inspiration from their namesake who used an Inquiry based approach to invention, creation and reiteration.

Edison was known for being tenacious as he worked his ideas through a continual process of: Question –> Investigate –> Collaborate –> Discuss –> Reflect –> REPEAT, often developing more than a thousand prototypes before getting it ‘just right’. The Young Edisons at Surrey Centre operate from the premise that ‘Intentional Play’ can yield amazing results!

Zen Maker Lab

Zen-Maker-LabsZen Maker Lab will showcase projects that member makers are working on, with a focus on maker projects for kids. The kids maker projects will include a spherebot, drawbot, drone, and wearable tech. Stop by their interactive area where kids can make light boxes, and check out their Maker Lab in a Box, a maker digital platform, equipment, and project kit bundle.

Zen Maker Lab offers a small workshop to the maker community and supports makers from ideas to training and implementation, with options to pursue commercialization with connection to their business incubator. Their purpose is to help people to become innovative by enabling them to use the tools and work in a shared environment and in teams. Their goal is to provide a workshop community full of knowledge, work space, and equipment so that makers do not have to do it alone. They believe that making in a collaborative environment will promote the culture of innovation, and they have a special focus on maker kids programs.